Save £5.00 off your next purchase at MenKind. MOV £20.00

Save £5.00 off your next purchase at MenKind. MOV £20.00



Thanks antonfrompreston .. Never heard of this site before but there are some good items on there!

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Yes its quite a good site for gifts for men.
I forgot to mention that there is also 10% cashback available through quidco on this website.

I wanted a Pierre Cardin wallet but that costs £19.99. So that rules the discount out :-(

Oh it still works! Hooray! :thumbsup:

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There are some cheap things to bring it upto £20 that you might find useful and you would still save a bit. I found a bottle opener for £3.45 ]http//ww…550

If you've got a car this might be handy in the winter, which is not far off now. ]http//ww…050

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Oh it still works! Hooray! :thumbsup:

Did it really work? In the email that I got the code it said that the minimum order value is £20.

I just noticed that it deducted the amount at the checkout stage. Does it not go through at the end?

I havent confirmed my order yet.

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I haven't used the code. Here is a screen capture of the email I got.

Got a confirmation mail for the order of a product worth £19.99. I also went through quidco. It basically saves you on P&P. If you can get to one of their stores you wont end up paying that anyway. Still not bad.

Thanks for submitting the code. :thumbsup:

It's probably like Amazon - they don't quibble on a few pence short of the MOV. Like with Amazon's free delivery over £15 - I think you can go down to £14.96 and still get it.
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