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Sainsbury's supermarkets and online store offer a huge choice of groceries, fresh produce aswell as products for your home. Sainsbury's also have presence in the banking and financial sector. The third largest supermarket in the UK, Sainsbury's was established way back in 1869 and was the pioneer of self service retailing

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0% on balance transfers for up to 19 months with no balance transfer fee @ Sainsbury's Bank
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Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
Another option if looking for a 0% balance transfer with no transfer fee, Sainsbury's Bank have improved their offering now giving 0% for up to 19 months with no balance transfer f… Read more

It's working again, though I didn't go for this particular card, I applied for the Dual Card with 0% on purchases for a longer period too. Perfect to get my TV replaced. Cheers OP!


Last time I applied they declined as only accepted applications from employed and self employed...


Gave it a go few minutes ago still down for maintenance (skeptical)


Great stuff - 0% can save a significant amount of cash over the interest free period.


I was about to post that also. I got a different card with them and they only say they are looking into it and in 2015 on Twitter they said it was coming soon.

0% purchase credit card up to 21 months - Nectar members @ Sainsbury's Bank
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
0% purchase credit card up to 21 months - Nectar members @ Sainsbury's Bank
This deal is specifically for people looking for a long 0% purchase credit card and are an existing Nectar member of 6 months+ e.g. you maybe looking to make a large purchase such … Read more

Thanks chanch (highfive)


@matwalaboy i dont think you can use this card and PCP but probably best to double check. a money transfer card might be an option, but the one off fee can be high, MBNA looks most competitive currently with a 2.99% fee, not sure what credit line they would give


Thinking of buying a car on PCP, but the APR on that works out expensive, can I use this or a similar card to pay off the car finance and avoid the APR there or do I need another card which would allow me to transfer money to my account and then use that to clear off the car finance? Any pointers appreciated - @Chanchi32 maybe you have some advise for me mate? Thanks a lot.


I've had this card for circa 18 months now and coming to the end of the offer. Near to clear balance some time in July i think. Not had any issues. For me, personally. the real strength of these cards is for large purchases and with me having an offset mortgage i can get some gain out of it. Even with a relatively low offset of say 20/30k at 3.5% (i know that's high but offsets usually are) there's a bit of interest to be saved on the mortgage compared to non existent-savings rates!! With a daughter starting Uni in September and having just shelled out nearly 10k on a new musical instrument it's a credit line i'm sadly going need i think!! ;(


Hi , you will have to pay the "minimum payment" flagged at the end of each month.Try to clear the credit before the promotional terms ends or else be ready for hefty interest on the amount.

0% on balance transfers for up to 18 months with no BT fee @ Sainsbury's Bank
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
0% on balance transfers for up to 18 months with no BT fee @ Sainsbury's Bank Free P&P Free
Full Credit goes to @Chanchi32 for posting the same deal previously. 0% balance transfer with NO transfer fee, Sainsbury's Bank offering 0% for up to 18 months with NO fee. … Read more
0% on balance transfers for up to 18 months with no BT fee @ Sainsbury's Bank
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
0% on balance transfers for up to 18 months with no BT fee @ Sainsbury's Bank Free P&P Free
Another option if looking for a 0% balance transfer with no transfer fee, Sainsbury's Bank offering 0% for up to 18 months with no fee. There is an eligibility checker on site, whi… Read more

I ended up calling them and complaining, was in a position where I was able to pay the balance off and cancel the card, took 4 attempts but eventually they refunded the charge (as they still took the direct debit even after they said they'd cancel the card within 2 days of paying the balance minus the charge)


I was 0.5% too but only transferred £2.5k so where has the £75 came from. I’m going to have to phone them.


