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£23.10 Discount
£23.10 Discount
Half price Alton Towers tickets (NOT 2 FOR 1) using voucher code @ Raring2Go
Print image and take it with you. It doesn't say you need the magazine this year.

Has anyone figured out if you can buy a two day pass at the gate using this voucher?


Thank u its very good. Just what I needed


Thank you! Just what i was looking for. If we are 8 people, then we have to print this voucher or we have to register as well? Thanks


well i guess they are tall enough to ride the coasters at 12yrs, seems fair


Wow kids from 12 up are classed as adults there. Joke. Do they get to buy alcohol at the bar too?

Over 50% off Alton Towers Tickets @ Raring2Go
save over 50% off Alton towers with a printable voucher at raring to go. One day entry: Adults £18 Child £13 Two day entry Adult £25 Child £18 It says you require the magazine, bu… Read more

does this voucher work?


i cant find the voucher.... has it expired? It now needs me to login to see the voucer :(


Why does anyone ever pay full price for Alton Towers. What with the newspaper offers, 2 for 1 tickets no one should ever have to pay full price.


Actually, it does mention on the website but it says £5.


yeah the parking fees are awful here, but even if you had to pay full price admission, it would still be £5 to park so............ hot deal

alton towers over 50% off adults £17 children £12 with voucher

PLEASE NOTE: The Alton Towers Voucher also requires you to take along a copy of the Raring2go! Magazine, (no other Vouchers have this stipulation at present). We are aware that not everyone has access to our magazine, so if you would like a 'one-off' copy to take along with your voucher, please send a Stamped Addressed C5 Envelope to the address below, and we will send a copy back to you by return post!! Send your SAE to: Raring2go! Magazine Order Department Unit 84, Mackley Industrial Estate Small Dole Henfield West Sussex BN5 9XR they are found mainly in schools but i used them without the magazine several times. if you just register you can print the voucher straight off


How do we get the magazine? I want to go!


where does it say where I can get a Magazine from as I want to go this Thursday??? Thanks


if someone can do a direct link to the voucher if thats possible that would be great ( not sure how to link pdf,s)

Alton Towers Scarefest Entry - £50 (family 4), £17 (adult), £12 (child)

Thanks BEVVY :) Offer still avaiable, thanks for the reminder shaggy :)


Used last weekend. Thanks

Alton Towers Admission Voucher! Adult £16, Children £11

Just want to ask has anyone tried it? Does it work if I were to print this out, as I want to go on Thursday 12th June 08, together with my friends a total of 8. Will this voucher work? Thanks


I printed the voucher with no problems. Thanks very much, this was just what I was looking for! :thumbsup:


This is cheapest price you can get at Alton Towers. Better than the BOGOF vouchers. I found this a few months back and me and my friend used it last Monday. No problems whatsoever. Just print it off. The ticket booth attendant simply uses the bar code on the voucher. P.S. I left Rita Queen of Speed till near closing time and was on and off (hardly any queue) and rode it 3 times in 10 minutes before the queue entrance shut. Went on Air and Nemesis soon as Park opened to avoid the queues. I also paid for express parking at £10 as it is right next to the entrance of the park so no waiting and queuing for monorail and easy to nip back to car for a coat if it rains etc.


cheers, paying a visit next month so this will save a few quid


thanks OP.

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Legoland  Windsor discounted ticket prices if you are a member of raring2go
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Posted 28th Mar 2015Posted 28th Mar 2015
Legoland Windsor discounted ticket prices if you are a member of raring2go
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flamingoland offer was family of 4 £58 on radio stations.

Alton Towers better than half price kids £13 adults £18 @raring2go
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Posted 4th Aug 2011Posted 4th Aug 2011
Alton Towers better than half price kids £13 adults £18 @raring2go£13
ALTON TOWERS-Enjoy over 50% off one or two day entry one day entry £13.00 kids £18 adults two day entry £15 kids £25 adults sign up to the site and print voucher which allows up … Read more

Oh sorry lol no it was in reply to you :)


just made me reread it myself incase that was me lol :D


some tool cant read obviously!


errr why is this expired? Its valid until 14th October. Going to go again with some mates (no family trip this time) on Monday. sods law I've lost/binned my raring2go magazine....even though wasn't asked for it last time - odds are with it being quieter might get asked, so sent off SAE for another


Height restrictions as 5th September 2011:[image missing]

Over 50% off At Alton Towers - Adults - £18 & Kids £13 @ Raring 2 Go
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Posted 12th Mar 2011Posted 12th Mar 2011
Over 50% off At Alton Towers - Adults - £18 & Kids £13 @ Raring 2 Go£18
Alton Towers over 50% 0ff with printable voucher adults £18.00 kids £13.00 valid from 26th march to 24th July Excluding 19th & 29th June, 4th - 8th July, 11th - 15th & 18th… Read more

this is not EXPIRED!!


thank you


fantastic deal - gr8 saving!! i went with the family last weekend - i had sent off for the magazine & brought it with me, just in case - but the girl who served me didnt ask to see it! (u never know tho; so best to have it with u to b on the safe side! - is worth the price of a couple of stamps, even if it is for piece of mind).


