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Ultra Whey Protein - Glazed Donut - 2.28kg - £19.99 Sci-Mx
71° Expired
Posted 15th Oct 2019Posted 15th Oct 2019
Ultra Whey Protein - Glazed Donut - 2.28kg - £19.99 Sci-Mx£19.99
Whey protein powder. Was £59.99 now down to £19.99 with free delivery. Glazed Donut flavour.

Have a look for matrix on eBay, 5kg for £38 or so. Not the best protein out there but reliably cheap.


Seen this one?


Is say it was an ok price for under 80%. I’d prefer to look for a better quality of protein powder with higher content... but I do take training very seriously! Thanks for the clarification though


Yeah I've gone through 2 tubs of it recently. Pretty nice and mixes well too. I mix mine with peanut butter to get some extra calories and it compliments it really well.


45g servings, so about 50.

GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM 2.28kg (short dated) £9.99 + £3.95 Delivery @ sci-mx
83° Expired
Posted 21st Sep 2019Posted 21st Sep 2019
GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM 2.28kg (short dated) £9.99 + £3.95 Delivery @ sci-mx£13.94
GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM 2.28 kg £9.99 not a bad price Sale items are old packaging & short dated only 2.2kg = 23/09/2019

Bought myself a couple. I agree there's a bit of extra sugar and you can tell. Lucky for me I have sweet tooth, but I wouldn't recommend this if you don't. If you can handle the sweetness then It's a bargain. I mix mine into oats & water and it actually tastes really good.


Expired. And no, expired protein is just as good as valid date.been using them for years


Might be a different effect for other people.


Cheers mate only be training for twenty odd years ;(


Haha you've got guns for days bruh!

SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Protein Cookie Box, 2 flavours, Pack of 12 x 75g, £6 at Sci-Mx (+£3.95 delivery)
-9° Expired
Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Protein Cookie Box, 2 flavours, Pack of 12 x 75g, £6 at Sci-Mx (+£3.95 delivery)£9.95£12.9923% off
Tasty and good value, free delivery for over £15.

Delivery arrived today, three boxes of the 15g protein cookies NOT the 20g protein cookies in the photo and nutritional values on the page. Very disappointing


i been eating these ever since I saw these a few years ago on HUK deals. further more bought a box full around easter. great taste, and good pre workout. also good on travel journeys to keep hunger at bay. ordering more in a minute


u always have option of adding normal delivery and threshold to be free .. I seen other doing it


I can highly recommend the caramel and vanilla bars. Got the cookies and cream oatbakes in the same order, however I won't be buying these again. These are the usual dry texture protein bars, I'd go for caramel and vanilla every time


I bought 3 boxes with free delivery too, site requires to mention the delivery costs, sorry :)

Sci-mx Protein Brownies (box of 12) £8.95 Delivered @ Sci-mx
248° Expired
Posted 30th Aug 2019Posted 30th Aug 2019
Sci-mx Protein Brownies (box of 12) £8.95 Delivered @ Sci-mx£8.95£9.9910% off
Just found this on the clearance section of the Sci-mx official website. £5 for 12 brownies works out less than 50p per brownie. Important to press the drag down box (choose weight… Read more

Exactly - it all comes down to macros, and they're different for each and every one of us. I too have lost stones this last year by watching my food/calories and doing exercise. This included 'bars' like these as it's a great way to control breakfast/snacks.


Yep you can also purchase 3 boxes for free delivery also


I bought a load for my son on the previous offer and they are still sitting there as, as others have said, he described them as like chewing cardboard. Maybe the birds will eat them.


15 quid for delivery to Northern Ireland! 😰


Great deal ... cheers

SCI MX ULTRA WHEY 2.28kg - glazed doughnut flavour £19.99 at sci-mx
215° Expired
Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019
SCI MX ULTRA WHEY 2.28kg - glazed doughnut flavour £19.99 at sci-mx£19.99
Just seen this. Bought two bags and got free next day Delivery for 39.98. Decent deal for some good quality whey.

I like it. I had a small packet of this flavour so already know I like it. Great value thanks


Tried the raspberry ripple one of these and it was excellent but not too sure if I want to try this flavour!


Mine came today. It's a really nice flavour actually, mixed really well too. My protein has bumped its prices, as have bulkpowders and proteinworks so this works out cheaper for the time being.


It's been this price for months. People have posted it on here but in the Sci mx thread not on its own. They was sending a box of 24 protein crisps with it a few weeks back but thats stopped now I have it, it's a decent WPC you can get the same price on places like my protein for there wpc. it tastes fine I like it but others may find it to sweet. It's a sweet cake type flavour which being called glazed donut you'd expect.


