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Sainsbury’s sell a huge range of items, from laundry powder to fruit and veg, mobile phones and baby clothes. The firm is always introducing new discount codes and customers can purchase gift cards to use in Sainsbury’s stores. Customers can find the latest promo codes at the hotukdeals Sainsbury's listings. How to redeem Sainsbury's vouchers

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Get £10 off @ Sainsburys
Get code & visit site

Minimum spend:£80

Expires:in 8 days

Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Excludes delivery charge, spirits & liqueurs, first stage baby milk, tobacco and related products, gift vouchers, savings or postage stamps, e-top up, mobile phone coupons, phone cards, charity products, scratch cards or gaming (games, consoles, accessories). Multibuy offers on alcohol are not available in Scotland due to Scottish legislation. Only one first time coupon may be used per customer per household. It may not be used on multiple accounts and may only be used once. See site for complete coupon terms and conditions.

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Free PiCK UP! Minis Milk Chocolate and Walkers Sensations Streetmix Nuts with online Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/code
Enter the codes at the checkout Online minimum order and delivery charges apply. Subject to availability. Free PiCK UP! Minis Milk Chocolate with Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/… Read more

No longer valid


are'll add them to my basket thanks ;)

£18 off first purchase for online customers @ Sainsburys. There are some exclusions such as tobacco and gaming. Great to buy some electronics or regular grocery.
Avail this opportunity especially if you have more than one bank card holder in your house you can register multiple times and get £18 off

that codes gone guys the new code is SCSSEOOCT1 just to help people out on this you get £18 cash off a £60 spend so if you spend 120 on shopping split it into 2 parts. sainsbury's can be expensive if your not using it right, i wouldn't go their for a tub of soap powder but milk cheese and dairy is all competitively priced the beer is always a yes for me you can't retain the code on spirits but beers & wine is a yes, stock up some wines have 25% off on 6 bottles lets say you bought 6 bottles at 5 per that's £4 after the 25% for buying the 6 and a further discount when you apply the code of 18 pound off that's 30% by the way stock up it's well worth the bigger spend i just ordered 12 x 6 cat food and 3 bags of dried cat food (3.85 a go in asda) £4 in sainsbury as well as 3 bags of dried food asda and sainsbury at £4 a bag so their not to bad if in doubt use a sight called my supermarket it compares the main supermarket prices for your goods and the cheapest trolley total if your rather bulk buy remember if sainsbury are slightly dearer using the supermarket site you still have a further £18 off your bill to come lastly it's not much but using a nectar card gives you a few pence back to a credit card that gives cashback is also a good way to get that little extra


gaming means lottery and scratchcards


So for the gaming part so you have to go to Argos to input the code?


60-18 = £42 Good deal just about the saving you would make shopping at lidl or aldi. Sainsburys is way overpriced Does this deal include booze?


(y) (y) (y) ;) ;) ;)

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FREE pack of Quaker Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares using code FREETOGO online @ Sainsburys when you do an online grocery order, more codes in description
Online minimum order and delivery charges apply. You have to do an online grocery order to claim these. Subject to availability FREE pack of Quaker Porridge To Go Breakfast Square… Read more

FREEKEFIR doesn't seem to be working but the other 2 are, thanks OP


Porridge to go? Looks like a flapjack.


thats a whole lot of messing about for a pack of Quaker Porridge. Giving it a miss.


Thiught this was free pack of Quavers! (devil)


🔥 But Part of the offers already posted @

£20 off a £60 spend at Sainsbury's
Sainsbury's are upping their game in the 'money off your first order' voucher battle. £20 off a £60 using the code EYHR4VGJKJXC (valid on wine and beer, NOT spirits) I stocked u… Read more

Nope. Used with a few different accounts.


Doesn’t work


Or AFFVCJULY for £18 off £60. Both will work in case one of the codes expires.


Use SCSSEOJULY for £18 off but bare in mind they will decline cashback


It's an unique code, you added it to your account so nobody else can use it....

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Free Gin & Tonic Sorbet at Sainsbury's
Found this voucher, Make any online order on the Sainsbury's website, and enter the code ICEICEBABY at checkout to claim a free tub.

Doesn't actually taste of anything other than lemon & lime.


I haven’t got a problem drinking! Am pretty good at it


For people who think they haven't got a drink problem


I have just tried this and it's no longer available.

£18 off 1st order of £60 with Sainsburys
£18 off 1st order of £60



All booze excluded an all (mad)


3rd time or not worth posting for somebody


There are some exclusions eg baby milk :( shame. Thanks for the post anyway.


Surely this is what they’ve been offering for.... well, ever.