you cant print the magazine, you print the voucher.. the magazine is available free at schools and such. Or you can send off an SAE to get a free copy sent to you.


where can i print the magazine from?

alton towers over 50% off adults £17.00 kids £12.00 @raring2go
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Posted 7th Sep 2010Posted 7th Sep 2010
alton towers over 50% off adults £17.00 kids £12.00 @raring2go£12
alton towers discount voucher allows a maximum of two adults & two kids in. adults £17 & kids £12.00 printable voucher ( sign up required & it tells you to bring along … Read more

awe thank you I want to take one just in case thanks for the info


my nephew used this last week without the magazine & he got in no probs.. i told him to take a buy one get one free voucher with him just incase but he was never asked for a magazine, think it just depends on who you get at the gate.. they normally have these mags in schools & clubs


does anyone have a copy of the magazine they can special delivery me if i pay the cost


does anyone know where i can get a copy of raring to go mag in nottinghamshire area? many thanks!


express parking is £15 :) out of interest.. does anyone know if its only £10.00 to express park with your merlin pass as opposed to free normal parking ?

Alton Towers - £17 Adults £12 Children - Raring2Go - Better than BOGOF - Better than Half Price !
1142° Expired
Posted 2nd Apr 2010Posted 2nd Apr 2010
Alton Towers - £17 Adults £12 Children - Raring2Go - Better than BOGOF - Better than Half Price !£17
£17 for Adults and £12 for Children (under 11). Better than BOGOF or Half Price - Equates to 55% off 'on the door' price! ** Sign up on Raring2Go.co.uk, or follow direct link in … Read more

I went on a quiet day with a friend. On entering the Park at 10:10am there was already a 2 hour wait to queue for TH13TEEN the new ride. We tried numerous other times and finally at 17:40. At which time we was told the ride had stopped due to technical difficulties. We was gutted. Another guy was angered with the staff. We started to queue for Rita Queen of Speed and sure enough saw a queue for TH13TEEN slowly moving. Not a small one but certainly wasn't large. This was last Monday the first day the park was open till 18:30. No only was we lied to but feel cheated. To travel all that way to never get n the ride once. It was ridiculous!!!! We'll never give our money to Alton Towers ever again. 2 for 1 or not. AIR as ever broken down more times than I could count... and I'm a fairly good mathematician lol. You'd be best off purchasing a ticket for the early ride times to get even a chance to ride TH13TEEN. If you want to get the most out of your day use Fasttrack ride tickets. Nemesis single rider queue is best for a short wait (top tip). But I'd avoid the place after our experiance on a quiet day. And that is saying something. Flume wasnt open till 11:00. We then waited an hour in the queue to get on (yes it was a quiet day). Sorry if I put any off. Not my intention to do anything other than share my experiance (good or bad). Good luck if your going and hope you the best for getting on TH13TEEN without spending half your day doing so (It work out an expensive ride).


******! Wanted to use this tomorrow then read the terms which said it isn't valid this week, is it worth chancing anyway or will it not work?


why has this been expired? i've printed off the voucher and the small print isnt clear, will it matter to ticketing staff??


Used this yesterday. Worked great and didn't have to even put my name at the top of the voucher.


Brilliant! Thank you very much! Heat added :)

Alton Towers SCAREFEST! - £17 Adults £12 Under 12's OR £50 for Family of 4
87° Expired
Posted 20th Oct 2009Posted 20th Oct 2009
Alton Towers SCAREFEST! - £17 Adults £12 Under 12's OR £50 for Family of 4£17
If you are going to Alton Towers soon you may have noticed that a lot of the deals expired on the 16th of October (last day of normal season). It is now Scarefest, and with that c… Read more

I posted the original, don't know how much more detail you were expecting and if you check, there was a link.




the family of 4 ticket? can that be 4 adults? or does it have to be 2 adults 2 kids?


Funny that, especially as this is the 2nd duplicate. The first one was deleted. But I'm sure you're right.


thanks @@

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Legoland Windsor discount entry printable voucher! Adult @ £18.50, Kids @ £16.50 til 20th July with raring2go
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Posted 3rd Apr 2009Posted 3rd Apr 2009
Legoland Windsor discount entry printable voucher! Adult @ £18.50, Kids @ £16.50 til 20th July with raring2go£18.50
From Raring 2 go, excellent deal considering the gate price: Adult = £36 vs £18.50 voucher price Child = £27 vs £16.50 voucher price --------------------- Adults £18.50 (16 yrs +… Read more

Good deal - thanks


*hint* points at the rep button :D :D


No problems. You'll only actually need two vouchers printed. Each voucher entitles you to up to 2 adults and 2 child. So send two of the other adults to another payment booth and then once you've all got your little tickets go through the actual turnstiles together :).


Thanks Sh4rk_test


Works fine, same barcode. We went on the 12th and used the voucher. Actually saw other people with it in the queues as well! Had an excellent day, didn't leave til 10pm as it was the laser show weekend, awesome.

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