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Tefal Prograde 5pc Induction pan set £69.99 @ Roys of Wroxham
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Posted 18th Jul 2020Posted 18th Jul 2020
Tefal Prograde 5pc Induction pan set £69.99 @ Roys of Wroxham£69.99£99.9930% off Free P&P Free
The Tefal Pro Grade Induction 5 Piece Pan Set features patented Thermo-Spot technology for perfect cooking results, a stylish design incorporating riveted stainless steel handles a… Read more

Here’s the product description from Debenhams for the same item > Item No. 3310015118 The Tefal ‘ProGrade’ non-stick 5-piece cookware set is designed for everyday cooking. It’s all thanks to its extra-resistant Titanium non-stick coating. With an ultra-reinforced mineral layer and a protective top coat enhanced with titanium particles to make it even stronger, Titanium is the ultra-durable and easy-to-clean non-stick coating by Tefal. Metal utensil-safe and robust enough to withstand intensive everyday use, Titanium won’t lose its non-stick performance over time. So, your food won’t stick, and these pans won’t scratch, no matter how often you use them. The riveted stainless-steel handles have been ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and are oven safe up to 210°C. With a stainless-steel base for efficient heat distribution, ‘ProGrade’ cookware is compatible with any hob - even induction. Plus, being crafted from thick aluminium, this set conducts and holds heat beautifully, ensuring even cooking. Saucepan with lid (18cm). Capacity: 2.1L / Material: Aluminium Saucepan with lid (20cm). Capacity: 2.9L / Material: Aluminium Stewpot with lid (24cm). Capacity: 5L / Material: Aluminium Frying pan without lid (26cm) / Material: Aluminium Frying pan without lid (30cm) / Material: Aluminium Non-stick Suitable for all hob types, including induction To prolong the life of your Tefal pan, we recommend handwashing; for dishwasher use, it is preferable to use gentle detergents, such as liquid or gel Guaranteed results - The Thermo-Spot« heat indicator turns solid red when the pan reaches the optimum cooking temperature to guarantee the perfect texture, colour and flavour, every time Comfort in use - The riveted stainless-steel handles are designed for comfort and oven safe to 210°C. Plus, the saucepans and stewpot have vented glass lids (oven safe up to 175°C) for easy monitoring Compatible cookware - The stainless-steel base is compatible with all hob types and distributes heat efficiently, while the aluminium core provides optimum heat conductivity for evenly cooked food Easy monitoring - Oven-safe (up to 175°C) vented glass lids to monitor progress and release excess steam Dishwasher safe: Yes Microwave safe: No Oven safe: Yes Oven-safe up to: 175°C


doesn’t say if their induction safe, in fact doesn’t say anything much about it lol


Yes, not very impressed to be honest. Handles get hot using gas hob, small and medium pan too close in size, really needs a proper small pan, they are quite heavy, not had long enough to comment on longevity of non stick


Fun fact Roy’s of Wroxham, is actually in Hoveton.


not added to basket

25% off all premier Christmas lights @ Roy’s Of Wroxham
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
25% off all premier Christmas lights @ Roy’s Of Wroxham
Roy’s has surprised me, you won’t be able to find premier Christmas lights cheaper ... if you do then please tell me Amazon - can’t beat it eBay - can’t beat it My local garden … Read more

1000 bulb Christmas lights are £33.74 here These are cheaper 10% discount code SANTA10


Technically Hoveton a far superior village 🤫


It’s still about too


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) that was on Mr Tumble


(y) (y) Nearly peed my pants with excitement first time i saw the 'ice cream' boat...LOL

H2ogo! Tsunami waves summit inflatable Big Waves Mega Water Park - £389.99 at Roys of Wroxham
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Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
H2ogo! Tsunami waves summit inflatable Big Waves Mega Water Park - £389.99 at Roys of Wroxham£389.99£399.993% off
Not advertised as H2ogo! Tsunami but received mine today and most definitely is! Perfect for this hot weather cheapest I can see on other websites is £489

Thanks for sharing @annick.cummings these giant slides are great if you have space. Argos have this smaller funhouse on offer at £160 at moment for those with less space and younger kids or if you want a single slide this one is £235 at Amazon


Wow would have loved that as a kid but that a lot of cash. Still hot though

Swan 2000W Touch Control Induction Hob £19.99 instore @ Roys of Wroxham
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Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018LocalLocal
Swan 2000W Touch Control Induction Hob £19.99 instore @ Roys of Wroxham£19.99
This appears to be an in-store offer only, by the Anglia Square Norwich branch of Roys of Wroxham. Whether they have them at their other branches, I cannot say. However, for those… Read more

