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Dorco razor kit £2.95 @ DORCO
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Posted 20th Apr 2018Posted 20th Apr 2018
Dorco razor kit £2.95 @ DORCO£2.95
complete kit delivered for only £2.95. The Dorco Kit is the ultimate male and female combo pack to accommodate all your shaving needs. This pack includes three Dorco 4-blade refil… Read more

Women’s one is also on Amazon with £6.00 off, so 99p ordered 2


Got my set thanks OP, the ladies razor blades are the same as the mens only a different colour.


Dorco are also the "white label" suppliers for Sainsburys: Sainsbury's Advance 6 Blade = Dorco Pace 6 Sainsbury's Triple Blade = Dorco Pace 3 Blades and handles are the same as the Dorco ones, unsurprisingly. The only difference is buying from Dorco is considerably cheaper than Sainsburys ;)


These guys are the supplier of Dollar Shave Club, but you get it at a much lower price. I bought a set from them, and they sent me double by accident. Great razors.


Just ordered 1 for £2.95 no problem.

DORCO PACE 6 Plus blades x 4 plus a handle for £1 (free delivery w/ sub)
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Posted 8th Dec 2017Posted 8th Dec 2017
DORCO PACE 6 Plus blades x 4 plus a handle for £1 (free delivery w/ sub)£1
This requires you to set up a subscription but that can be cancelled if you want (might be worth waiting until you've received them as the first order is part of the subscription. … Read more
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Yes I've come to the conclusion that, although these are much cheaper, they don't last as long as the competition. Still works out out a lot cheaper though. BTW I have recently tried the Dorco Classic blades and they are a revaluation! Better, I would say, than the competition. Much better than the Pace 6 Plus blades and better even than you-know-who. Not the same saving but still a saving. Just need to keep a Pace 6 on the side for its excellent edging blade as the Classic doesn't have one.


Something about mine that feels off. Was uploaded 6 months ago and i use pace 6. Best cartridge razor i found was mach 3 and hydro 5 is also good


How do you cancel subscription with Paypal?


Worth a go for a quid, thanks



Razors by Dorco - £1 for Your First Box With 1 Razor and 4 Blades
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Posted 20th Sep 2017Posted 20th Sep 2017
Razors by Dorco - £1 for Your First Box With 1 Razor and 4 Blades£1
Get the whole box for just £1 Your first subscription box with 1 handle & 4 blades for just £1* Remember to email the support to cancel the box after your first purchase if y… Read more

Hmm, this says it's expired but I don't think it has. Looks like a good deal to me. I have just ordered the Cornerstone trial for £2. But this looks better deal - a handle and 4 blades for £1, plus the future cartridges are cheaper than Cornerstones. Think I'll order these too and put them head to head :)


I see them on eBay. I have their cut throat razors for my shaver. Also known as straight cut razor.


some useful comments above. my fave blades were king of shaves but i don't see them in stores anymore - I only ever buy blades in clearance/sales at xmas etc. have a drawer filled with gillette/king of shaves/wilkinson etc etc, all random blades, the drawer is never empty and has lasted me years...! I must have saved a fair bit doing things like this. just need to keep handles.


Just so you guys know, I am for some reason on a spree of first purchases for free to try random stuff. Even did it for HelloFresh. I find the Phillips one blade a useful shaver as it's an all in one. I barely use blades like this now, if so, it's my Gillette. But then again, it's expensive. I've used dorco before though. I think Gillette is a bit of branding to add money to it. I'll see how this blade is though and I'll update you.


They do £10 off your first order £15 or over. I did it before the purchase limit and got some face scrub and shave Balm for free lol.

Dorco Pace 6 for £0.99 with voucher via Amazon sold by Razors by Dorco
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Posted 16th Aug 2017Posted 16th Aug 2017
Dorco Pace 6 for £0.99 with voucher via Amazon sold by Razors by Dorco£0.99
okay I do't know where to post this but you just need to pay 0.99 for postage. you need to sign up through this website and they will send you a amazon voucher to your email addres… Read more
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+1 for DE shaving. I started a couple of months ago and and haven't looked back. 100 Derby blades on the 'bay for £5 is unbeatable.


Not so sure about this "Dork-o" brand. Due to the horrendous cost of Gillette multi-blade cartridges, I've gone back to using DE blades with a Feather "Popular" handle and it's as good, if not, superior to multi-blade shaving.


Thanks, I already have one for sale price, do not shave often so get a new promotional one every 6 months. At this price quality is good and it's a no brainer...


Thanks for the offer, ordered. I have used these for awhile and needed a second handle. I have found these to be superior to the Gilette equivalent giving what seems to be a cleaner and closer shave and lasting longer.


These are not very good.Tried them a couple of months ago.Cut myself a few times.

Dorco Pace 6 plus £5.99 with code
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Posted 21st Jul 2017Posted 21st Jul 2017
Dorco Pace 6 plus £5.99 with code£5.99
Pace 6 plus handle and 8 blades. Already 45% off, but using code WELCOME5 brings it down to £5.99. I personally prefer these to another well known brand, but as other debates have … Read more

Can't out my finger on Dorco. Compared to my hydro 5 I prefer my hydro. But in this day and age who really shaves? Bearded Viking men everywhere.... Think I'm gonna move house


Out of stock (annoyed) had this razor ages and they're great, wanted to order some more


I have found the opposite Gillete's don't last long with me these do. After a week of use of the Gillete I feel like I am hacking my face.


