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Samsung QE55Q60R QLED 55" TV delivered - £709 @ RLR Distribution
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Posted 12th Oct 2019Posted 12th Oct 2019
Samsung QE55Q60R QLED 55" TV delivered - £709 @ RLR Distribution£709£86918% off
This 55 inch Samsung QLED TV brings a whole host of innovative tech to ensure that your viewing experience is second to none. The fundamentals are all here – razor-sharp 4K resolut… Read more

Ok... Time to expire then (highfive) Expired


Their comment "Sincere apologies, incorrect listing". Bit rubbish really. Next best seems to be ao.com at £869 + £100 cashback


That's not good. Any reason?


Ordered but they cancelled a few hours later:-(


unlucky lol

Samsung QE65Q60R QLED 65" TV - £895 delivered @ RLR Distribution
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Posted 9th Oct 2019Posted 9th Oct 2019
Samsung QE65Q60R QLED 65" TV - £895 delivered @ RLR Distribution£895£937.755% off
This 65 inch Samsung QLED TV brings a whole host of innovative tech to ensure that your viewing experience is second to none. The fundamentals are all here – razor-sharp 4K resolut… Read more

No one can answer this but yourself. But for burn in worries I'd take a good look at rtings burn in test (link) and decide whether the burn in on the content channels are acceptable to you. Bear in mind they've been running for 9000 hours (5 hours every day for 5 years) and the screens they're using are older technology (C7s). Personally, I'd be buying a QLED for my parents, and an OLED for myself just to suit the different lifestyles we live. Parents which a good 5 hours every day, whereas a good week I'll get 5 hours in :)


Far superior is debatable... perfect blacks but poor peak brightness and sustained brightness for HdR content with risk of burn in. While QLED has no burn in to worry about and ridiculously better sustainable HDR thanks to the peak brightness, also has the best anti glare screen. Only downside is the light bleed/dirty screen. Both very close to call.. I’m still torn myself


Samsung QLED it’s 2013 Sony Triluminos Technology Not worth money . Another Marketing stunt by Samsung. Great to repackage product and sell it to customers as totally new product


I’m preparing myself for Black Friday. I want a high-ish end TV and OLEDs are cheaper than QLEDs which is a bit silly. But I do watch movies/netflix with subtitles on and I play video games. I am worried about burn in and a quick look online, in forums, JL refuse to replace OLEDs with burn in as it is clearly stated that burn in is not covered in the warranty. So I don’t know really. 55” q80r vs c9? Qleds do come with their advantages. Significantly brighter, no burn in and better anti reflection.


Any good price for 43"

SAMSUNG UE75NU7100 75'' Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £1047 @ RLR Distribution
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Posted 19th Feb 2019Posted 19th Feb 2019
SAMSUNG UE75NU7100 75'' Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £1047 @ RLR Distribution£1,047£1,0793% off
Features - Ultra HD gives you stunning picture quality - Samsung TVPlus delivers a world of entertainment - Play games, listen to music and more 4k Ultra HD The Samsung … Read more

With all due respect, I don't think you understand. More screen does NOT equal more pixels ! I will clarify 4K resolution is 3840 × 2160p on UHD TVs. It's the SAME number of pixels what ever the size of screen. But the individual pixels will be bigger in size the bigger the screen size. All other things being equal an image displayed on a smaller screen is generally going be more sharper than on a bigger screen because the image is more condensed.


Amazing deal, but a tad too big. I will aim for the 65" you last posted. (angel) :D Heat for both. (y)


Have a 65" and its brilliant. Wouldn't go back to smaller. Makes the other 55" sets in the house seem small, which is odd :p


I have a 106in projector screen that I sit no more than 10feet from. Used to be brilliant with 1080p projector now even better with 4k


Would have to be good quality, high bit rate 4K. Surely the picture on a decent 65 inch is going to be sharper than on this as the pixels are smaller. Not to mention most content is still at best 1080p HD.

