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2 seat remote control ride on Jeep @ rideoncars
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Posted 3rd Apr 2016Posted 3rd Apr 2016
2 seat remote control ride on Jeep @ rideoncars£108
Twin 12v motor built in mp3 connectivity working lights and remote control. Looks a lot of toy for the money, just bought myself interested if anyone finds better because will canc… Read more

Bought one when posted still going... Although few things have gone wrong that have fixed. Firstly the steering bar snapped so i had to fabricate another. I took the remote steering out because in honesty the car is too heavy for remote steering. One of the seat lugs has broken meaning the seat can shift in the car on one side. It has lots of room to retrofit more batteries so i have double the capacity and as a result have taken on mile up and down hill trips with 2 girls in. Delivery was very fast and despite the issues above it has had lots of use on rough terrain, I've no doubt it would be fine on a tarmac pavement


Looking at getting one of these for xmas can anyone comment on quality and the company itself please?


Well initial impressions are pretty good, the car seems pretty sturdy and there is easily enough space for 2 to sit. Not massive fan of the control mechanism though, you have to switch between remote and manual control in the car, meaning if little one plays with switch you lose control. Similarly reverse abs forwards are switches rather than a gear stick as with the previous car we had. Can't comment on battery life yet, but for those not afraid to use screw driver and play with electrics there is loads of space under the seat for another battery to go as the bundled battery sits under the bonnet in the front.


Will let you know when I get it, however experience with dual motor 6v has been about 2 miles with a 25lb child in


What are the charge and usage times on this particular model

£109.00 12v two seater ride on Jeep @ rideoncars
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Posted 2nd Jun 2014Posted 2nd Jun 2014
£109.00 12v two seater ride on Jeep @ rideoncars£109
Seems like a great price to me! Have ordered one in red to put away for Christmas for my tall 4 year old! These are available in red, yellow and blue. Recommended age 3-7. I paid £… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Shame! Seems to have gone up in price!


Is there a discount code? It's showing as £119 for me


don't tell him! :)


Fourth comment!!!!


battery life???

6v Ride-on motorbike for kids £36.99 delivered @ Rideoncars.co.uk
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Posted 31st Jul 2013Posted 31st Jul 2013
6v Ride-on motorbike for kids £36.99 delivered @ Rideoncars.co.uk£36.99
I have bought the Ferrari ride-on car from this company before for £90 about a year and a half ago for my nephew. Now that the younger nephew has grown up I decided to look for a s… Read more

I bought the ride on car (£155.99 inc postage of £16.99 ) to have it sent to N.Ireland. My dad assembled it well and the parental control did not work at all which is a necessity for toddlers. I had days and days of half-hearted emails from 'Jesse' instructing me how to fix it, with no result. Then offering to send replacement parts for me to assemble! After I requested a courier collect the faulty item 'Jesse' lied and told me IF it 'suddenly worked' when it was returned, that £89.00 plus vat would be deducted from my refund, just for them having it collected. I realised then and after reading other customer reviews, that they would just say it worked to scam this 'courier' money from me. (Thank god I was able to put a claim in with paypal and they resolved this for me in the end). I had to pay myself over £40 to have it sent back to England, upon the premise by paypal that when it was delivered back to them I'd get a refund. The company also emailed me giving me an address to send the car to, a 90 mile drive away from their business address that is registered with paypal? Further, at first, they would not answer the door to Parcel Force at their business address that paypal gave me, then when someone did sign for it (perhaps inadvertently) after a surprise re-delivery, I was still getting emails from 'Julie' saying they had not received the item. (No refund without delivery back to them you see) They lie through their teeth from start to finish, and you WILL get a faulty car and there is no genuine customer service to help you if you do, and they will try every trick in the book to avoid giving you a refund, and you will pay the postage for its return without question. These cars are being distributed from China, are of very poor quality and there is NO U.K quality control. They are rubbish. Please do not think you are getting a bargain with them as they are gangsters, and will never deal with you honestly if you have a complaint about the ride on. (& you very likely will!)



Ours also stopped working but after contacting them I was told they had no replacement in stock but was given a full refund and told to keep the bike. I found out whats wrong with it also. The plastic cogs in the back wheel were always coming loose from the motor and you could hear the motor spinning but the wheel wouldn't move so I glued it back onto the motor with strong glue and now it works again. Its a hassle to get to the cogs in the first place but it can be fixed if you can get to it.


Did you get a response in the end - I gave it to my son for Christmas - two uses and now nothing. I don't think the lights ever worked either!


Did you get a response in the end - I gave it to my son for Christmas - two uses and now nothing. I don't think the lights ever worked either!