Could you possibly have seen them in Lidl/Aldi? They have had them there several times, at around the £29 mark. With a three year warranty. I have two of them - one broken, the result of not lowing a large, full, pressure cooker down onto it gently enough. The glass on these is rather more fragile than the typical ceramic hob and is only a couple of mm thick. The one that I have linked to is significantly heavier than others that I have seen. Whether that's good or bad - I can't say, But is marked as "Swan Professional" and does have an RRP of £99 - presumably aimed at the buying on credit market which tends to sell at RRP. I'm planning to do away with my 4 ring hob altogether and just use a pair of these. Oh, not as nice as a built-in two ring induction hob - but one of those for £40 doesn't look like it's going to happen.


Pretty sure i saw one in Morrisons for £20. Don't know what brand it was.


These are good, use an identical looking (but different branded) one daily in preference to our gas hob for some tasks like water boiling.


Now, if only you had posted details of that one first- I was given a £10 B&Q card, at Christmas...


Same price as B&Q

Brita Maxtra + 6pk Filters £19.99 @ Roys of Wroxham
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Posted 6th Feb 2018Posted 6th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Brita Maxtra + 6pk Filters £19.99 @ Roys of Wroxham£19.99
Brita Maxtra + 6pk Filters Seems a good deal to me - better than Amazon as far as I can see and on the shelf at Bowthorpe, Norwich store. They have other stores in Norfolk & S… Read more

It's still £19.99 xx. Worth buying if your in Roy's


deliveries £5 so cheaper on amazon if you only want to buy that, gotta spend £30 for free delivery.


Roy's of Wroxham... isn't that the out of town shopping experience..


Heat just for being Roys


Good find at that price @dc100 - thanks for sharing (highfive)

Tower T80244 stainless steel pressure cooker 6l for £24.99 @ Roys
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Posted 18th Mar 2017Posted 18th Mar 2017
Tower T80244 stainless steel pressure cooker 6l for £24.99 @ Roys£24.99
Great price for a large stainless steel pressure cooker! Next best sale at Groupon for £31.99 (+£1.99) from £89.99 RRP (:{). - 6L cooking capacity with 22cm diameter - Made wi… Read more

Out of stock now !!! but good find



Croft fine Ruby Port £6.99 at Roys
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Posted 23rd Oct 2016Posted 23rd Oct 2016
Croft fine Ruby Port £6.99 at Roys£6.99
A bottle of Port for £6.99 at all Roys stores enjoy
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​can't really complain as people see it as spam being posted so many times, especially a few mins apart, well that's my opinion


Did I? did it from my mobile. Won't lose any sleep over it. Probably keep deals to myself in future if that's the mentality in here. lmfao


Ah ok. Shame there wasn't a typo or two... really give them something to get annoyed about :)


Op posted it 3 times in a row. The late night basement dwellers went mental


Don't understand some of the "cold" voters on here. Ok, it's a pretty localised deal, but it's a deal nonetheless - and a decent one at that. Heat from me.

Evergreen Complete 4in1 Lawn Feed 400m2 £14.99 @ Roys of Wroxham (£4.99 del)
Posted 30th Mar 2016Posted 30th Mar 2016
Evergreen Complete 4in1 Lawn Feed 400m2 £14.99 @ Roys of Wroxham (£4.99 del)£14.99
Evergreen Complete Lawnfeed, loads in stock in the Roy's store at Hoveton, Norfolk. Massive sack. At this price I will allow the wife to go wild and put on a good spread. 360m2… Read more

Roy's of Hoveton


went to Roy's in Bowthorpe today. was priced at £19.99 but honoured this deal on the basis it was in store at wroxham and online. said they would investigate correct pricing


Iron Sulphate does the same job at fraction of the price. E bay have plenty of sellers.


Also same price on amazon if you have prime


Just bought this from Homebase for the same price if you are after some and dont have a Roys handy

15 x Budweisers 300ml £7.99 @ Roys
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
15 x Budweisers 300ml £7.99 @ Roys£7.99
Best price ive seen for a long time!
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yes haha!


Roy's of Hoveton?

Local deal @ Roys of Wroxham stores Andrex 9 pack toilet rolls only £3
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Posted 26th Jan 2015Posted 26th Jan 2015
Local deal @ Roys of Wroxham stores Andrex 9 pack toilet rolls only £3£3
Another Roys local deal for us Norfolk Bor' s Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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posted that one too


Roy's Rolls? :)


Shove the dinner in the oven love, I'm off to Wroxham to pick up some bog rolls.