SAMSUNG UE65NU7400 65'' HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, TVPlus/Freesat HD, Dynamic Crystal Colour £655 @ rlrdistribution
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Refreshed 16th Feb 2019Refreshed 16th Feb 2019
SAMSUNG UE65NU7400 65'' HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, TVPlus/Freesat HD, Dynamic Crystal Colour £655 @ rlrdistribution£655£82921% off
Dynamic Crystal Colour Experience crystal clear, lifelike colour. With more than one billion colours — 64 times more than conventional UHD TVs — the Dynamic Crystal Colour displa… Read more

Installed on the wall ! It was a perfect deal ! (lol)


Perfect nothing else to add ! Go for deal (lol)


Ordered the 19th morning, I just received it ! Very pro the service. ( standard free delivery ) I will open the box and test the TV. Keep you updated guys :D


Common.Sense said "These are all grey imports. " it's why I was confused. Tanks guys (highfive)


This is black, they have the wrong image on their website

Lg c8 65" better than black Friday price £1945 @ RLR Distribution (link says 55" / description is for 65")
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Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Lg c8 65" better than black Friday price £1945 @ RLR Distribution (link says 55" / description is for 65")£1,945
Great price, cheapest so far I think. This is the 65" version as they sell the 55" else where on their site. RLR have made a mistake in the heading.

I didn’t get price match from JL , I have tried few times with other offers and all got rejected


they price matched the District Electrical one for me at £2,129.99


I got RS to price match the previous deal with District Electrical. With DE £30 shipping cost it came to £2160 with 6 years warranty. I was turned down a price match with RLR as it didn’t have a 5 year warranty included in the price.


Go with the B8 55" for £1099 easy decision 🔥


Not a deal without the 5 year warranty. JL price match though and ya sorted. Hoping it will drop to 2k then I bite.

Samsung UE43NU7470 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £469 RLR Distribution
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Posted 21st Aug 2018Posted 21st Aug 2018
Samsung UE43NU7470 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £469 RLR Distribution£460£69934% off
4K Ultra HD Certified with HDR10+ Catch-up TV & Streaming with Smart Hub Picture quality: 1800 PQI TV PLUS / Freesat HD HDMI 2.0a x 3 22/08/18 - Now £9 cheaper @ £460

It's all lies to get you hooked. Bought the TV, my card was charged instantly, then chased them for 2 weeks and finally (and without letting me know in advance) delivered a different, cheaper model and tried to persuade me that it's an "upgrade". If you look at their reviews you'll find that this is their normal mode of operation. A company to avoid. Scammers.


Now £9 cheaper @ £460


Voted hot, I was looking at the 65” one yesterday at pc world


The stand is about 1 and a half inch smaller each side.


is this the tv with the stand as wide as the screen?

LG B7 Series OLED65B7V - 65" OLED Smart TV 4k hdr £1999 at RLR Distribution
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Posted 13th Jul 2018Posted 13th Jul 2018
LG B7 Series OLED65B7V - 65" OLED Smart TV 4k hdr £1999 at RLR Distribution£1,999£2,0492% off
The price is coming down to reflect the newer models price drop to £2400. 3.15% topcashback takes it down to £1937.95 lowest I have seen this personally

Yeah same buddy. The 55" deals are at a price point I could justify spending. But 51 to 55 wouldn t feel like much change. Especially how some of my viewing is still SD (though I have become a bit of an HD snob and first check I do for content on Sky is hit the filter for HD channels when browsing the guide) I was gutted they got rid of 3D as I heard that it was amazing on the 2016 range. Hopefully the 2019 range will drop enough in price so that the 65's become more realistic. Failing that, maybe a 55" and convince the Mrs to put the sofa in the middle of the room to make the effect the same (lol) (lol)


This is available from Electronic Empire, which is banned to post on here for some reason, for £1969, or £1939 instore. Richer Sounds just gave me a price match of £1949 which im really pleased with, so I've "bitten". My old TV should sell for around £400 so that helps take some of the sting out of the cost. Arriving tomorrow so can't wait. Is there one decent forum for discussions on setting the TV up, brackets etc?


same as me have a st30 panny and the picture on hd is far superior than any lcd tv. and it was only £500 back in 2011 i would need to upgrade to a 65" but as you say 2k is alot. if the 65" was about 1200 i would jump then. in reality another year and i think the 55"s will be around the £800 mark. so room for the 65" to go down. production costs are very similar anyway oled like any panel is sawn down from larger panels.


