Save 5% when you buy 5 or more  at Zatu Games

Save 5% when you buy 5 or more at Zatu Games

Expires on 31/07/2020Posted 31st Jul
Use code Board5 and Save 5% when you buy 5 or more!
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Sorry Sharon, this deal is crap. And the burner account to advertise them is fooling no oneeeeeee
Only good if you are planning to buy a specific 3 or 5 games at that instant. They aren't always the cheapest, even with the 3%/5% saving
That said, I do find that Zatu tend to generally have the a lot of the lowest prices.

At least historically, I’ve found it’s often a few quid cheaper with them. Probably my favourite boardgame store to buy from!

(I do agree though that the 3% and 5% bulk discount offer isn’t really that much of an incentive to buy more)
Zatu are definitely one of the cheaper board gaming websites, they provide excellent service and didn't overprice the games at the UK Games expo like others did. Chaos cards are one of my other faves and well worth checking out.

The website shows the cheapest sellers, and aside from the odd few games, and German websites Zatu are always near the top. The 3%/5% off offer is always on though and in the banner on the website.

There are other deals already being posted for Zatu in the last few weeks e.g. Flamme Rouge and Quacks of Quedlinberg which are both great prices - so not sure they need to self promote.

It'll be good to see more board gaming deals in general on here, seems like there's been a deluge this last week or so.
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