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Takamine Dreadnought TK-GD11MCE-NS Electro-Acoustic Guitar £220 at Rimmers Music
212° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2020Posted 6th Dec 2020
Takamine Dreadnought TK-GD11MCE-NS Electro-Acoustic Guitar £220 at Rimmers Music£220 Free P&P Free
Great price for this all mahogany Takamine electro acoustic.
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wanna buy a guitar no strings attached.


I can recommend Takamine. I have a ean10c,beautiful guitar


strings make a difference to sound also


Unless you're planning to perform live a straight forward acoustic would be better value as a portion of the cost to manufacture will be the electronics. Agree with above quote you really need to check out an acoustic before buying. They can be a b*gger to bar chord! :)


I think acoustics need to be tried out in person...even more so than electrics...they all sound so different..the last one I bought ...a Yamaha..I must have tried half the shop before deciding on buying it Prefered it over a 2 grand Gibson....never played one and wanted to see what all the fuss was about .. Picked it up for a noodle....Hated it !

Squier Bullet Mustang HH Imperial Blue. Good for beginners. Solid & lightweight. £107. Free delivery over £75 @ Rimmers Music (+1.65% TCB)
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Posted 17th Nov 2020Posted 17th Nov 2020
Squier Bullet Mustang HH Imperial Blue. Good for beginners. Solid & lightweight. £107. Free delivery over £75 @ Rimmers Music (+1.65% TCB)£107£12917% off Free P&P Free
Squier Bullet Mustang HH Imperial Blue The Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang HH Electric Guitar in Imperial Blue offers a beautifully designed instrument that's perfect for the rau… Read more
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Thanks for that


Got 3 year extended guaranteed for everything too. About another £20 on top.


No. Just looked around. Had to get all the stuff to start up. https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/fender-frontman-10g-guitar-amp-p865 https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/fender-professional-coil-cable-30-gray-tweed-p46677 https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/fender-running-logo-strap-black-p954


Was that a bundle deal ? I can't see it on the Rimmers website.


Hot. Very good value for money but, like all guitars in this price range, it will probably need a good setting up.

Squier Mini Jazzmaster HH Electric Guitar in Daphne Blue £118 at Rimmer’s Music
195° Expired
Posted 9th Nov 2020Posted 9th Nov 2020
Squier Mini Jazzmaster HH Electric Guitar in Daphne Blue £118 at Rimmer’s Music£118£13513% off Free P&P Free
The pinnacle of performance. Humbuckers offer a higher output compared to single coils, meaning they give you a powerful sound with plenty of tonal goodness to go with it. Every li… Read more

Instruments in this price range can be very hit or miss, so it could very well be that he got one of the worst ones in the batch and other reviewers got a better one. If you are buying a cheap instrument, the best way to go is to check it out in person.


Not sure. I watched it a couple of weeks ago and grimaced. Edit: just checked and it was that one.


In the interest of transparency I think I found the review you mentioned pretty damning. But I also found another more in-depth review from someone else and he goes through a range of tones, the thing sounds way better. I have to wonder if the one you mentioned got a dud, cause it genuinely sounded broken.


I recently saw a post from James at Home of Tone https://www.instagram.com/p/CG7AiDkngmJ/ saying how great it was, I think he mentioned that negative review.


Watched a review on this and it was very negative.

Squier Bullet Mustang HH Electric Guitar in Black £100 at Rimmer’s Music
220° Expired
Posted 27th Oct 2020Posted 27th Oct 2020
Squier Bullet Mustang HH Electric Guitar in Black £100 at Rimmer’s Music£100£1098% off Free P&P Free
These are great guitars for beginners, I picked one up a couple of years ago for my daughter and for the price you can’t go wrong. The Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang HH Elec… Read more
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Great beginner guitar or a good platform for modding. Downsides for more experienced players will be the scratchy fingerboard (a fret polish and lemon oil will fix that). Beginners will love that it's different, modders can upgrade the pickups, wiring and tuners. Cracking guitar at a good price


Rimmers Music though :( I've tried to buy from them (in store) twice before. What a depressing experience it was, both times.