I feel the same. I have had my 51 Samsung Plasma for quite a while now. I have followed OLED since mid 2016 and almost clicked buy several times. In fact I still read to see if I can convince myself. Yet to have a worthy upgrade I would want a larger screen too. 1. For the increase of the wow effect. 2. Because now I'm a little older. HD looks SD to me. Which is disappointing but I guess I should wear glasses for tv viewing. 65 inch would have to be my entry point but 2k! Do I really need to replace my plasma. Large tv's are hard to sell and is have nowhere to put my current 51. So for that reason I continue to read/research....yet can't bring myself to burn 2k notes just yet!


That's debatable. Let's ask @brilly

LG OLED65C7V 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV £2099 @ rlrdistribution
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Posted 18th Jun 2018Posted 18th Jun 2018
LG OLED65C7V 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV £2099 @ rlrdistribution£2,099
Cheapest I’ve seen the 65”

It’s 4k not 2k lol (lol)


Its 2199


Yep, cos I really want to spend 2K on a telly from a company with terrible Google reviews. Want more proof? Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the entrance to rlrdistribution https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.5043479,-1.8677523,3a,60y,304.06h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4hOAxGwjq_YVSMoX03brew!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


I bought the OLED55E7N from JL with 5yr warranty a month ago, not even opened it yet. Thinking about selling as tempted by a 65”. Also the more I read the better value the C models seem to be, I have a sound system so no need for the Atmos sound bar the E model offers..... tempted by this offer but I’m also dubious about the 1yr warranty (skeptical)


Great price but only 1 year warranty. i paid £2499 for mine with 6 years warranty from richer sounds

LG OLED55C7V 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV £1344 using code @ rlrdistribution
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Refreshed 14th Jun 2018Refreshed 14th Jun 2018
LG OLED55C7V 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV £1344 using code @ rlrdistribution£1,344£1,59916% off
LG OLED55C7V 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV Immerse yourself in this amazing OLED 55inch television, with amazon contrast and bringing life to any room. Some key features inc… Read more

These lg tv's need to drop in price like all the others, even being oled the manufacturing costs have dropped dramatically and they are popular, maybe when they drop they will start selling a lot more before Samsung releases there micro led tv which is predicted to have super luminosity and brightness and an even better picture than the OLED. and no burn-in which is a problem with OLED tv's .


Yes I have the B7 although I use a Humax Freesat box rather then the built in tuner.


Thanks for info. I presume you are watching on an oled then?


If you talking about the C7 then I believe RS have sold all their stock of the 55" so I would speak to them first


I have no issue watching SD channels on mine even the really poor quality ones - the upscaler does a pretty decent job considering

LG 55EG9A7V Full HD OLED Smart TV £879 @ RLR
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Posted 4th May 2018Posted 4th May 2018
LG 55EG9A7V Full HD OLED Smart TV £879 @ RLR£879£8992% off
This TV has a slim design bringing style to any home, experience the unmatched picture quality created by OLED TV’s self-lighting pixels and let yourself be immersed in surround so… Read more

Crazy this is cold, it's far and away the best TV in its price range...if you don't need 4K


This is true. People think I'm being disingenuous when I tell them the only way they will see any benefit from UHD over Full HD is to sit around 1-2 metres away from the screen. 99% of people paying twice as much for something that the human eye can't even perceive. In fact chances are that their UHD will result in a worse viewing experience when watching regular SD broadcasts.


Sorry OP, this was never going to be received well. UHD is amazing and worth that little bit more. Saying that, there are an awful lot of people who sit too far from their TV to actually benefit from UHD....but you try telling them that :D


Best TV in price range :)


It says Full HD, and the price confirms it isn’t UHD.