Don't really care about the flavour tbh, it's all about the content. If you're drinking something for the taste of it go and have a frijj or a milkshake from mcdonalds :)

48 Protein Oat Bars - £18 delivered @ sci-mx
294° Expired
Posted 6th Aug 2019Posted 6th Aug 2019
48 Protein Oat Bars - £18 delivered @ sci-mx£18£38.9754% off
I posted a similar deal before where the 16x boxes of these bars were £7. Checking today, they've gone down to £6 per box, and spending £15+ gets you free delivery so that's 48 bar… Read more

chocolate brownies one?!!


That’s a great price. I remember trying them months ago and I didn’t really like the taste


bought them from a deal here some months ago .. it came out as 50p a piece ..that is about 12p more but with 33% more protein and really taste good


Yeah I guess, the cheapest you can get grenade bars or phd smart bars for are about 75p - £1 but for me it is worth the difference


A bit more. How about double the price at a guess.

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48x Pro 2Go Oat Bake Protein Bars - £21 inc. free shipping @ SciMix
69° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
48x Pro 2Go Oat Bake Protein Bars - £21 inc. free shipping @ SciMix£21
Re-posting to add this as a combo with free shipping activated. 16x packs of the Pro 2Go Oat bake protein bars are £7 at the moment (selected flavours), with free P&P over £15… Read more

I got the peanut ones and they were very tasty. My mate got the yogurt & honey flapjacks and gave me one to try - way too sweet tasting for my liking. I've kind of settled on the Cookies & Cream oat bakes as they're the lowest calorie option but still with 15g protein - they're now my breakfast every day with a small glass of milk (too dry to eat without). Bought 3 more boxes last week.

Don't get the strawberry duo bar its gross haha choc is good though

Ordered the Duo Bar :) thanks OP lets give these ago.


Got my order through today from DPD. Turns out the deal was even better than I thought - seems I was just in time for the free 24x box of oat bakes (chilli) too (I had ordered 24 vinegar ones anyway). I think that has now ended though as I can't see it being advertised any longer. Definitely going to keep an eye on their site going forward if these end of life style deals are regular. Now...where to put these 48 bags of oat bakes......... (confused)



16x Sci-MX Pro 2GO Oat Bake bars - £10.95 Delivered @ Sci-MX
-52° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
16x Sci-MX Pro 2GO Oat Bake bars - £10.95 Delivered @ Sci-MX£10.95
Was looking for some cheap protein/oat bars/flapjacks for breakfasts and came across these. If you select Cookies & Cream flavour it's just £7 for 16 bars. If your basket is… Read more

Ok yeah, makes sense


I'd expire this and do a new one with 3 boxes. Heat btw


I see your point, but you don't 'have' to pay it - but you do have to order a bit more to do that. maybe my deal should have been a combo which = no shipping.


Of course P&P is added to a deal! If you have to pay it why wouldn't it be added


Don't understand why the moderator has changed the price to include P&P - the item is £7, and over £15 is free P&P. I didn't realise P&P was added to deals?

SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Flapjack Protein Bar Box, Yogurt and Honey, 24 x 80g £14.99 at Sci-Mix
204° Expired
Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Flapjack Protein Bar Box, Yogurt and Honey, 24 x 80g £14.99 at Sci-Mix£14.99£26.9944% off
Add some bakes at 19p to get free delivery.

Me 2!


Same here (y)


added 1 pack of 19p bakes...and SCI-MX have sent a BOX of the 1 bag :) legends!!!!


Site wide sale it seems, keeps those carvings at bay. Winner


Brilliant. I've bagged a few of these SCI-MX offers now and so far they've tasted great except for the strawberry/white choc cookies. Thanks for sharing, running low on my last order!

PRO 2GO BAKES High in fibre & only 207 kcals (Short Date) + FREE DELIVERY £15+ @ Sci Mix
100° Expired
Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
PRO 2GO BAKES High in fibre & only 207 kcals (Short Date) + FREE DELIVERY £15+ @ Sci Mix£4.50£21.2879% off
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONPER CHILLI30G BAGPER SALT &BALSAMIC VINEGAR30G BAG Energy 505kj / 120kcal 500kj / 120kcal Protein 6.4g 6.3g Carbohydrates 18g 18g of which… Read more

Ordered cheers


These are actually quiet nice! 😁


Thank you all for marking my 1st listing hot.

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