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Santander is one of the UK’s largest banking chains, offering financial services to millions of British customers. They offer help with everything from savings accounts and mortgages to money exchange and business loans. Santander also offer plenty of promotional deals and all of the most recent can be found on their HotUKDeals listings. How to redeem Santander vouchers
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15% Cashback at Morrison’s showing on offers on my Santander account. They do vary but check yours. Remember to opt in!
If you have a Santander account, check your offers as mines showing 15% off Morrison’s currently. Select the offers you want, then pay with your debit card & you’ll be refunde… Read more

It works with Lloyds, Halifax, BoS, but Santander exclude till cashback from the calculations.


They do actually, if you click on the transaction in your online statement it gives a rundown of how much is spent and how much is cashback, at least Lloyd does but for some reason they don't seem to care :)


Yup I guess all the Lloyds bank group can't tell the difference between the purchase and the cashback part of the transaction. I've Benn using this trick as much as possible.


mods - shouldn't this be in the DEALS section as there's no voucher and cashback is provided at the end of the month after payment has been made?


Morrison not showing for me. Never seem to have any decent offers on 'my offers' (annoyed)

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£0 Monthly Fee + 0% interest on balance transfers for 18m & 3m PURCHASES credit card @ Santander (Representative 20.9% APR, variable)
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
£0 BALANCE TRANSFER FEE £0 MONTHLY FEE POSSIBLE £27.50 QUIDCO CASHBACK What you can get 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months from account opening with n… Read more

Thanks both :)


Good deal as a fee-free BT card if you've already used up the All-in-one deal. However, Santander's tech is dreadful - you still can't BT with an Amex online and have to spend 20 mins on the phone to them. Plus the card is basically useless at the end of its 0% period as Santander make it impossible to switch to a new deal, instead forcing users to close the matured account and reapply for a new card.



0% balance transfer 26 months & 0% on purchases for 20 months Credit Card - £3 monthly fee - Representative 23.7% APR (variable) @ Santander
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
POSSIBLE £30 QUIDCO CASHBACK £0 BALANCE TRANSFER FEE. What you can get (for a £3 monthly fee) 0% interest on balance transfers for 26 months from account opening with no b… Read more

Lloyds, Virgin Money and Post Office immediately informs after a soft check if you are going to be accepted. This is my experience with them. You don't get the misleading eligibility email after a soft check as Santander. Santander after a soft check emailed me that I can get the card with a good credit limit. When I applied, my application was rejected. I wrote to them, and they replied that their eligibility email is a marketing tool. I have complained to ombudsman. Hopefully, I'll soon hear from ombudsman if this misleading practice is allowed.


Same as all the providers when they do a soft check?


Indeed. That's normal for all credit card groups. The big problem in my opinion is that Santander doesn't even have the process to do a credit card swap. E.g. When jumping between the normal 18 months 0% card and the 26 months 0% All-in-one card. That's pretty awkward if you're already happy with Santander. They should make it easy to stay as a customer like Lloyd's and MBNA do.


At the end of the 0% balance transfer period you would not be able to transfer the outstanding balance to another Santander credit card with a 0% promo, you’d have to transfer externally.


Thanks for posting. Just to let you know that your thread was selected for our Highlights pages (highfive)

No Fee + 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months Credit Card 20.9% APR @ Santander
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
No Fee + 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months Credit Card 20.9% APR @ Santander
0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months from account opening 0% interest on purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly account fee Earn up to 15% cashback wit… Read more

Nope , you should look for one which has an offer for purchases of 0% for a long period. This is not the card recommended for that


Is this recommended for everyday purchases if I'm not planning to do balance transfer?


Got refused I have the Barclays premier account with black debit card( one which u can take out 2k cash from cash machines daily.) No debts but many low balances on cards. Not sure how they assess you?


Gave me £7600.


Santander eligibility tool said I can get the card with £3600 (also received an email confirmation). I applied thinking I’ll get the card. After few days, received an email that my application was unsuccessful. Complained about this. Santander emailed me that they will use post to address my complaint because email isn’t safe. Quite an adventure I have had I guess (lol)

5% cashback for Butlins with Santander
42° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
5% cashback for Butlins with Santander (Standard account) on first payment to Butlins only

So why give discounts / cashback then? If there's ever a time uk hospitality can charge a premium it's now.


Exactly, my kids are at the age where they love Butlins.


...moral of the story here...with all these Butlins deals is that......take or leave aren't going abroad again anytime soon...

£20 Amazon voucher + 0% on balance transfers for 18 months with no BT fee on Everyday Credit Card @ Santander
851° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
You can now get a £20 Amazon voucher when accepted for Santander Everyday credit card via the MSE link / get deal link (gift card fulfilled after 30th June - more info below). 0%… Read more

Might have to see if I can get this


I've got a very high credit score. Just tried the eligibility checker and I was declined :D




Thanks. Just saved some more money.