Yes I was charged a 0.5% fee and my interest free period was reduced to 12 months but the deal was still better than anything else I could get


Was anyone else charged a £75 fee for the balance transfer? I would have been better off going elsewhere at a high transfer rate


Finally got my credit agreement today 6 week's after applying. Pathetic £2500 limit and only 12 months interest free with a 0.5% fee. Not great but given they've left a search footprint on my file will take them up on it

0% balance transfer and purchase credit card for 27 months - 3% fee @ Sainsbury's
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Posted 13th Nov 2020Posted 13th Nov 2020
0% balance transfer and purchase credit card for 27 months - 3% fee @ Sainsbury's
There're other cards available with very similar terms but personally I would prefer to have this for the points and good customer service. Do it right and credit cards are the … Read more

Pretty sure that £1200 figure is just the standard example they have to display by law.


HSBC quote is for £1200 borrowing it says may vary for more money?


3% fee is not a very good deal to be fair. 1.5% fee for 24 months is a far superior deal from the likes of MBNA or HSBC


Have this for 0% but started charging interest I see after 12mnths.. tried getting an easy 0% from Santander and refused, never missed a payment, mostly doubled payments.. don't understand it, awaiting report.


Had an issue with Sainsbury's early this year, their system automatically cancelled the direct debit (when it was changing from December to January). I got a letter about new direct debit being setup in January but I didnt think much about it. Soon I started getting alerts from all credit reference agencies (I use websites like clearscore, credit karma etc) about a default payment and then I chased Sainsbury's about this. They admitted it was a system error and gave me some compensation. They also contacted all credit reference agencies and corrected the entry. Although they owned the problem, their systems did not give me much confidence.

10000 Nectar points = £50/£100 Sainsbury's Credit Card - Sainsbury's bank
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Posted 26th Oct 2020Posted 26th Oct 2020
10000 Nectar points = £50/£100 Sainsbury's Credit Card - Sainsbury's bank
The bonus points could worth £100 with double points event. Application verified in minutes and card arrives in 3 days. Nectar Reward Credit Card For Nectar members only. You s… Read more

Nice. Might be tempted by that then. Seems decent.


No. You don’t. It’s fee free. Unlike the Amex Nectar one.


Anyone know if you get charged an annual fee for using this card?


Would this work with buying fuel?


gift cards at sainsburys is considered in store purchase, the ones you buy instore. hubby had a capital one card that gave 7% cash back within the first 3 months. it had a credit limit of 5k so we spent 15k within 3 months to get the cashback. we couldn't use it fast enough as we are not big spender so we bought 2k of sainsburys vouchers (as we used to shop a lot more at sainsburys then than we do now) and spent 8k at B&Q and wickes as we were refurbishing a house. crazy times as we ended up with a ridiculous amount of cashback, all free money. i may consider buying the sainsburys gift voucher if i apply for this, but nowadays it would take us probably a whole year to use up £400 at sainsburys, unless the wine offer was on, but i don't know if you can use the gift card online as well as in store?

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Sainsburys bank upto 26 months 0% - Nectar members only
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Posted 30th Apr 2020Posted 30th Apr 2020
Sainsburys bank upto 26 months 0% - Nectar members only
This Sainsbury's Bank card offers up to 26 months 0% but - you’ll only be able to apply if you’ve had a Nectar card for six months or more. Plus up to £37.50 in Nectar points. 0%… Read more

To balance out the negative - I've had a Sainsburys card for years, and never had a problem with their customer service. I bought my Monarch flights through it, and they refunded within days of Monarch going under.


I had a sainsburys credit card and online management of app was virtually non existent or very basic. I had to raise a section 75 claim and even tho i was with the 0% promotional period they then started charging me monthly interest, apparently something in T^C's anyway they did credit the interest back eventually and did settle my section 75 claim in 5 months mainly because i proposed a settlement figure just so i could leave them. Personally id use Natest or Nationwide if they have decent deal. Used them both for years for banking, mortgage, credit card and loans and never had a problem plus apps and online banking and customer service better.


May be they have a monthly allocation to achieve if you apply towards the end you miss out.


Thanks op :) got £5k credit limit for 18 months. Heat


Was just accepted, thanks! Anyone else still waiting on a confirmation email?

