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Radio-Interlinked - 10 year battery - 2 x Smoke Alarms & 1 x Heat Alarm Kit - £101.99 + £3.99 del at safelincs
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Posted 27th Oct 2020Posted 27th Oct 2020
Radio-Interlinked - 10 year battery - 2 x Smoke Alarms & 1 x Heat Alarm Kit - £101.99 + £3.99 del at safelincs£105.98
I've spent quite some time looking for a reasonably priced alarms that are compliant with the new Scottish fire and smoke alarm regulations and have come across this set from Saf… Read more

I knew I should have bought the linked fire angels that Tesco were doing a couple of weeks ago for £5


You can get a combined heat/smoke alarm. That would cover you.


Know this is over a week old but the same deal is available with free delivery via their eBay listing:


Interesting to see what insurance companies that operate across the UK do with this. From what I can remember they don't ask questions related to local legislation, or have anything similar. Will they discriminate between similar properties in Scotland and England, based on this? ie similar house, similar area/risk level, but different price/policy due to legislation in the country? In theory houses that have these installed should get cheaper insurance, similar to having better locks on your doors, burglar alarms, etc.


I appreciate this isn't the place for getting political, but it's also just another tax on the poor. The Scottish government site even states £200+ for an average home, and I can see a world where insurance companies trying to use it as a loop hole, refusing to pay out for contents damaged if homes don't meet the legislation. It's also ambiguous as to how many carbon monoxide detectors you need (could be interpreted as in rooms with carbon burning devices - so 1 for boiler room, 1 for cooker room, 1 for gas fire or log burner room - or is it 1 in houses which contain carbon burning devices...) They really should have at least set up a list of compatible devices (since so few are) and partnered up with each of the companies that make the devices to ensure they were making enough to meet demand, and also to offer discount for bulk buying with the power of a country.

Life Saver Carbon Monoxide Alarm £10.99 Sold by Safelincs with Free Delivery
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Posted 9th Aug 2019Posted 9th Aug 2019
Life Saver Carbon Monoxide Alarm £10.99 Sold by Safelincs with Free Delivery£10.99£11.998% off
Credit to Waldof and Predikuesi for the updated info and link Amazon have it for £12.95 Argos have it for £20 Description Product Description The… Read more

everyone should have one ,it's a great device, I had to replace mine in a renting place, even tho when I told them it out of date and don't work, there said it not there legal responsibility (it isn't), tho an alarm was already there,so faulty equipment. less than 20 quid is Great device to save life's


Threw mine out. The constant beeping was giving me a headache.


I’ve recently had a home Fire Safety Check with the Mid & West Wales Fire Service and because I didn’t have one the gave me one for free. Ring 0370 60 60 699 or fill in the referral form on there website


How alarming.


Thank you i have amended the post

Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Alarm - FireAngel CO-9D. Delivery included. £17.63 @ Safelincs
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Posted 14th Sep 2018Posted 14th Sep 2018
Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Alarm - FireAngel CO-9D. Delivery included. £17.63 @ Safelincs£17.63
The FireAngel CO-9D is a digital display carbon monoxide alarm fitted with a tamper-proof sealed 7 year life battery. The clear LCD digital display allows you to see CO levels as l… Read more

If you don't buy a lottery ticket or a CO detector I would say you are much more likely to die from CO poisoning than you are of winning the lottery. That's logic right there. You save yourself the £18 for a CO detector and go buy some comics or something, the rest of us that actually care about our lives and those of our families will probably just get the 10 year detector that works out at £0.005 per day for the peace of mind that if we happen to live next to one of the 'user error' cases, the CO seeping through the wall won't kill our sleeping children.


who's trying to be clever? i'm just stating facts, carbon monoxide poisoning in the home is next to a non issue, even less so in modern homes, and we have gone decades without needing 'alarms' to keep us safe. even when 'real' fires were more popular is was next to a non issue, there has been about 50 deaths a year, and that number hasn't changed and most of those deaths have been attributed to user error, say blocking of vents etc 50 people out of the millions of homes, christ, more people die from falling off ladders, marginally less people die from drowning in the bath, it's an event so rare that you're 4 times more likely to win the lottery than to die from carbon monoxide poisoning. it's an issue that has been legislated for to cover arses should the extremely rare event happen


Slightly cheaper for those who use Amazon


Please don't try and be clever, because you are failing miserably. Everybody reading this is still alive, and I'm older than you. You are luckier than all the people that aren't still alive obviously, so, what exactly is your point? Should we not buy smoke alarms because we have never had a fire, not buy car insurance because we have never had a crash, not buy life insurance because we have never died (Even though so many have over the years). The simple fact is that carbon monoxide kills, and is called the silent killer because you get no warning. I hope I never get any use whatsover out of my alarms, but I still wouldn't be without them. You tried to come across as sarcastically clever and yet simply ended up looking stupid, so please stop digging eh.


yet all these millions of people have lived for decades without one, one has to wonder how i've made it to my mid thirties without one.