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-70% Discount
-70% Discount
70% off Everything With Discount Code MUSTGO2012 @ Rude Wrappings
70% off everything Voucher Code: "MUSTGO2012" Offer valid until 25th November 2012

Thank you, got loads ;) xx


thanks :D


seems to be problems on the website today - shame - i was intrigued ..................


:D Brilliant thanks, thats my xmas and birthday wrap sorted. lots of heat from me!! :D:D


Brilliant site. The girlfriend will love this. Cheers!

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60% off £1.18 for rude / funny wrapping paper p&p (£2.00)
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
60% off £1.18 for rude / funny wrapping paper p&p (£2.00)£1.18
60% off all gift wrap with the code XMAS17 The papers are usually £2.95 so with the code are £1.18 p&p is £2 Link to all papers some I thought were too rude to post http… Read more

Just gone to order and the codes expired :(


I’ve unexpired the thread but suggest people buy with caution and prehaps use Paypal for buyer protection in case of any issues.


Mine arrived today - and I have to say they are quality papers. One design I ordered was out of stock and I was informed of this via email and refunded via PayPal straight away. Please consider giving this guy a chance! I too was sceptical, after reading old posts on HUKD but believe that most people deserve a second chance.

myusernamehasgone234 Sorry folks just read through what happened to people here not getting there orders or refunds in 2013 so have decided it’s best to expire this deal.


Totally agree, I've seen sellers banned from here for a lot less.

Rude wrappings 70% off everything & BOGOF on all christmas wrapping paper
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Posted 9th Nov 2013Posted 9th Nov 2013
Rude wrappings 70% off everything & BOGOF on all christmas wrapping paper
use code HAIRBARE13 for 70% off, BOGOF on xmas paper, tags & cards - all orders will be doubled. Great xmas wrapping paper if your looking for something a bit different for fam… Read more

As I said in my last comment, he may open up under a new name next Christmas and we'll be ready! ;)


I got cheated by this guy too .... Really polite to my first email, apologised for the delay etc, then nothing - no order, no refund, no apology .... Like Angel83, I tried again in January thinking that as his website is still active, maybe he had just got himself in a pickle during the Christmas fuss, that late was better than nothing and that I would just store it for this year .... still a big fat nothing. Very disappointed.


He'll probably open up again in the autumn this year. Unfortunately, us HUKDers don't forget, and I'll be making sure all deals there are marked as spam and threads posted in Misc. to alert people! I couldn't do that to people, especially at Christmas. And to lie through my teeth to try to get away with it. I'd choke on my turkey!


My order was about £11. Might not sound like much, but when money's tight (especially at christmas), every penny counts. I'd also told everyone i had a funny surprise then ended up having to wrap their stuff in cheap tesco paper. Plus i had a friend birthday card in the order. Was gutted. And he has a log of all orders and money paid as he responded to an email i sent early on about it. He just chose to be a **** rather than do the right thing and spend time refunding people like an honest businessman would have. I even emailed him in January saying id still be happy to receive my order instead of a refund. He just chose to ignore us all. Really disappointing that people can do that. So selfish


To be honest, with all the festivities I completely forgot about this order since I only received one acknowledgement email. I only paid £3.90 so I'm not furious but it's the principle really. They were obviously way out of their depth with this and they should have just given out refunds automatically for the orders they weren't sure they could fulfil. I hope you weren't left too much out of pocket. Surely they have a log of my money, and a log of my order. That's just basic organisation.

BOGOF & 40% off all Christmas wrapping papers, tags & cards @ Rude Wrappings
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Posted 9th Oct 2012Posted 9th Oct 2012
BOGOF & 40% off all Christmas wrapping papers, tags & cards @ Rude Wrappings£3.18
Jingle Bells, Santa Smells, Rudolph ran away...... and others available too! Four sheets of Christmas wrapping paper (two in each pack and BOGOF) size 594mm x 420mm for £1.68 - jus… Read more

Got mine the other day. Ordered 2 of some items and ended up with 8!! Great site and great deal. Thanks mrhilo


Thanks for the feedback PD101 :)


Mine arrived today - very good quality, individually wrapped wrapping paper. They sent double - so the BOGOF worked. Tags - they sent 4 tags of each - so given the BOGOF I guess that normally its 2 tags per sale? Again, well made and good quality card. I really like the products - fun and different.


I ordered and followed up with an email to confirm the bogof as there was no confirmation in their emails. They emailed back very quickly - "All products ordered will get the BOGOF applied when we send them out." Their email on their website didn't seem to work for me --- when they emailed me it was Hope this helps.


Does anyone know if its 1 tag or a pkt of tags? I want to order some to got with the paper

Rude Wrappings Sale and extra 33% wth code RUDE005
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Posted 4th Jan 2012Posted 4th Jan 2012
Rude Wrappings Sale and extra 33% wth code RUDE005
Great site with unique 'wrappings' definitely worth buying postage can differ on each item, if you want, email them, very fast and friendly service Use Code RUDE005 (No min. spend)… Read more

Great find. It'll make my look like I've really put some thought into the wifes birthday!!!


Love the idea of it but the sheets seem very small? Might buy a couple anyway for the craic. Heat


Had to buy a few sheets!! Well worth a laugh


Lol, not for me but have heated you for the price x


Can't go wrong with that

 BOGOF on all Christmas wrapping, tags and cards @ Rude Wrappings
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Posted 31st Oct 2011Posted 31st Oct 2011
BOGOF on all Christmas wrapping, tags and cards @ Rude Wrappings
The buy one get one free offer is back like last year on Christmas items. Some very funny slogans. Thanks to lilmiss1982 on MSE 33% discount code – RUDE005 Not sure if it's the… Read more

Thought as much thanks


It works the same as last year. Whatever you order from Christmas Wrap, Cards and Tags will be doubled up when they send the order out. It wont show up in the basket, but will definitely get sent out.


Can anyone shed anylight on the bogof?


33% discount code – RUDE005


Be nice if they could confirm this

BOGOF on Christmas wrapping paper £2.40 +£1 p&p @ Rude Wrappings
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Posted 5th Nov 2010Posted 5th Nov 2010
BOGOF on Christmas wrapping paper £2.40 +£1 p&p @ Rude Wrappings£2.40
Buy one & they will add another to your order for FREE! You don't need to add 2 to your order!(unless you want 4rolls) We are offering a 2 for 1 on all our special Christmas P… Read more

Lol[image missing]


like it :)


so £3.40 for 6 sheets brrrrrrrr


wow,loving the website! never heard of em before... now i know where i'll be ordering my wrapping paper from!


Even better than 'Rauncy Wrap'!!

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