Dual Offer Credit Card 0% balance transfer plus earn 7500 Nectar points
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
Dual Offer Credit Card 0% balance transfer plus earn 7500 Nectar points
0% interest on balance transfers up to 28 months. 0% interest period of 25 or 22 months depending on your individual circumstances Balance transfer fee of 3% (minimum £3) applies o… Read more

@KakaKupanov sorry to comment on an old Post, but I'm thinking of getting one of these cards, and thought I'd point this out... From the T&C's it seems that the points you earn from using the credit card are in addition to swiping your nectar card... "Nectar points collected using your Credit Card are in addition to the points you collect from swiping your Nectar card or using it online during a transaction" So taking into account that you get 2 points per £1 spent in Sainsburys from using the credit card, you then also get 1 point per £1 spent from swiping your nectar card, this means if you're a regular Sainsburys shopper you could rack up 3 points per £1, in other words triple points. Also, during that initial 2 month bonus period, spending £35 would give you the 750 extra points plus 35 from swiping your nectar card.


It means spend at any of these places is excluded idiots


For me, it means that anything from petrol station is excluded, including non-fuel purchases?


"Sainsbury's Petrol Stations (including non-fuel purchases)" that, to me, implys that petrol is included. they are singling out non fuel purchases as being included too. What do YOU undrestand from that ??


No it doesn't, 'including non fuel purchases' at a Sainsbury's petrol station implies that fuel is included ?!!?!? It amazes me how so called intelligent people reading their mother tongue language can not understand simple English text. Has anyone written English for the English Dummy yet ???

No Balance Transfer fee and 0% Interest Fee Credit Card (26 months) @ Sainsburys Bank
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Posted 12th Nov 2018Posted 12th Nov 2018
No Balance Transfer fee and 0% Interest Fee Credit Card (26 months) @ Sainsburys Bank
Benefits 0% interest on balance transfers up to your first 26 months . We may offer you a 0% interest period of 23 or 20 months depending on your individual circumstances … Read more

Got my card this morning and immediately phoned them up to do a balance transfer. My card only has 20 months 0% interest instead of 26 months as it originally said. Strange. But I'm not complaining. Balance transfer was easy and I can now relax safe in the knowledge that I won't be paying any interest for a long while. Super happy :D


Great thanks for help (y) 🏼


Yes you can as much as you need, just need to stay with in you credit limit. :)


Can u transfer money from two different credit card into this? Or can u use BAlance Transfer service only once?


Thank you all for making this clear. Love this place!

Sainsbury’s Bank credit card: 0% on purchases for 28 months + Nectar points
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Refreshed 11th Jun 2018Refreshed 11th Jun 2018
Sainsbury’s Bank credit card: 0% on purchases for 28 months + Nectar points
If you’ve got a big purchase coming up, this credit card from Sainsbury’s is worth a look. It offers: 0% interest on purchases for 28 months 0% interest on balance … Read more
Avatar deleted1664626
Get deal*Get deal*

Should have heeded your warning. Have been trying for 2 weeks to make my first purchase using this card and every time it's been declined! Complaint submitted (not wasting more of my time on the phone to them) and depending on outcome likely to escalate further. I've almost lost an entire month of the 28 interest free months which is why I took out the card in the first place (fierce)


I took one out for 20 months last year in October. Had a limit of £3000 as requested which they increased to £3500.


HATE Sainsburys Bank. Applied for a 0% card, got approved, then was asked for documents. I sent them in and they kept refusing them and asking for different ones. In the end I told them to forget it and close the account. Waste of a credit search.


I went for one about 2 years back with a similar deal. I can’t say I’ve had any transactions declined though (although I’ve made rather few on it - just a couple of extravagant purchases) and the highest credit limit of the three credit cards I have. No banking app though and the website is a little naff. Nectar points on the majority of purchases though I believe. Only things excluded are things such as insurance premiums and such like if I remember correctly.


I found this too. I got declined twice in one day - each time I have to call and sit on hold while I tried to get put through to the right department