£18 off first online order over £60 @ Sainsburys
Deal has been posted a few times before but seems to be back for May and can't see it active on here. Just ensure you have a new account (can use multiple emails) and you can ente… Read more

"Sorry your postcode is outside our delivery area"


Maybe it has changed this time, I'm sure I had alcohol delivered earlier this year.


Are you sure? I don’t think so. I just tried and it says basket doesn’t meet minimum spend criteria for coupon. In T&C it says that liqueur is excluded from the coupons so ideally basket should contain qualifying groceries of worth £60 for the coupon to work. Did you manage to order with alcohol and got the money off?


Yes 🍺


Does this include alcohol purchases?

£18 off Your First £60 Grocery order with code @ Sainsbury's
Valid on Groceries till 30th May

Ok will add a can of beans ;)


Thank you, let’s go shop lol (y)


I'll confirm that (y)


Well Done (y)


Yes you can. I just tried it and it works.

£12 off Your First Grocery Order over £60 with Code @ Sainsbury's
Code: AFFPHAPR £12 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 Start Date: Monday 9th April End Date: Thursday 3rd May Exclusion… Read more

THANKS shame i missed the deal 18 off, but better than nth. cheers


Sprites no. as of my last order everything else yes, last time this was posted they had 18 off 60 not so much now...


Does alchohol/ spirits/wine qualify towards the £60 (groceries) then??


I found a tenner once.......


Why does that matter? Is that deal available now ?

£18 off £60 online grocery shop
£18 off your first £60+ online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 11/04/18

Afraid only applicable for first time


I have tried them twice kid, simple!


They finally deliver to my area. Tesco & Asda have for years but I feel there still more expensive for me to try but that offer is tempting to try at least once.


I've been using Ocado for over a month and I can't believe how poor their food is, and that includes Waitrose branded goods. The meat is expensive, full of water and chewy, grapes are brown within 24 hours, had rotten carrots. Customer service is great though but this week will be our last. I've seen the staff in our local Sainsburys picking for deliveries and they always seem to choose carefully rather than pick up the same thing so will probably switch


How do you know the food is out of date if they don't turn up? :/

£12 off £60 Spend on Groceries on Your First Order with Code @ Sainsbury's
Code: AFFPHMAR Messaging: £12 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 Start Date: Wednesday 14th March End Date: … Read more

If u are using the £18 off voucher, you must have £18 of household items in your basket. Then you can get the 25% off.


None of these codes work with the 25% off wine promotion, is that now the case???


Tesco never do anything anymore


Any Tesco vouchers for £10.00 off £50.00 spend or anything really


Only if you do it every week go fortnightly

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FREE 1L Lucozade with online orders @ Sainsbury's (Minimum Spend £40)
From classic favourites Original, Orange & Pink lemonade, to the Zero Calorie alternatives. Offer available on Sainsbury’s groceries online only. Enter the code LUCOZADE at… Read more

Would’ve been good if Lucozade wasn’t now poisoned by artificial sweeteners!




Thanks, used!


Spend £40 at an overpriced supermarket to get an over-sugared drink. Hee hee.

£18 off your first £60+online grocery shop @ Sainsburys
£18 off your first £60+online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 14/03/18* Click add e-coupons and enter below coupon code at the checkout - AFFPHFEB601

Just noticed £10 q uidco on New customer orders


not allowed on alcohol!


No not yet... Mrs wasn't very happy so never tried again

Thanks OP.


Never mind that one... It's expired

Free Bottle of Lactose Free Milk From Sainsbury's with Printable Voucher
Free Bottle of Lactose Free Milk - print the voucher and redeem at Sainsburys

cannot see that option anywhere but thanx for the info,i would recommend to never install any coupon printing software on your system ,not worth the hassle or the risk of messing your system up,but thats just my view


I think they will post you a coupon if you don't want to or can't install their software. It's not compatible with my system, so I've given my address, which has resulted in a visit from the postman with other vouchers which use the same site/software.


Heat added. Great thanks.


you need to download the Secure Print@Home app onto your computer.Please install by clicking on the file and running the no thanx,i do not want any more crap on my computer


Only available If you can find a store with any milk left lol

£18 off First Grocery Order £60 with Code AFFPHFEB60 @ Sainsbury's
Code: AFFPHFEB60 Messaging: £18 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 Start Date: Today … Read more

Didn't know you could do that. Sounds harsh to the delivery person who brings in £80 worth of goods and you tell them to take back £60 and keep £20 lol. It's ok if they are giving you substitute but if they bring what you ordered for then I think you get to keep your order. Best bet is to order for collection, collect it from there collection point and return the extra items in store there and then.


