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Auto Claim for delays on London Tube, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground and TfL Rail via Reeclaim
1122° Expired
Posted 22nd Jun 2019Posted 22nd Jun 2019
Auto Claim for delays on London Tube, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground and TfL Rail via Reeclaim
Train Reeclaim (yep, it really is spelt that way) is a free service that automatically claims refunds for delays from TfL. It covers the tube, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Londo… Read more

Same here 🤭


Dear valued customers, We hope this communications finds you well. As you may have already noticed, TfL recently updated their website with additional log-in security to all user accounts. Due to the recent update, we are currently unable to claim any delayed journeys on your behalf. We are working towards a solution, but would like to encourage all our users to manually claim back any delayed journeys in the interim. We hope to be back in touch very soon with a further update. Best regards,


Got 7 refunds confirmed. £3.90 each for last 28 days. Can't thank you enough OP. Keep up the good work..:)


Wow . That worked quickly. 2 refunds on the way Thank you op


Need to register then. Fed up with tfl too

Automatic TFL refunds for delayed journeys
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Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019
Automatic TFL refunds for delayed journeys
I am.not sure if this has been shared before on this platform. You can register on the above mentioned link to get automatic refunds if your journey was delayed over 15 mins. You w… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Probably subsidised from the rest of the rail network.


Cheers I dont know about this


Obviously they are making money somehow but i wasnt aware of it.


Of course you do! Reeclaim is getting access to your entire travel history. Very soon they will be selling it to advertisers and retailers in order to "OFFER" you some tailored services. From their website: So what’s the catch? How does Reeclaim fund itself?Our new app (launching soon), will feature a Rewards Program offering discounted deals curated specifically around your places of travel. Reeclaim will receive a commission from the merchant for every deal redeemed.


They dont take anything out of your refund, not sure how they are making money

Register for automatic refunds for delayed TfL journeys
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
Register for automatic refunds for delayed TfL journeys
More information below. If your journey is delayed you are entitled to a refund but you have to claim through the TfL website which a lot of people forget to do. The website linke… Read more

Hit and miss. I find that calling them after they reject the claim is the best way to sort out the refunds.


I know this is an old thread but it still exisits so not sure why it is expired. I'm finding that every single request is being rejected by TFL for legitimate journey delays and I'm having to email them again. It's not as though I make a lot of claims - less than 5 per year and I use the tube daily. Is anyone else getting a lot of rejects too?


Has nothing to do with him, he's pretty useless, these guys are separate from tfl, and the refund policy has been around before him. Tfl should run the automatic refund but they rather steal your money.


Just another gift from Uncle Sadiq ;)


Nice one. had no idea this existed. Tried numerous apps without success, and have been trying to remember to check manually once a week. This is ace.

Automatically reclaim your late TFL journeys with  Reeclaim
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
Automatically reclaim your late TFL journeys with Reeclaim
Great free service which has brought me back some cash already. Train reclaim connects to your tfl account to know which journeys you do and whenever your journey has been disrupt… Read more

From what I can remember this doesn't (at least yet) have a comercial interest from the creator. It started as a pet project and then they just made it public for everyone to use. I have been using it for a while and it does what It says on the tin. But I understand your concern about your data ;)


Ummmm. Nice looking web site and great idea but the concern for me is it clearly states not endorsed by Tfl and the contact me details are non human(some would say best

Get Automatic Refunds For Delayed Journeys on TfL via Reeclaim (London specific)
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Posted 12th Jul 2018Posted 12th Jul 2018
Get Automatic Refunds For Delayed Journeys on TfL via Reeclaim (London specific)
Surprised this hasn't been posted before, but for those of you living in the capital, Train Reeclaim links up to your TfL online account to automatically claim back refunds for del… Read more

Wicked-thanks OP. Love this site


Not sure what's going on, but I've been getting 2 or 3 a week at the moment - mostly for journeys I didn't even realise were delayed. Nice little bonus when I've got an annual travelcard


Gonna bump this thread. Thank you so much for the post. So far, detected 3 journeys and have average of £3 refunded back each time :D


I signed up two weeks ago and received a refund notification yesterday for one journey I made last week. I didn't even realise the journey was delayed (although when I checked my TFL history I saw the journey was longer than usual). Great service for basically no effort.


This. The service should be automatically applied to every Oyster card as part of tfl, and if tfl have your details, they should automatically refund your account. Why a 3rd party needs to be involved at all is unbelievable.