Receive a unique code of up to 50% at

Receive a unique code of up to 50% at

Found 24th Nov 2009Made hot 24th Nov 2009
Fill in your details and sign up to Comet's latest deal email and you'll be sent a unique voucher code worth up to 50% off any purchase before Xmas!

Click through to the "Go to deal" or copy and paste the link below:…des

I feel this is a good deal and deserves to be in the deals section rather than just the vouchers section where it won't get as much exposure, however Mods feel free to move this if not deemed to be a "Deal".

I received a 10% voucher code! However you can use other email addresses to get more codes!

Terms and Conditions:

Voucher codes will only be live until 4.00pm 24/12/09. Only one voucher code can be used per transaction. Codes can only be used on transactions made at and not in any Comet store. Your thank you single use code will be sent to you when you sign up to receive email from us. Only one code will be sent per email address registered. Minimum code value will be 5% saving, maximum code value will be 50% saving.


5% off for me

whats your bet everyone gets 10%? lol

Edit: or lower!

I got 10%

o0o0o what i got lets check...

5% not happy i wanted a ditigal camera ! x

15% for me, thanks!

10% for me

5% for me. Dunno if i'd use it, but hey, there if need be, lol!


Tried a number of times and 5 or 10% for me.

I won a 15%
I won a 5%

i got about 15 codes all different amounts

I just got a 30% off code.

and there' no limit to the amount of times it lets you enter

EDIT: Seems to be sending me the same code all the time per email account


i got about 15 codes all different amounts

and what was the highest? lol

i got 10% thanks



a massive 1.5%

15% here

Just got 20% off thanks


a massive 1.5%

lol, Minimum code value will be 5% saving

tried it twice more with alternate email and no replies

I tried it with 10, 5, 5, 5 lol

30% wow!

i got a 20%

15% for me.
H&R for op.


is there a min spend for the codes?

i got a 15% off nice

15%...nice one!

10%, nice one

one 10% and 2 5% bloomin eck x

20% here, thanks.

i got 10%

Tried a few and highest 15%, need to buy my mum a condenser dryer for Chrimbo so every little helps lol

Where do you enter the code on the website?
Can't see it no where


Original Poster


is there a min spend for the codes?

Under the Terms & Conditions it doesn't state anything about a minimum spend or any restrictions, so presumably not!

has anyone got higher than 15% and do you think these codes can be shared?

if any 1 gets higher than 10% off and doesn't want to use it i would really appreciate if they could send me it cos i need to buy a fridge freezer. Thx in advance :thumbsup:

just 5% off

i got 10 , 5 and 10 with different emails

5% here.
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