No need to walk in to return just refuse the unwanted items when they arrive.


Yes and no. Your order of £60 must primarily be groceries and only then it'll let you discount £18. If your total order is e.g £60 including the game then it wouldn't work. Keep adding essentials and bring your order to £60 grocery + your game. If you don't need anything, just walk in and return those extra items.


Can games be included in this ?


Great timing, I just placed an online shop with Morrisons for £59. Oh well, heat from me :)

Free shipping
Free shipping
Free WK Kellogg Granola @ Sainsbury's (min spend £40)
WK Kellogg is inspired by Kellogg’s founder, William K Kellogg, who believed in the power of plants and grains to create a healthier world. The WK Kellogg range includes deliciou… Read more





Even i want to know its not on there main freebie section


How did you hear about this?


"William K Kellogg, who believed in the power of plants and grains to create a healthier world" Really? Some people seem to think that Kellogg developed a few different flaked grain breakfast cereals—including corn flakes—as healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meals....

Free shipping
Free shipping
Free Kellogg's Nuts & More Bar @ Sainsburys (min £40 spend required)
Nuts and More, the new snack bar for Kellogg's, contains delicious peanuts, almonds, oats and chocolate pieces. It is packed with nuts and a source of fibre for a convenient and no… Read more

£40 spend to get a bl&@dy Kelloggs Nuts & More cereal bar? Wow Sainsburys are so generous (poo)




Be careful with these Sainsbury's 'free' items. I requested 4 free items the last time I ordered and they were delivered. However, they charged my account for them saying that the codes had run out. They did credit my account with a voucher, but that's not the point. I would have never ordered the 'free' items if I knew I'd have to pay for them. Underhanded and sly.


This has worked. Thanks OP (y)


"...not available in store."

£12 off First Grocery Orders over £60 with Voucher @ Sainsbury's
for New customers Valid on Groceries Think food when using this code, and it will work Excludes Stamps giftcards games alcohol tobacco Baby formula Etc Code: AFFPHFEB … Read more

I've been doing it for 3 years.... Once a month minimum ha






Once a week for 6 weeks. On different accounts.


Over how long a period

£18 off your first online grocery shop of £60 or more at Sainsburys
This is a code to get £18 off your first online order at Sainsburys on an order delivered on or before 15/02/2018 Although voucher link says it's optional it forced me to put some… Read more

Hmmmm possibly. I have a feeling it might have been the delivery drivers that tipped them off as they are cued to give certain info for ‘first time customers’ and I did get the same one a few times. Might try your suggestions though :-)


Haven’t tried, couldn’t be bothered filling the basket to find out. Normally I just use a different email, but considering weather a different email and different card might work...and can you do different account name to the card name?


Anyway around it you have found?


Yep same here!!


Missed out by about 5 minutes last night, any ideas on a refreshed code?

£12 off £60 Spend on Groceries on Your First Order with Code @ Sainsbury's
Enter the code at the checkout the order must be on Groceries.

Doesn't work for me.


Ooo thank you :)


Hi i Found This on ther website hope it Helps Codes Generally work if you Stick to Groceries. There are More T&C's if you Follow this Link but Copied main ones for you. (y) 11.1 From time to time, we may provide you with evouchers, which may be redeemed by you against a first or subsequent order. Evouchers can be used only once, in accordance with the instructions detailed on the evoucher. Those instructions form part of the Terms and Conditions. 11.2 Evouchers cannot be used in respect of goods to be delivered after the expiry date - see evoucher for expiry date. Evouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, used for cash back or purchases from the tobacco kiosk, or of baby milk products, spirits and liqueurs, postage stamps and mobile phone vouchers, phone cards or charity products. Evouchers are non-transferable and can only be used with the grocery service and cannot be used in store or on any of our online services.


Any T&C's on this code? Tried looking online, cant seem to see it?

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Try Mini Cheddars Crispy Thins for free at Sainsburys
Baked with real cheese, these crispy cheese snack biscuits come in three delicious flavours: Toasted Cheddar, Cheddar & Chive and Cheddar with a hint of Chilli. Redeem in 3 … Read more

ordered thanks. hope it comes :)


Had these “thins” delivered as an Asda substitution last week, much prefer them to the regular ones. Heat added

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£15 off your first £80+online grocery shop at Sainsburys
£15 off your first £80+online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 07/02/18* Click add e-coupons and enter below coupon code at the checkout SCSSEOJAN15

Looking forward to seeing the 100s of deals to follow...... spend £80 on food and get £15 off a PlayStation contoller ect ect


EALDSAVE20 Spend £60 or over for £20off new costumers only!!!


