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STAYING HOME SALE - Up to 60% discount @ Revo
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Posted 8th Apr 2020Posted 8th Apr 2020
STAYING HOME SALE - Up to 60% discount @ Revo£189 Free P&P Free
SuperConnect Was: £299.95 Save: £110.00

I just purchased SuperSystem. Voted best all-in-one system under £1000 by What Hi-Fi. DAB & Internet Radio. Was £549 and I've got it for £349.95 Brand new, not refurbished.

Up to 60% off at Revo Technology
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Posted 7th Apr 2020Posted 7th Apr 2020
Up to 60% off at Revo Technology
Had an email from Revo saying: Our Staying Home sale continues, with additional stock and product lines added. This is the perfect opportunity to buy one of our award-winning digi… Read more

I think their stuff looks cool. I have the Supersignal, sounds really good for a mono speaker.


Just looked again thought I was possibly being unfair, no I was not it's so ugly and very over priced even with discount!


Wow high priced 80s looking gear! Does supposed quality have to look so ugly!

Digital Radio Revo Superconnect / Supertone / Supersystem / Supercd - up to 60% off
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
Digital Radio Revo Superconnect / Supertone / Supersystem / Supercd - up to 60% off
Winter warehouse clearance up to 60%: 1. Superconnect from £ 299.95 to £ 189.95 2. Supertone from £ 449.95 to £ 179.95… Read more

Love the walnut look. Shame the super system doesn’t have the cd


Came here for a car kit for my Psion. Left disappointed.






I got excited because I wanted a Remap for my Car (fierce) turns out this is a different REVO

Revo Summer Sale - eg Superconnect £199.95 from £279
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Posted 9th Aug 2016Posted 9th Aug 2016
Revo Summer Sale - eg Superconnect £199.95 from £279£199.95
Revo are having their first sale. you can pick up some nice bargains, for very well reviewed audio equipment. I paid more for a refurbished Superconnect ! The page also has refurb… Read more

I had a minor problem with a K2 and had very good support from them,and resolved my query within 24 hrs,but we can all have varying experiences.


Mine are about 4 years old and as I have no Apple products to connect it's not a problem,I think they discontinued the model before updating the apple connector to current method,but hey ho apple keep changing things anyway,and as I paid less than £100 for the pair off ebay I am happy and the K2 is an amazing internet radio and if only it had bluetooth!!!


I'm listening to the Olympics on mine now, the sound quality / build quality / speed / remote / UI are all awesome.


Agreed. Spent ages looking for something with the functionality a Superconnect has, and there's very little out there to match it. Great sounds too.


Superconnect is the best thing I ever bought. Brilliant bit of kit.

Revo Warehouse Sale!
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Posted 26th Dec 2015Posted 26th Dec 2015
Revo Warehouse Sale!
Just received an email from Revo advising me about their sale! Some good stuff there, with up to 60% off! I have the K2 tower which I can attest to being a great streamer/DAB radio… Read more

Just returned my Super connect. It too has a fault, but was new.


Got mine.. it was the refurbished XS Radio.. I'm thinking they never 'refurbished' it... Took over 30 mins to come to life the first time it was plugged in... Then worked beautifully for the 5 days.. fantastic piece of kit with good sound and great abilities.. Tonight.. after getting turned off at the wall it's not coming on at all.... and it's been over 30 minutes. Gave them a call, they're sending out a new power lead... failing that I'll unfortunately be sending it back.


Sale I think is now over!


The website is no longer available from the given link.


Got mine. Blimey, the PIXIS is powerful! I am tempted to just keep that in the kitchen now and get another one for the bedroom!

Revo HERITAGE G2 - Black Friday sale - £150
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Posted 29th Nov 2013Posted 29th Nov 2013
Revo HERITAGE G2 - Black Friday sale - £150£150
I haven't got one of these but thought I'd highlight... I'm unsure whether it does iplayer 'listen again' stuff at the moment. Have emailed them. Some reviews seem to indicate it … Read more
Selected Revo Internet Radios Half Price @ Revo
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Posted 2nd May 2013Posted 2nd May 2013
Selected Revo Internet Radios Half Price @ Revo£124.95
First post so be gentle! I've been on a hunt for an Internet Radio and Revo have two models half price until the end of the week. They are the K2 and the G2 and I've just ordered… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Already posted.


Hot for first post...but I don't think it will make much difference.

Revo Internet Radios 50% off - K2 £150, Heritage G2 £125 @ Revo
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Posted 29th Apr 2013Posted 29th Apr 2013
Revo Internet Radios 50% off - K2 £150, Heritage G2 £125 @ Revo£125
Revo has a special offer to celebrate 10 years in business, 50% off two of their product lines (+ £7 Postage) K2 - £149.95 Heritage G2 - £124.95 I got a K2 last year which I lov… Read more

agreed. they don't even answer emails.


I think that some of their products look the business - especially the G2 - and have a decent list of features, including the option of wired LAN for those with wifi issues. My Pure Siesta is good for DAB but the touchscreen is very annoying for internet and streaming functions. I have to reset it fairly regularly also as it often can't "see" the server. That could be my fault though... Initially tempted, but the price (even at half price) is still a lot, and the REVO domino I once had was a bit clunky. Probably be a no, but thanks to OP for listing.


I've owned a Revo Blix Internet/FM radio for about 2 years. It has many faults mainly linked to poor firmware. I can't recommend the brand I'm afraid whilst Revo acknowledge the problems they never issue solutions.


I have a Revo AXiS and I've never had a single problem with it. Does DAB, FM and internet radio.


Seen the iblik radiostation, that's one ugly looking radio

Revo Radios - Warehouse Clearance Sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2012Posted 26th Dec 2012
Revo Radios - Warehouse Clearance Sale
Revo have a warehouse clearance sale posted on their website where they're selling various radios they describe as selling refurbished (as new) or new. I bought a K2 radio in the … Read more

Great spot mcek, also see on their ebay outlet as well as setting a price they also have a best offer button buyers to propose a lower price


they also sell refurbished on their outlet ebay store, and i'm sure the heritage is usually £125 start bid or £138 buy.... .. or is G2 some revised model?


For DAB radios in general whether they're from the main players like Pure, Revo, Roberts then I'd agree their RRP are over priced, I paid £165 for my Revo K2 and I'm well chuffed with it and think is a realistic price point for a luxury style radio, but the reality is you're not just paying for the radio it's self, also included in the alot of these prices is the one off licence fees to companies like Frontier Silicon who produce the all in one chips and maintain the world wide Wifi radio portal listings.


As radios go, Revos are excellent. I've got a Heritage - paid £250 for it - and it's brilliant, so getting one for £110 is a steal.


Over priced!