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£6 Discount
McFly's Tooth Tunes "I'll Be Okay" for £1.99!

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Fa liquid hand soap 385ml for 29p instore @ Savers, Derby
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal

So near so Fa :{


None in savers lowestoft now theres a surprise.


great price, paid 50p in boots yesterday


Yes, Quite frankly lockdown has been horrific....


Who loves orange soda?

Cerruti 1881 Homme 100ml Aftershave - £17.99 in store / £21.94 delivered @ Savers
08/07/2021Expires on 08/07/2021Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Save £3.95 by buying in store! I bought it in store for £17.99 yesterday. Regardless, at £21.94 this is still a very competitive price for this classic woody aftershave.

Got this as a gift and pretty sure it was an unwanted present. I hated it. Hot for the price though (y)


Thanks for posting. Your thread was selected for our Highlights section (y)


Good price, but I absolutely don't like it. Bought it once because Good reviews. Tried it and never used again. Had to give it away to my moms BF.


I absolutely love this stuff. It has officially been my scent for years now (and has been girlfriend approved)


That's the EDT The aftershave is here

Bar Keepers Friend Original Powder 150g £0.79 in store / +£3.95 delivery online @ Savers
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner & Stain Remover. Works on ceramics, stainless steel, copper, chrome, china, porcelain, plastic, glass, brass and more Bought in store but also av… Read more

I can't take pictures in store in Savers (Superdrug/Savers policy, I've covered this in a few threads, so won't repeat myself) but I saw the 250g and 150g of this in a local store (Bishopbriggs). The 250g was £1.49 :)


Thanks, heat added


This stuff is very good to use on light coloured quartz worktops, I worked as a granite fitter for 7 years and this is definitely a go to for stubborn stains but as someone has already mentioned it is an abravise so its not advised to use all the time as it will eventually remove the shine from the quartz surface. Best to use when there's a stubborn stain that your struggling to remove with warm water and fairy. You could also use cif cream cleaner.


Mentioned for glass too. But does works well on electric cooktop as below ?


This is the only stuff I've ever used that successfully removes that white 'clouding' you get on dark glass hob rings.

Issey Miyake Pulse of the Night 100ml EAU De Parfum £29.99 (£3.99 delivery) @ Savers
94° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
In store £29.99 or with postage an additional £3.99. Previously £39.99 so 25% off. Much admired fragrance and never seen as cheap as this before. I previously posted this at £39.99… Read more



If I didn't already own it and a backup bottle of have bought it. Good find OP


Got this, deffo an acquired smell, very smokey and full of incense on me, (y)


The link posted is correct but bizarrely when put in HotUKDeals it does not work. It works when I send it to an email or WhatsApp though. If you type 'issey miyake pulse' in the search bar on the savers website it will come up. If any of the mods or anyone else can post the link be appreciated, as it is there and live on their site. Thanks


Link not working

Fairy Platinum Plus 65 Tablets - £8.99 in-store @ Savers
-3° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd MayLocalLocal
Seems like a good price for 65 tablets

Believe me, i know! Bought it once thinking it was the plus and only realised after i opened it!


Oh yeah my mistake. Thought it was too cheap


Photo shows just platinum, not platinum plus.

Mr Burberry 100ml EDT Gift Set - 100ml EDT, 75ml After Shave Balm and 75ml Body Wash £23.94 Delivered @ Savers
77° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Mr. Burberry is a classic, woody fragrance. The scent opens with gorgeous top notes of cinnamon, tarragon, cardamom and grapefruit, middle notes are lavender, cedar-wood, nutmeg an… Read more

Great deal op


In stock




I just bought it from my local savers. It smells lovely, spicy and refreshing, its fantastic value.


Thank you. Hope it’s nice. Needed gifts

Surf Wild Poppy 25w washing liquid £2.00 instore at Savers (Bristol)
178° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th AprLocalLocal
Surf Wild Poppy 25w washing liquid £2.00 instore at Savers (Bristol)£2
Savers in bedminster Bristol have this 25wash surf liquid for £2.00 retails at about £3-5 normally,plenty on shelf.Link for information purposes only not at sainsburys. A fresh … Read more

Thanks (y)


Prob because I didnt know they had it on line!!!!!!!!


Why not use the link for the correct store???

Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker - 2 X 1L Pack £5.99 @ Savers (Peterborough)
248° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th AprLocalLocal
Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker - 2 X 1L Pack £5.99 @ Savers (Peterborough)£5.99
1 lit x2 Both for £5.99 In savers Peterborough believe it’s National

If you dont get the caustic soda mixture concentration right and you can have nice cake of soda crystals in your drain.....dont need to worry about that with these gel type cleaners.


B&Q too, but £6.84 for 1Kg


Gel unblockers are easier to use as they tend not to spit and I think they work better on hair plughole blockages as the gel will cling to hair hanging out the water where it is tangled in the plughole and cable operated plug mechanisms. Caustic soda crystals are cheaper and I think work better than gels/liquids on fat blockage due to the stronger Sodium hydroxide concentration and all the heat generated when the crystals react with water.


Home bargains, 79p


True, but does anywhere still sell it?

Hycolin Antiviral Bathroom Cleaner 750 ml £1 @ Savers ( Crystal Palace)
96° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th AprLocalLocal
Hycolin Antiviral Bathroom Cleaner 750 ml £1 @ Savers ( Crystal Palace)£1
This is the cheapest I've ever seen this product. I bought this in the Crystal Palace branch (now open). It is available online but the url wasn't working in the listing. Hycolin
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