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Aeropress Gift Set with Rave Coffee, filters and a free tote bag! - £29.30 @ Rave Coffee
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Aeropress gift set with a free tote bag, 350 filters and a bag of speciality coffee for the price of a regular Aeropress!

Mine arrived today. Good design, really easy to use and the coffee that comes with this deal tastes incredible! Much fresher than pod coffee, I'll be using this a lot I think!


Ordered mine. Added 2 types of coffee to the order, so with the 15% off discount it came to £29.80. Bargain!


Nice find @PH12 - good first deal :)


Sign up to newsletter for 15% off - it will take you under £25 spend for free delivery but you can add in Aeropress Coffee filters at £6 or another bag of coffee at £6 to make total cost of £30.01 delivered. Brilliant deal as you get the Tote bag free which is £6.


Beans are far better, fresher for way longer, ground starts to deteriorate the minute it's opened. Just something to keep in mind if your coffee tastes different (given you've already aerated it).

Rave Coffee - Buy one and get 25% off second bag at checkout
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Rave Coffee - Buy one and get 25% off second bag at checkout
Buy 2 bags of coffee and get 25% off the second bag. Offer is applied at checkout, no codes needed. These guys do amazing coffee!

A tip for their rewards scheme, put your birthday as just over 30 days away as you get 500 points (worth a fiver) added and you can get extra points by doing a facebook like, share on twitter etc. Note that when you trade your reward points for money off, you cannot also use a discount code so may be worth waiting until you have enough rewards to trade for £10 or £15 off as you can usually get about £5 off a £30 order with a 15% discount code and still be eligible for free delivery.


Second this. Had it on subscription.


I just pick at random from the Single origin section and avoid decaff. I think I have had four of five different beans and they have all been really nice.


The Italian blend (which is their cheapest) isn't bad


What do you go for?

Rave Coffee Aeropress coffee maker Gift Set £24.90 at Rave Coffee
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Posted 13th Nov 2020Posted 13th Nov 2020
Rave Coffee Aeropress coffee maker Gift Set £24.90 at Rave Coffee£24.90
Rave have reduced the cost of their aeropress gift set! Which is great value. You can get 15% off when signing up with a new email across the site.

Yeah, you can pick between 2/3 types.


So this comes with ground coffee too?


Order, thanks!


Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (y)


Added an extra bag of coffee to mine good christmas present!

Aeropress Coffee Maker + 350 Filters + 250g Fresh Roasted Coffee - £25.46 delivered (With newsletter sign up) @ Rave Coffee
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Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
Aeropress Coffee Maker + 350 Filters + 250g Fresh Roasted Coffee - £25.46 delivered (With newsletter sign up) @ Rave Coffee£25.46
Good price for this Aeropress Coffee maker and associated products delivered from Rave Coffee. To reduce the price from £29.99 to £25.46, you will need to generate your own unique … Read more

Free delivery on £25 minimum, so £2.95 gets added onto this making it £27.86.


And just like that they lost my order.


WTF asked you? You persistently argumentative mongoloid! You've been like a child with a new toy since you discovered sarcasm. Still haven't mastered it though, as you are quite clumsy, it's obvious you are struggling with this newly acquired skill of yours. Keep at it, you'll get there.


It's uses pressure, like all good coffee.


To get the best tase out of coffee you need to use pressure as the water passes over /through the grind. Can be sour or bitter if you don't get it right. This allows pressure, but I guess it's a manual / guess thing.

Aeropress Coffee Maker + 350 free filters + free 250g coffee - £25.46 delivered with newsletter sign up @ RAVE Coffee
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Posted 24th Aug 2020Posted 24th Aug 2020
Aeropress Coffee Maker + 350 free filters + free 250g coffee - £25.46 delivered with newsletter sign up @ RAVE Coffee£25.46
Bought this recently as a gift as I already have one. Great deal as it includes a free 250g bag of coffee and brewing guide too. To get this price just signup to the newsletter fo… Read more

The addition of 250g nice coffee which is freshly ground for aeropress or whole beans if you have a grinder kinda make this a cracking deal and free shipping (if you dont have prime to buy from Amazon) (y)


Depends on how you like your coffee but IMO it's night/day. I've been using my Aeropress for a couple years now and would never go back to cafetiere: the coffee is cleaner, a more full bodied taste, much easier to clean, far more durable than a glass cafetiere, it comes with me when I work away. It's made my coffee life so much more enjoyable without buying an actual espresso machine. I'm not into pods. The only downside is that mine has a tendency to drip from the main body when brewing, usually this only happens when first filling up - the rubber plunger may need a little heat to help make the seal. You'll need a slightly wider than usual cup or mug if you don't want to press your coffee down the sides of your cup too.


Just £2 more on Amazon isn't it?


Order beans if you already have a coffee grinder or pre-ground if you don't. Beans on the whole keep for longer, so if you have the opportunity of buying a coffee grinder (preferably one that does not have a plastic collection chamber - the grinds cling to most plastics, so in the interest of freshness, it's another thing you'll need to wash out), you'll get to enjoy fresher, better tasting coffee for longer once you've opened the bag. Beans also freeze quite well providing you can store in an air-tight container, prevent other foods from tainting them. PS. Thanks to OP. Ordered one after deliberating for how many years. Tired of paying £2.65 for pack of 10 x TTD Columbian Coffee Bags (the best of the disposable coffee solutions I've found, clever cup resting design).


No... Its basically a tube to brew coffee with a filter at the end of it. People really like them so I asked the question - as I've always thought they looked rubbish. Thanks for the replies all I feel better informed and can understand why these exist and are liked now