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Why are all thses being voted cold?
Granted it won't help a lot of people, but to those that it does help, it saves them money. Just because you're not going to use it you don't need to vote cold.

Probably get more discount simply by haggling in a shop.


Why are all thses being voted cold?

I've not voted one way or 'other, but aren't Pixmania low down in the pecking order, so to say?

If not then I've been mis-informed.



Probably get more discount simply by haggling in a shop.

I would think that the case for most of the things sold. A quick look at price search engines usually show better prices, though no doubt sometimes Pixmania may be the best deal.

They are not a company I would use though, purely because they are based in France and as such many of the goods sold are for the Euro market not UK. I'd also be wary of where you stand with our sale of goods act for that reason. Putting it simple, I'd rather not take any chances. These things may turn out to be unfounded, but Id rather not gamble - particularly with electronic goods!

Not voted either way... I'll let others decide!!!

I voted cold (No reflection on the people posting the deals) because I tried to purchase something from them, and they added £18.00 worth of stuff not sure what for (membership, extra protection etc). Although it stated you could choose to take them off, they wanted me to enter my card details before I could delete them.
Dodgy practice as far as I'm concerned and I did not go ahead with the purchase. Prices at Amazon were more or less the same even after discounts and costo anyway.
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