Playing the waiting game now (y)

15% Cashback via Santander Retailers Offers at Morrisons (Account specific) - Maximum cashback amount is £10
83° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
On your Santander mobile app, go to Retailer Offers. Morrisons are doing a 15% cashback on grocery purchases. (Maybe account specific) Max cashback amount is £10.

Along with 10% off for teachers


I had Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks back too


Have never had any morrisons offers on santan. Only got jojommenbaby and talk mobile.


There’s usually new ones every couple of weeks and the offer lasts a month.


Do you know how often the offers change?

No Fee + 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months Credit Card 20.9% APR @ Santander
718° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
No Fee + 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months Credit Card 20.9% APR @ Santander
0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months from account opening 0% interest on purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly account fee Earn up to 15% cashback wit… Read more

Anyone know when this offer ends?


I read it somewhere as well.


Small tip to help credit ratings: set your monthly repayment to the minimum plus one pound. So after you know what the minimum is from the first month or two. Can’t remember where i was told this originally but apparently does help.


Because lenders don’t see your credit score that’s why.


I have a current account with Santander and already have four other credit cards with total credit of £30k or so, mostly unused of which one was only opened this month. I've also opened umpteen bank accounts recently. So, I wasn't expecting approval. You can request soft search through the santander banking app to see if you're likely to be approved, which annoyingly didn't autopopulate my details. Typed them in and it told me provisionally approved with £4300 limit of which you can BT up to 95% from one credit card, ie £4085 in my case. So, I followed full application link provided, which again didn't autopopulate [grrr]. But, all approved over course of only ten minutes or so. There's not much else about fee-free at the moment, and no gift vouchers or RCB TCB/Quidco, except for a few cards charging a fee. Can see Santander going under at some point soon, so happy for them to bank with me now! (lol)

2 year 1.09%, 5 year 1.29 % - 60% LTV Mortgages @ Santander
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
2 year 1.09%, 5 year 1.29 % - 60% LTV Mortgages @ Santander£1,249
Better rates than the HSBC deal but £250 higher fee so would be better for anybody with a £250k+ mortgage. Includes: Free valuation and standard legal fees paid

Anyone know if the 1.06% 2 year fixed from Platform Co-Op is any good? £1499 arrangement fee - M2419


i dont think these rates are available anymore with santander?


On 1st April am due to switch to Coventry 5yr 1.29% £999 + £7 transfer fee? but with £125 exit fee. ERC drops to 1% with 2 years left, so can have another look then. The best deal for a long while was atom 1.34% no fee, wish I had a DeLorean. At least i'll be off Natwest 2.83% (shock)


Santander hike the ERC and it does not decrease year on year. Been with them for years but this practice is making me change lender. 2 year fix with Santander is 3% ERC for the term . Nationwide is 1.5% for year 1 then 0.75% year two. Based on these principles Nationwide are far more ethical. With the uncertainty in the current climate it makes sense to consider ERC charges should your circumstances change.


you can if you pay the early repayment charge. But I imagine the ERC will wipe out any saving. You'll need to check the terms and conditions you agreed to when you took the mortgage. My five year fix with Santander has a 5% early termination fee. So in your example (if you had the same terms as mine) it would be pointless remortgaging until closer to the end of your fixed period.

Santander 5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 1.27% (£1249 booking fee / 60% LTV) + Free Legal Fees & Valuation @ Santander
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Santander 5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 1.27% (£1249 booking fee / 60% LTV) + Free Legal Fees & Valuation @ Santander
Santander are now offering a 1.27% rate on their 60% LTV 5 year fixed mortgage. The rate is an online exclusive and seems like a good option if you are looking to remortgage. Free … Read more

other 60% remortgage products 1.33% £999 1.67% £0 or for a house mover 1.29% £1499 (>£350k) 1.34% £999 1.85% £0 for the remortgage rates for 20y+ full terms, breakeven where the fee is better is around (depends on actual payment/term) £0 V £999 <£61k-68k £0 V £1249 <£64k-£72k £999 V £1249 <£86k-£97k There is a small window where the £999 fee is better below that no fee above that the £1249 fee needs comparing against the best no fee rates.


That still doesn’t necessitate the fee. Just alter the rate based on the borrowing size. Simple!


A single rate does not cover the economy of scale. A bigger mortgage could have a lower rate to account for the increased profits on the margin. Pretty simple calculation to work out what's best for a given mortgage size and payment given 2 rates a fee and fixed term.


Yes I was only able to see the available deals as I'd just come into the last 4 months. Guessing the deal is only available for existing customers. Can't see interest rates going up any time soon but I could be wrong!


2 year mortgage term ends in November so too early to see rates for existing customers on app, best I can see is 1.54% on Santanders website? I'm also at under 60% LTV, hope these rates are still available when I renew! (unicorn)

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% off15% Cashback at Morrison’s showing on offers on my Santander account. They do vary but check yours. Remember to opt in!16/01/2019
£25Alliance and Leicester £25 voucher when you open the Current Account14/06/2008