Fair enough :)


It was recently. Tried a Telecaster 70's Vibe. Build quality was not great for a guitar at £330. The position markers were off centre and the top E string was too close to edge of fretboard. The neck was too glossy and this made bar chord shifting tricky at times. The plastic pickguard was warped. I returned it. I agree about the Harley Benton being much better value and build quality. I have the Standard Strat with HSS and decided to stick with it and either get a better Harley or a Yamaha soon! (y)


Squier contemporary telecasters have rear contours, they seem to be dual humbucker though. I'm sure a few others have them too, just search "Tele belly cut" and you should find something. Edit: fender American standard teles from 2012-2016 had contours as well. There must be one in their range that has them now.

Squier Cyclone Electric Guitar in Shell Pink - £309 at Rimmer’s Music
77° Expired
Posted 18th Oct 2020Posted 18th Oct 2020
Squier Cyclone Electric Guitar in Shell Pink - £309 at Rimmer’s Music£309£3224% off Free P&P Free
Classic Strat sound, now more versatile The Cyclone boasts a trio of alnico single-coil pickups, delivering the classic Fender tones that shaped rock 'n' roll as we know it. From… Read more

Really tempting at that price... If I hadn't just bought a guitar on the weekend I'd but for sure!


I like both colours so I’d have trouble deciding between them.


I'd rather pay £6 more and get the blue https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/squier-cyclone-laurel-daphne-blue-p47822 Took some finding but it's a Gibson scale length of 24.75" (compared a standard Fender at 25.5" and a Jaguar at 24").

Fender Vintera ’60s Stratocaster Burgundy Mist £755 at Rimmers Music
179° Expired
Posted 11th Sep 2020Posted 11th Sep 2020
Fender Vintera ’60s Stratocaster Burgundy Mist £755 at Rimmers Music£755£87914% off Free P&P Free
For players who appreciate the mojo of the past matched to contemporary features, we created the Vintera ‘60s Stratocaster Modified. Blending classic looks with a modern neck profi… Read more
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So you play with your strap on sat down? :{ Oo-err! :p


Both haha


If you like the look but just need a beginner guitar, check out the Aria STG in pink. Looks identical. Got mine many years back as my first guitar for £60 (used, from a guitar shop)


I agree, I really dislike the name

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Fender Player Stratocaster Capri Orange - £500 @ Rimmers Music
265° Expired
Posted 24th Jul 2020Posted 24th Jul 2020
Fender Player Stratocaster Capri Orange - £500 @ Rimmers Music£500£59917% off Free P&P Free
Rimmers finally have the Capri Orange listed as in stock and for the bargain price of £500. I've been looking for one for a while but no stock anywhere. GAK OOS £529: https://ww… Read more
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Did anyone else buy this and have the same issue with "setup"? Just wondered/worried that it's an issue with this stock (hence the sale price ... lower customer expectation?). I know can be easily fixed, but makes me worried about where the guitar has been ... corroded strings on a "new" guitar??


That is a lot of setup for a "decent" guitar. I've only bought one guitar from new and it definitely didn't need that amount of set up. Glad you like it now you've got it setup. I'm still tempted. I went to see a 2017 model today for 350, but there were small hairline cracks in the lacquer. I might bite on this deal, still some left


A few observations having now had it for a day: The nut was in a messy state with glue and dirt or something all around it The strings were corroded so I have replaced The bridge was very high requiring the springs to be adjusted in the back The bridge saddles were all on a diagonal out of the box with some strings over the grub screws Intonation needed setting up This being my first Strat not sure if this amount of setup is normal, however got the impression it wasn't? Anyway, now is setup and is amazing! Love it.


Just been delivered by TNT - no case


The Mexican Fenders usually don't come with a case. I just bought a Japanese Strat for £860, and all I got was a paper thin gig-bag.

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