I have use these for about 6 months and they are great


I bought a load of Dorco disposables in a previous promotion. I thought they were OK but they seem to have a wider strip at the top (the lubricated bit) so it's harder to shave close to my nose/lips etc. Other than that they were OK for 50p each. I got a free handle (and a blade) with my disposables to try the heads, I haven't used it but the construction feels cheap.

Dorco 10 Pace 6 Blades and 2 Pace handles for £8.95 Delivered using code should be £13.95
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Posted 30th Jun 2017Posted 30th Jun 2017
Dorco 10 Pace 6 Blades and 2 Pace handles for £8.95 Delivered using code should be £13.95£8.95
To get this do the following. add No option (Free Pace 6 plus handle + 1 blades + £1.95 delivery) then continue shopping and then add (Free Delivery) Pace 6 Plus Replacement Blade… Read more

Have you got a link to these on the Tesco site?


FYI, the new cornerstone blades are the same as the tesco own brand ones which are cheaper. The previous Cornerstone blades can be bought in Lidl for 97p each.


Thank you, OP. Everything worked fine for me. Razors are good, I cannot complain. I shave twice a week and one blade lasts for a very long time (2 months+).


Been using these for about 2 months now, got the offer with handle, plus 4 x pace3 blades, 4 x pace4 blades & 4 x pace6 blades with a 50% of code (now finished). I have been using gillette all my life, but I find these equal to in quality and for shaving feel better, and far cheaper as they send you constant vouchers for money off blades, even if you don't want to purchase now sign anyway so you get the offers when your ready. Just remember to check in paypal for recurring payments as it does sometimes set it as that, it is a simple one click to cancel.


I've using these blades for a while now and find they are far superior to the Gillette fusion etc blades, last far longer and also far cheaper. Heat added.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus 12 Month Pack £20
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Posted 12th May 2017Posted 12th May 2017
Dorco Pace 6 Plus 12 Month Pack £20£20
Upgrade his grooming routine with Razors by Dorco’s Value Packs. Treat him to the master of all shaves with the PACE6 Plus Value Pack. This pack includes 24 PACE6 Plus replacement … Read more

Have these from a previous deal that was BOGOF, so have 2 years worth. As with a few others, I also had tried Cornerstone but found the head a bit flimsy. Dorco are at least as good as the Gillette equivalent, although the trimmer could be improved. That said, I can put up with that if it means I'm not funding Gillette's extravagant advertising. :{


Ordered for my hubby let's see what he thinks thanks op


Cornerstone also just use generic blades and charge more for them. Initially they used blades you could buy in lidl for 90p each (Cien 5 blade) then they switched to blades that you can Tesco for £1.25 each (Tesco Pro formula 5 blade) .


I find these really good. work well for me. definitely a bargain


Great close shave with these blades. Good price too.

Dorco Razors 1 handle + 4 blades £1.00 Dorco UK Razor
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Posted 13th Apr 2017Posted 13th Apr 2017
Dorco Razors 1 handle + 4 blades £1.00 Dorco UK Razor£1
Get a whole box for just £1. Free delivery. Cancel the subscription any time.

great shave just a swine getting heads off


​im in prepayments on paypal. and i cant see this company to cancel


Got one free and it's excellent for the nut.


You have a payment by Paypal you should have the option to cancel future payments on the PP website


yes so did I not nearly as good as wilkinson sword

best dorco razor trial deal yet ? - handle & 4 blades for £1
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Posted 11th Apr 2017Posted 11th Apr 2017
best dorco razor trial deal yet ? - handle & 4 blades for £1£1
sign up for a trial subscription for £1 & get a dorco razor handle & 4 blades assuming you dont want to continue after the trial then select the 6 monthly sub & cancel… Read more

awful for getting heads off but great shave


How u cancel further payments ???


surely if they mess around can't your bank cancel the DD?


Ive found the shave with the Pace 6 to be comparable, possibly even better, than the gillette fusion (while ago since I used it though so Im going on my recollection) - its pretty good I think I still prefer my mach 3 power though as a) I prefer a vibrating razor head to a non vibrating one and b) I prefer a smaller head with fewer blades


I love mine that was free + P&p

Dorco Eve women's razor + 8 blades + free Pace 6 razor for £5.00 (with code) delivered @ Dorco
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Posted 15th Mar 2017Posted 15th Mar 2017
Dorco Eve women's razor + 8 blades + free Pace 6 razor for £5.00 (with code) delivered @ Dorco£5
Dorco have a mothers day deal at the moment where you can get the Dorco Eve razor (handle) plus 8 blades for £10 delivered. There is also currently an offer for a pace 6 razor fo… Read more

I received mine today too, didn't get a free pace 6 though?


​Same here


In stock again :)


wow, I've received mine today... only ordered yesterday :D


Sadly the Eve razor is out of stock now! :(