Save 25% on all Panasonic products @ Panasonic e-shop

Save 25% on all Panasonic products @ Panasonic e-shop


Wow - seems like a really good deal - wish i needed a TV or something!!

Panasonics main website is about 40% more expensive than elsewhere so not so hot

As stated already, their site is a bit on the expensive side so the initial surge to buy something was soon dampened... Good effort though!

I think this has expired, just tried the code on a Panasonic Lumix G1 and it didn't accept it.


Doesn't work..... must have expired!

I agree - The Panasonic e-shop is expensive conpared to every e-tailer (and retailer) I have seen. We used to get an "associate" Discount from Panasonic under a Company scheme - the only saving I made was on a SD253 breadmaker, everything else was WAY too expensive - even after discount.
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