Eww 18 of 60 pls


This used to be 15 off 60 didn't it. Wow.


do Sainsburys now exclude alcohol from their offer?

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Free Apetina® Mild and Creamy Cheese Cubes at Sainsburys
There are 1500 free Apetina ® Mild and Creamy Cheese Cubes 430g to be claimed. Offer available on online orders containing Apetina ® Mild and Creamy Cheese Cubes 430g for deliver… Read more

Coupon doesn't seem to work as it states that there is an error in applying this coupon :(

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Free WK Kellogg Granola at Sainsburys with code Online Only
Redeem in 3 simple steps... Add a WK Kellogg pack from below to your trolley Continue with your shop Enter the code FREEWK at the checkout and the price will be deducted from y… Read more

Ordered. Thanks (y) Here's hoping it comes.


Done :)


OP, add "Online ONLY" to the title.

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350g Pilgrim lighter mature cheese, free with online order at Sainsbury. Follow instructions on link to redeem.
Terms & conditions There are 20000 free Pilgrims Choice Lighter Mature 350g to be claimed. Offer available on online orders containing Pilgrims Choice Lighter Mature 350g for … Read more

There I go. Drunken rambling again. Just read this back and I don't understand it. My Mrs is giving me the come to bed eyes as I type. Sorry that's the GO to bed eyes lol


Can't believe that a price change wouldn't have been considered when producing the code work and base data for this offer when programming or whatever for this offer. The mind boggles when my 7 yr old is now learning coding (whatever that is, I was brought up on clipart lol) and these big company's are constantly making errors on these internet programmes websites. All these glitches errors ECT. Fools


Ordered today so still valid heat added


Problem seems to be that the code is programmed at £3 but the cheese has been reduced to £2.50, so it only takes the money off when you add two. I’ve asked them to fix it, and the FIBREONE code that doesn’t work for me. Always issues with these codes! ps if you’re not that bothered about the cheese or any other freebie, make sure to tick do not substitute, and you might just get the money off instead if they’ve run out ;)


I got some free quark ( yuk lol ) and there is a free Ryvita and Philadelphia but the Philly was OOS for me but also got free Fibre One brownies which I have wanted to try AH and I got the free Pilgrim to work , you need to add it before any other eg £20 off coupon code , think the order has to be over £60?

Always Discreet incontinence liners for free - Sainsbury's
Add Always Discreet pack (Always Discreet Incontinence Light Liners For Sensitive Bladder x28 or Always Discreet Incontinence Pantyliners x24 or Always Discreet Incontinence Pantyl… Read more

You have missed out the Delivery Costs and also:- To check out, the minimum order is £25.00.. So they are only Free to those shopping at Sainsburry's online..


That's one of the fastest 'fails' in HUKD history...


Not pads for periods


A great deal Period.


Is someone taking the pee?

Account specific - £22 off online grocery shop of £60* or more in January at Sainsbury's
Got this email from Sainsbury's, check your email you might get it. Online only. " Tuck in with £22 off over 2 shops , nothing beats hearty food and a tempting offer or two in Janu… Read more

Thanks darall1709 that’s a great find


Can just create new account and get £20 off £60 spend New accounts use code - EALDSAVE20

£20 off £60 for new customers at Sainsburys
33% off your shopping, if you are already a member you can sign up with a new email to get the discount!!

I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now and none of the supermarkets have caught on. One Sainsbury’s driver even told me to do it!


It's at the store managers discretion. Just try to be more creative with your "new" accounts, or you may have to switch to a new store (embarrassed)


just a heads up, sainsbury's have caught on to using new accounts, probably due to a busybody on here :( "We welcome your custom but are aware of multiple accounts using first shop vouchers. Just to confirm the account with the email ***** is the only account left open for you to use, all other accounts are now closed. Please call 0800 328 1700 if you have any query regarding this. Regards Sainsburys."


Delivery by 10/02/2018


When does this offer end

£18 off your first £60+online grocery shop
£18 off your first £60+online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 10/01/18* Click add e-coupons and enter below coupon code at the checkout SCSSEODEC

Any grocery foods fre


If anyone gets a delivery pass discount code be sure to post it up ! :-)


So many new accounts (embarrassed)

£18 off First Grocery orders @ Sainsbury (Spend £60 )
Order £60 you pay £42 by using the Code "AFFVCDEC18" @ Sainsbury

Thanks OP (y)


No, but I do have a video game. Guessing this isn’t included. Gutted


Do you have alcohol in your basket as this won’t count in the minimum spend.


Anyone know why this is occurring?


