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Ray-Ban Half Rim Sunglasses in Gunmetal Polarised Grey £85.90 @ Red Hot Sunglasses
-50° Expired
Posted 25th Sep 2017Posted 25th Sep 2017
Ray-Ban Half Rim Sunglasses in Gunmetal Polarised Grey £85.90 @ Red Hot Sunglasses£85.90
I was looking for a replacement sunglasses for my deceased old pair and found these at some £20 cheaper than anywhere else. £85.90 with free next day delivery depending on when y… Read more

Ungrateful people.


I'm not thirsty today, I'll never want beer. It's currently dark therefore the sun is off everywhere in the planet. (lol)


Thank God. I've been in agony all week suffering from the unrelenting late september sun in north-east England. Perfect timing.


Checklist Sunglasses: sorted Sun: ... Uuuhh

Ray-Ban 3183 POLARIZED - £79.42 (Normally £143 - yeah right LOL!) @ redhotsunglasses
259° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2017Posted 6th Sep 2017
Ray-Ban 3183 POLARIZED - £79.42 (Normally £143 - yeah right LOL!) @ redhotsunglasses£79.42
***EDIT: Black ones for £79.42 and grey/green seem to have sold out, but grey/silver still available for £81.59. ***EDIT 2: Looks like they've restocked, all colours available aga… Read more

Ha ha I am no cheapskate. I am sitting here writing this with a REAL Rolex on my wrist. I wouldn't dream of wearing a copy. Some things are very easy to replicate (Like Sunglasses) not much to them at all , and for you to try and convince me otherwise is hilarious. They make them in China! Copies probably come from the same factories. And to end this. You said a lot but provided no proof. Good day to you sir. :-)


Can you prove they are safe? Nope you can't. Can you provide proof that dodgy sunny's all block UV light to the levels claimed? No you can't. You're the one making claims out of left field, so how about you prove them? Personally I prefer to trust qualified professionals, not the "industry" as you put it, but doctors that have zero incentive in selling me glasses or bolstering their sales: Or I guess people could trust a cheapskate, that needs to have designer sunny's but can't stump up for them. There's some really remarkable intellect at work there :/ I want to look like I can afford expensive sunny's, so I'll forego cheap glasses from reputable retailers and persuade myself and everyone else that will listen that the fakers give a shit what I put on my eyes :) Anyway, as you likely know there is no way to provide what you ask. You're false test is akin to people claiming they know someone that smoked 20 a day and lived to 100, hence fags must be safe. Or that they used sun beds all their life so they must be safe. Just like smoking, exposure to the sun increases ones risks of developing particular forms of cancer and other damage. With smoking people are ready to accept it's quite likely smoking is the reason they developed lung cancer for example ( even though it can't ever be proved as the definitive cause in a particular instance). Who''s going to say "ah yes I developed cataracts because I used to wear fake Ray Bans"? No one. But in all these cases the research and mechanism of damage is clear. And as with almost all carcinogens the level of risk is increased by the level of exposure. UVA < 400nm causes damage to our tissue. If you have a dark tint your pupil will dilate to let more light in, providing a bigger window to allow UV in than if you had no sunglasses on. Thus you are increasing the risk of damage to your eyes with tinted glasses that don't block UV<400nm. That means a greater chance of cancer/cataracts/etc. You are actively overriding the natural mechanism your eyes have to protect themselves. You're an inconsiderate idiot for suggesting otherwise.


I KNOW what the industry say. What I asked and still ask is point me to a link of ANYONE from anywhere in the world who lost their sight or had it badly effected by using dodgy Sunnies. :-) Contrary to what you may be trying to infer I am no fool. Prove to me what you say is correct and I will apologise. When I say prove I mean actual proof of harm, not what could possibly happen if I wear these every day and stare at the sun for 10 hours.


All colours available again. Price back down to £79.42 for the black/grey ones.


Grey/Silver still available at £81.59.

Sunglasses Sale -   30% off top brands including Ray-Ban / Polo / Storm / Guess / Lacoste & more (e.g. Storm Aviator were £35 now £28) + FREE Delivery & Returns @ redhotsunglasses
273° Expired
Posted 27th Jun 2017Posted 27th Jun 2017
Sunglasses Sale - 30% off top brands including Ray-Ban / Polo / Storm / Guess / Lacoste & more (e.g. Storm Aviator were £35 now £28) + FREE Delivery & Returns @ redhotsunglasses£28
redhotsunglasses sale is now on, with LOADS of different brands on offer, you should be able to find something to keep you looking cool this summer 8). some more than 30% discoun… Read more

10% Quidco too!


Redhotsunglasses, do we get a special HUKD discount code. We're hoping so. Cheers in advance.


Do we get a HUK Deals discount code then?


We are a registered stockist for all brands available on our website, meaning all of the products we sell are 100% genuine and are provided by their official manufacturer. You can find us as an officially registered reseller for Ray-Ban products here - Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. Thanks, RHS Team.


Are there any discount codes (even 10% would be great) in addition to the sale? I'm looking to get some everydayprescription sunnies but the extra £ for polarised lenses really puts the price up!

