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Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm Pro Kit from Safe for £189 delivered
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Posted 1st Jun 2020Posted 1st Jun 2020
Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm Pro Kit from Safe for £189 delivered£189 Free P&P Free
Wireless smart home alarm system. Enable/disable from your phone and receive notifications that the alarm has activated via the Veho Cave app. Takes a SIM card as back up for if WiFi goes do…

Heat for a smart alarm with an external siren


Any system I buy must have geofencing against the 3 phones that live in the house. When the phone's gone, the person's gone. 3 phones out = empty house, now auto-arm the system.


Bought this a few months back, great alarm and easy to set up!

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit Plus - IA-330 at Safe for £303.05
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Posted 24th May 2020Posted 24th May 2020
Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit Plus - IA-330 at Safe for £303.05£303.05£3195% off Free P&P Free
Good price for a smart alarm (not monitored). Curry’s also price matched with this when called (for those who have vouchers they want to use). were already one of the cheapest s…

Great alarm system, usually around this price though. I found it cheaper to buy the starter pack for around £185 and add a few door contacts/motion sensors (pet friendly) as required....


I would definitely buy again from Bought an alarm system from them plus additional sensors from them afterwards. No issues at all and a great website of a great range of alarms.

Ring Doorbell V2 £149 @ Safe
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Posted 19th Mar 2020Posted 19th Mar 2020
Ring Doorbell V2 £149 @ Safe£149
Seems a decent price to me, others might/will think otherwise, guaranteed!!
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Costco had the v2 with chime for £119 including vat. Bought one a few days ago along with the alarm system


I think the problem is, it’s been £120 several times this year, often with a free Echo Dot. Granted, it is a little cheaper than full price, but as Ring Video Doorbell 3 has been officially announced, and it is the same RRP as Ring 2 currently is, this makes this deal far too expensive to consider.



Thanks for your input. Care to enlighten us as to where you've found it cheaper currently?


Has to be the most expensive I have seen it in a while

ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm System - Superior Kit £360.05 delivered at Safe Shop
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Posted 23rd Jan 2020Posted 23rd Jan 2020
ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm System - Superior Kit £360.05 delivered at Safe Shop£360.05£369.993% off
I've been searching for a new Smart Home Alarm system and stumbled upon this. The ERA Homeguard Pro stuff seems to garner good reviews and is expandable with a number of add ons including mo…

Looking for burglar alarm myself . Missed during black Friday 10%off offer. Seems a solid piece of kit and reviews are positive too. Heat for sure.




And it deffo connects and can be controlled to google home , as this one does,


There is different versions, SIM GSM and WiFi versions depending on requirements. It's a 2 way system.


So, does that deffo use a sim card, and is it also compatible with google home and alexa (y)

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock @ (Code- blackfriday 10% off)
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock @ (Code- blackfriday 10% off)£179.10
Been looking for a half decent price on this lock, normally £200 most places, but with the code it's taking it down to £179.10 which is a nice saving
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Thanks OP


My two cents, having done lots of research to upgrading to smart locks, is that apart from the Yale Conexis there is no other option atm in the UK. Alternative are the Yale keypads or from another company, but they should be used as secondary locks. IMO it is better to wait another 6 months to 12 months to see what new smart locks are launched in the UK. There's alot of good options in the US, and inevitably some will make it over or there will be a homegrown copycat.


Yale has a smart lock called Keyfree connected with physical keys, which is now disappeared from their website. It's far too expensive consider the limited functionality it provides and how difficult the software is to use. There are plenty international competitors including major brands likes Samsung, which come with biometric/fingerprint scanner, password, fob and software/remote authentication, at a much reasonable price. It's just they don't fit on UPVC doors, which is a shame.


I agree on the basis of things going down and also there should be some physical way of getting in too. Regarding the Echo support it's there now (with additional stuff) but is working, unsure of Google Home though


Quite like the look of this, but not sure if it would look out of place for my front door: What are people's opinion on this?

Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm (EF-KIT2) £161.10 @
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Posted 12th Apr 2017Posted 12th Apr 2017
Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm (EF-KIT2) £161.10 @£161.10
Use code: SORRY to get 10% off for this price. 5.25% Cashback @ The Yale Easy Fit range of alarms are a breakthrough in both performance and te…

Well I suppose you could hide it and then buy the remote to activate/deactivate it. You would still need to have a power supply and telephone line connected to the box though but you would probably be better off just mounting it on the wall or in a cupboard. As for this or the GSM version I'd definitely chose the GSM and use a GiffGaff sim in it.


​My tired eyes read "does it detect burgers"


​As per comment further up you can get a key fob remote (£16 on Amazon) and you can also get an additional wireless keypad if you prefer. So with these yes you could stash the panel under the sofa. There's a tamper switch on it though so you'd just need to keep the backplate attached to it.


I've been looking for a GSM version for a while now as I didn't want to wire the control box (which I intend to store in hallway closet) to BT line and make it messy with wires etc. However someone recently mentioned to just store the control box under the sofa in living room which is next to the tel line - makes sense lol BUT would I need to access the control panel to activate/deactivate etc? Should I buy a GSM or not? Is £200 a decent price?


Not on this one but you can get a keyfob.

Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm £160.55 @ using code "jansale". Also 5.55% TCB.
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Posted 13th Jan 2017Posted 13th Jan 2017
Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm £160.55 @ using code "jansale". Also 5.55% TCB.£160.55
This is the EF-KIT2 version which uses the 868mhz band and has the newer touchscreen panel (rather than physical buttons). It can call up to 3 phone numbers in sequence if the alarm goes off…
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bought this just after Xmas easy to install fast delivery got to wonder why when i posted this exact same deal it got pulled by an administrator saying they didn't have enough feedback on trust pilot but here's the exact same deal :(


Been wondering about something like this or an ip camera that can send notifications and remote viewing etc...


Yale has a range that connects to your router (possibly only via an ethernet cable) and will email, text and send push notifications (I'm not sure whether the push notifications work on Android - they don't for their IP cameras), they are more expensive than the ones that connect to a land line. This is the basic one...


Looks a good alarm. Cheers


I see Yale has now added hub and app connectivity to their alarm systems using the same pirs and bell boxes as on this deal. I wonder if the hub can be added to an already existing tele system...