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£40 Discount
£40 Discount
Xiaomi M365 Scooter - £399 - £40 off code + Free Extended Warranty @ RC Geeks
RC geeks £40 off code from last week seems to still be going and I’ve just noticed there’s an offer at the bottom of the page under combo deals for a free extended warranty package… Read more

Plus the Chinese ones don't come with a UK plug. The writing on the scooter, especially near the power button is in Chinese. You gotta return to China if there's a problem, this will probably cost 60 quid or more. But im sure the Chinese ones still come with spare wheels?


The scooter looks great (y)


It would seem all that you “know” is not correct, Purescooter stock as mentioned elsewhere is official uk stock ( meaning packaged for the UK specifically ), as well as a warranty it also comes with extra’s. Nobody said Banggood was a scam, only the fact that unless it’s substantially cheaper ( in the past Chinese imports have been available for around £250 ) it’s not really worth getting one from China


well technically Xiaomi UK is based in Paris but you get what I mean. It official uk stock sourced from official Xiaomi not grey import.


FLASH45 - £45 off - £350 Spend Spend £350 on all products at Pure Scooters and get £45 off with voucher - FLASH45 - valid until 2pm Monday 15th April 2019. so its roughly £300 from banggood but only new customers, which I am not, grey import no warranty, 6 weeks delivery, possible import tax VS £355 no import tax, warranty and speedy delivery? Which would I choose, not sure if I am honest.

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8Bitdo G Bros. Wireless Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch £9.99 + £2 delivery @ RC Geeks
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
8Bitdo G Bros. Wireless Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch £9.99 + £2 delivery @ RC Geeks£11.99
Save £8.00! 8Bitdo G Bros. Wireless Adapter connects your wired gaming controller to Switch like a Wiimote. It features a built in home button and screenshot button and can also… Read more

Thanks for posting @James_DeanJ7S and a belated welcome to hotukdeals (y)


Out of stock :-(


If the console race of the 90s was today the slogan would be "8Bitdo does what Nintendont".


It's for wired controllers, so unless the wavebird also has a wired option I wouldn't have thought so. There are other dongles you can get which allow wireless controllers to connect to the switch (e.g. Xbox/PlayStation controllers) although I'm unsure if wavebird would be supported because of its age.


It is technically compatible but you need an extension, according to 8bitdo themselves. https://support.8bitdo.com/faq/gbros.html

Polar Pro DJI Spark Soft Case £11.99 delivered @ RC Geeks
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Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
Polar Pro DJI Spark Soft Case £11.99 delivered @ RC Geeks£9.99£12.9823% off
Not much to get excited about but I wanted a cheap DJI Spark case. Apparently it's 60% off the normal price, but its definitely £1 cheaper than eBay, where you have to pay for post… Read more
Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter £319.00 @ RC Geeks
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Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter £319.00 @ RC Geeks£319 Free P&P Free
Successor of the most popular Xiaomi M365 scooter. The new-for-2020 Xiaomi 1S provides riders with greater safety, a long range battery capable of 30 Km and an integrated display… Read more

Another option is purchase from Amazon in Europe, they include a fee for importing it, its a similar price.


Transport committee, latest: committees.parliament.uk/publications/2806/documents/27570/default/ Govt response to it: committees.parliament.uk/publications/3949/documents/39577/default/ The latest government document produced in December. I find it odd they don't want people to need a driving license to ride one, yet it is those drivers that they are aiming to encourage out of their cars. If people don't have a license they will already be walking/cycling or using public transport, they don't want to change the behaviour of those people, there is no reason from an environmental perspective to move a cyclist to an e-scooter.


Have the g30 Max. Covered some 700 miles. Battery lasts just over 3 hours in continuous mode red S or S + mode... 6 hour charge. Very sturdy solid built.. I paid £730 from ninebot website.. with 2 year warranty Max not a single issue yet. Although the stem locking mechanism is getting a bit loose.. highly recommend the g30 Max, it’s a proper commuters had the xiomi m365 and the ninebot es2.. there are mere toys in comparison the g30 Max, even this scooter is a toy..


Sort of. 20% is levied at the point of sale IF the value of the item is less than £135. If more, the importer (you) have to pay VAT (and customs duty if applicable) at the point that the goods arrive in the UK. In law, you are responsible for paying this - not the exporter (like Aliexpress) and in practice, it is the delivery company who pays on your behalf and then bills you. So for the person above, planning to purchase this Scooter on Aliexpress, the cost will be whatever Aliexpress charges PLUS 20% VAT PLUS customs (if applicable) plus a fee (for sorting the paperwork and paying this for you) to the carrier company (RoyalMail charge £8). Note: Low Value Consignment Relief has also been abolished - so the scooter couldn't come in a package that says, for example, "Bracelet - value less than $15" - like they used to do for Xiaomi MiBands etc... Bottom line: Thanks to Brexit, it is now no longer worth the hassle of buying anything that costs more than £135 from a company where the goods are delivered from outside of the UK - so that includes French/German/Italian Amazon as well.


No one seems to understand ! These cheap Chinese scooters will never be legal to use on the highway when the new law comes into place lol No one will insure these current little death traps for road use ! maxmix

Insta360 Nano 360-Degree Camera £69.99 @ rcgeeks.co.uk
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
Insta360 Nano 360-Degree Camera £69.99 @ rcgeeks.co.uk£69.99
Was looking for 360 degree iphone camera, this one seems the cheapest I could find. Features Dual 210° fisheye lenses 3K(3040 * 1520 30FPS) HD videos Compatible with the Ipho… Read more
DJI Mavic Air Drone - 0% Interest for 24 Months £769 @ RC Geeks - Thoughts?
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Posted 26th Jan 2018Posted 26th Jan 2018
DJI Mavic Air Drone - 0% Interest for 24 Months £769 @ RC Geeks - Thoughts?£769
Huge fan of the Mavic Pro.. thoughts on the newly announced Air? Worth a punt at £769..? Rc Geeks currently offering 24 months 0% APR, with a choice of different deposit amounts d… Read more

Those that already purchased the Mavic Pro will obviously slate this. By now folks will have tried the air. I believe it’s a great contender.




You can get the mavic pro platinum flymore for £1,243 on amazon (from amazon) just now. Same day delivery Best price ive seen the platinum flymore


works on GPS location. so take a UK one to USA and get FCC while you are there. bring a USA one to UK and it will switch to CE


Or if you buy one in the USA, would that get around it?

Ehang 184 AAV Human Carrying Drone pre-order £199999 @ RC Geeks
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Posted 1st Jan 2017Posted 1st Jan 2017
Ehang 184 AAV Human Carrying Drone pre-order £199999 @ RC Geeks£199,999
Ehang 184 AAV Human Carrying Drone available for pre-order. Much cheaper than a helicopter which costs around £450k, but is currently limited to a range of 500m for safety reason… Read more

​jyst pop into b&m once you've got it ;)


order one for morning walk


Thanks OP ordered 2 for kids dropping to school primary & Secondry. X)


guessing it's battery-electric; if you're light enough to travel with a petrol-electric generator within the payload can it recharge in flight?


​It's 500m up and the furthest it can fly in 23mins with a top speed about 100mph.

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£40Xiaomi M365 Scooter - £399 - £40 off code + Free Extended Warranty @ RC Geeks11/06/2019
£40Xiaomi m365 scooter - £40 off using code + Free extended warranty @ RC Geeks11/04/2019