Thanks, op. Did not know this was still running! I did this just before Christmas, when wine was 25% off for six bottles. Just make sure you have £18 of qualifying products (not wine) in your basket, and the discount will apply at checkout with code, on a £60 total spend..

£18 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 w/code at Sainsbury's
Pretty much what it says on the tin. The code will get you £18 off your first online grocery shop of £60+ from Sainsbury's. Expires on the 11th December T&Cs https://www.s… Read more

thanks OP Good Timing (y)


just back our hols so perfect for us - thanks to the OP (highfive)


You can buy alcohol..............Its the value of the money off voucher that has to be spent on groceries i.e. £18 I had my delivery on Friday = 18 bottles of wine (with 25% of each lot of 6) and then spend 18 quid on other stuff I'd usually buy anyway.....Nappies, Bleach, Bath Foam........I try to buy heavier things due to them being delivered to my doorstep (cheeky) Its easy done and saves a fortune, after the money off etc each bottle of wine came in at £2.33 a bottle


This code let me add a Gin gift set so it does seem the exclusions are a bit unclear.....


They expencive anyway...

Sainsbury's £18 off a £60 spend
First time online grocery order (new email address) £18 off a £60 spend. Expires 30/01/2018

Working as of 12th December.


Still working I have used mine now about 20 times no problem here


don't use yoru nectar card more than once with the same address, as they block your online shopping account if you keep changing emails.


Working - 29th Nov


New email and click + collect is the cheapest bit they do have £1 delivery slots available. I stock up on prosecco and chocolates for Xmas. Can use the code as many times as you want (new email)

£21 off First Grocery Order £85 or £18 off £60 with voucher @ Sainsburys
Exclussions Apply See site for details works on Groceries, for New customers Valid till 28th off November

thanks op


as long as different Email Address




We have already used this at our address in my name. Can my partner set up an account for herself and use the voucher for the same address?


And multi offers on wine as long as groceries dominate the overall order

Free coke zero 1.75l sainsburys online
Just got an email. add a bottle of coke zero (1.75l) to your basket, enter code in checkout at the end and it'll deduct the cost making it free :-)

not working, expire


Must of expired , no work


Zero Coke might be preferable...

£18 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 at Sainsbury's
£18 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 at Sainsbury's Use Code - AFFVCNOV18 Code edited for Nov

Thanks 😊


Change code to AFFVCNOV18 & it works for new accounts opened in November :)


Doesnt work for games, anyone know of one which does?


Thanks, heat added. Don’t do food shopping there, but stocked up on beer as they have mine on special.


i need same for tesco, asda, morrisons etc. is there any codes? thx

£10 off a 12 Month Delivery Pass Mid Week with Code @ Sainsburys
Enter 12 month Midweek delivery option Enter the code and Get and Extra £10 Off Deliveries

thought this didn't work at first and when on the mid week pass page when i tried to apply the voucher it said it didn't exist. But after clicking through to pay then applying e-voucher with the code it works. Thanks!!


its is £30 for the Year with the code its £20 a Year


Be helpful if you said how much the thing is....

More Info
More Info
£18 off Your First Grocery Order Over £60 with voucher @ Sainsburys
This is Valid on Your First Order and Groceries Only

Brilliant service from the drivers always kind and polite and helpful. Any problems they deal with and call if delayed.


They are really good actually, I've never had a problem with dates, especially on bakery items. The drivers are very helpful too. Much better than Tesco!


Never done grocery shop online with Sainsbury's before always use Tesco. Anybody know what they are like? Do they give the longest use by dates like tesco or just get whats given?


No thanks

Free shipping
Free shipping
Free Total Yoghurt With Sainsbury’s Online
Go to the link (Sainsbury’s Online) Add any FAGE Total yoghurt from below to your trolley Continue with your shop Enter the code ‘freetotal’ at the checkout and the price w… Read more

Good Post :D


This item is also on cashback on checkoutsmart - profit!

Free box of Kellogs crunchy nut peanut butter clusters at Sainsbury's.
Free box of crunchy nut peanut butter clusters at Sainsburys groceries when you do an online shop.

I'd dis-agree. They weren't horrible but not the nicest either. I could taste the Peanut Butter.


They are a lot lower sugar than most cereals


Useful bait for mice or rat traps.


Tottally agree


Haha thanks! :)

£18 off Your First Online Grocery Order Over £60 with Voucher @ Sainsbury's
Valid on Groceries Enter the code at the checkout.

Just used this, thank you (y)


Just worked now. Thank you.


ordered for the first time last week, really good no substitutions unlike Asda. Really worth trying Heat

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