Save £7.50. One order of every couloured dish for £10!

Save £7.50. One order of every couloured dish for £10!


Fantastic post - thanks very much

To make it clear (it didn't seem it to me) this normally costs £17.50, and you get it for £10.

I thought "minimum spend £10" plus "£7.50 discount" meant it would be £2.50, y'see. Just in case anyone else thought the same!

Yo Sushi varies between bad and merely passable in quality. Personally it's not worth it except at half price, and this offer is a little inconvenient - you have to order one of each, whether you want it or not, and obviously you'll end up paying full price for some things, because it's unlikely you'll just want two sets of two of this.

In other words,

THIS IS NOT simply 7.50 off at Yo Sushi

you have to order:

one green plate
one blue plate
one orange plate
one pink plate
one platinum plate

that then costs £10 instead of £17.50

Thing is, you might end up ordering stuff you don't want.

i think its a good deal, stop being miserable

Welcome to HotUKDeals?

not miserable, just a warning that Yo Sushi isn't a very good quality restaurant.
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