Cheap sunglasses at - e.g. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Polarized £82.52 with code! FREE Next day delivery over £75
-169° Expired
Posted 19th Jun 2017Posted 19th Jun 2017
Cheap sunglasses at - e.g. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Polarized £82.52 with code! FREE Next day delivery over £75£82.52
Link takes you to the polarized Ray-Bans. Feel free to remove the search criteria but IMO they are the best deal :) Been looking around for sunglasses (New wayfarers in particular… Read more

but they are listed as a certified reseller on the rayban website?


8.4% Topcashback, making the RB3183's in black 'only' £72.75, although a quick search on Amazon has the exact same pair at £72.15 and guess who the seller is....Redhotsunglasses! That unfortunately for me makes it a cold deal.


Very funny


I am wondering that myself, if anyone can find a cheaper pair of polarized wayfarers from a reputable seller please let me know!!


Seller is from Delhi :p

Black framed Ray-Ban Aviators 71.83 @ redhot sunglasses
-33° Expired
Posted 8th Jan 2017Posted 8th Jan 2017
Black framed Ray-Ban Aviators 71.83 @ redhot sunglasses£71.83
Free delivery over £85 - £4.95 otherwise but using the code COMEBACK5 brings the price back down 58 MM mens sizes

These are from a different store, you must be looking at the Muppet store. OP is trying to help, unlike your £18k bottle of plonk deal which wasn't as funny as you thought, certainly not helpful.


Red Devil PJB If you don't like it don't look at my threads. Cheers :)


Cold. Maddiesdaddy when you post offers why do you insist on posting separately for each item when in same store? Just put them all in one post.


after some polarised Rayban Aviators , shame these are much more expensve :(


Good price- Heated.

Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses £60! FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! redhotsunglasses
54° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2016Posted 8th Jun 2016
Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses £60! FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! redhotsunglasses£60
These Ray-Ban RB4165 601/71 55 Justine Sunglasses in Black Green are a cool, contemporary take on the iconic Wayfarer which has defined Ray-Ban as the ultimate luxury eyewear brand… Read more

Comment Me too ...




Wrong. I thought the same till I got bought a pair of wayfarers for my birthday. Amazing quality and build.


Maybe the components are, but they are assembled and distributed from Italy. I've recently ordered a bespoke pair directly from Ray Ban and they were delivered from Italy. There wouldn't have been time for them to have come from China.


Don't forget NUS discount, just use your NUS card number.

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Rayban sunglasses £74.70 & £4.98 Quidco @ Red hot sunglasses
-80° Expired
Posted 25th Jul 2013Posted 25th Jul 2013
Rayban sunglasses £74.70 & £4.98 Quidco @ Red hot sunglasses£74.70
Use code news10 for the discounted price Total discounted price is £69.72 inc quidco free delivery

sold out!!!


"Ray-Bans are rarely cheaper than £50ish so it's up to you."..depends entirely on your IQ imo 8)


Oh Michael Owen please, stop spamming sunglasses threads. Haven't you got something better to do like enjoying the weather and destroying your retinas in poundland shades? Mackenfy, it depends on the style you want. Dont forget lots of people are buying at the moment so maybe wait a month? Ray-Bans are rarely cheaper than £50ish so it's up to you.


Just doesn't seem as good when they've been on here for £50 delivered not so long ago


why cold? how much should I expect for rayban?

[Ray-Ban] Chris Square Sunglasses in Rubber Black: 56.12pound (already 10pound off, 8% cashback, and Free delivery) £56.12 @ redhotsunglasses
25° Expired
Posted 25th May 2013Posted 25th May 2013
[Ray-Ban] Chris Square Sunglasses in Rubber Black: 56.12pound (already 10pound off, 8% cashback, and Free delivery) £56.12 @ redhotsunglasses£56.12
As you know, Ray-Ban is the best sunglasses' quality and awesome shape. This one original price: 71 pound Code: RAYBAN3BDAY (-10 pound) Quidco: 8% cash back. Free Delivery. =>… Read more
Avatar deleted539211
Get deal*Get deal*

Be careful. Check info leaflet is packed with cleaner cloth and spelling/grammar is correct. Also print quality on included literature should be perfect. A lot of good replicas around this year.


Obviously really cheap! If I dont have any Ray Ban, I will definitely get one =( But I got 2 now =( so...give the deal for everyone :) Enjoy!


£56 for a pair of Ray-Bans is not that expensive


what did you mean ? Can u speak English?


Que ?

Ray Ban aviator RB3025 £77 TODAY ONLY at Red Hot Sunglasses
-38° Expired
Posted 25th May 2013Posted 25th May 2013
Ray Ban aviator RB3025 £77 TODAY ONLY at Red Hot Sunglasses£77
First time post. Just got this through on an email. Been looking for a deal on some ray ban aviators and these are now the cheapest I could find. £87 with £10 off all ray bans toda… Read more
Avatar deleted803816
Get deal*Get deal*

anyone ordered from these before and can confirm they are legit? Dan


Be careful. I'm not saying these are, but I paid £80 on eBay for 'genuine' aviator from a seller with 1000+ good feedback and they were very, very good replicas. Hint. Check spelling and grammar on info leaflet (which should be inside cleaner cloth pack). Just saying there are some very convincing fakes out there.


Not spam, signed up to their newsletter. Have used before about a year or so ago. Also, Good reviews on Google shopping.


Used the company before , or a spam email

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