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£1000 for Switching Account @ Scottish Friendly
Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
£1000 for Switching Account @ Scottish Friendly
Scottish Friendly is giving 20 people the chance to win a cash prize of £1,000 each. No payment or purchase is required to enter the prize draw. Instead, you simply have to take… Read more
Get a £50 High Street Gift card when you start investing in their ISA account @ Scottish Friendly
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Posted 6th Mar 2019Posted 6th Mar 2019
Get a £50 High Street Gift card when you start investing in their ISA account @ Scottish Friendly
Pls beware that this is not a bank ISA, its a investment ISA, in which you have the option of investing in UK tracker fund (low risk, low return) or unitised profits fund (high ris… Read more

Don't let the auto-hater bxxxxxxxs get you down!


here you go... 2x £25 = £50


Website says £45 gift card, and this - "the more you put in the likelihood the interest rate will increase" - is nonsense.

£50 gift card for investing £10 in a Scottish Friendly My Fund Select (ISA)
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Posted 9th Apr 2018Posted 9th Apr 2018
£50 gift card for investing £10 in a Scottish Friendly My Fund Select (ISA)£10
When you take out a "MY FUND SELECT (ISA)" - & ONLY THAT ISA - Scottish Friendly will send you a £50 "My Rewards" gift card within 28 days of receiving your first payment - use… Read more

Cheers OP. Rewards card arrived today. No sign of Amazon as an option on the website. Is there a trick to converting it to Amazon credit?


arrived today and cancelled. just after my next round of gift cards now (y)


anyone else received theirs yet? i'm still waiting on mine


i received my voucher last weekend and cancelled my monthly investment today. initial 10 pounds now sitting at 10.45 pounds :)))) im going to leave this until i am 60 lol


You can just do that in your Scottish Friendly account; doing so seems to stop those annoying "your direct debit bounced, why not set another one up" letters

£50 gift card when you invest £10 in a Scottish Friendly investment ISA
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Posted 16th Nov 2017Posted 16th Nov 2017
£50 gift card when you invest £10 in a Scottish Friendly investment ISA
Got a stocks and shares ISA? If not, maybe it’s time you got one. You don’t need to have tons of cash to get involved in the stock market – with Scottish Friendly you can start in… Read more

Amazon gift code emailed today and added to Amazon account. Great result


Just received gift card; requested amazon voucher, which will be posted within two days. One month between applying and getting the reward!




thought the isa rules were only one of each type per person?


Nothing to stop ou cancelling DD after first payment; T&C says you are entitled to £50 after just one, and also say you can stop and start payments as you wish. And ISA's run April to April, if you wanted to, you can open another with this firm at beginning of next financial year. Five years just refers to how long to wait until you get your stake out again (nerd)

Scottish Friendly £100 TCB with £600 investment @ Topcashback
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Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
Scottish Friendly £100 TCB with £600 investment @ Topcashback£600
24 hour deal- My Moneybuilder (ISA) Invest from £10 a month. Get £100 cashback when you pay in at least £100. Capital at risk. £50 exit fee applies within the first 5 years. £10 … Read more
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Take care! Charges will wipe out the TCB. They are paying out the TCB with your own money! Don't do it!!!


I stand corrected but I think that's when the exit fee would kick in.


Can you open this and once you get the £100 withdraw what you've paid in and take the £50 hot and you still gain £50?


​its £10 per month. it's only £600 in the 60th month no?


x5 years = £3000 and tied up for 5 years!!

Scottish Friendly - £215 TCB for saving £1000
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Posted 7th Apr 2017Posted 7th Apr 2017LocalLocal
Scottish Friendly - £215 TCB for saving £1000£1,000
Not for everyone, but with the new tax year starting, TCB are doing a good offer on ISAs. Invest £1000 and keep the account open for at least 30 days and get £215 in cashback. It… Read more
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I used Scottish Friendly and opened an account for my son a few years ago, after waiting about a year the cash back was declined and the monthly management fees bit into the cash I put in the account. I personally wouldn't go with them for anything again :(


I looked in to this when TCB was high a few months ago. Happy to be proven wrong though doesn't look like a great deal.


Do not touch this deal, got involved with them a couple of years ago via this site, monthly fees eroded investment each month and when I finally got fed up and closed this losing account,got stung for £50 exit fee, the £94 tcb was eroded after a long and frustrating 18 months.Would not go near this "friendly " society..


Can you transfer out the isa after 30 days and still qualify?


to get the £215 cash back you have to invest a £1000 per month

Get 30 GBP for free @ scottishfriendly with quidco :)
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Posted 26th Mar 2015Posted 26th Mar 2015
Get 30 GBP for free @ scottishfriendly with quidco :)
Got a deal from Quidco : You must have Quidco Account For each completed My Moneybuilder (new ISA) application with £80 or more invested and set up for over 30 days -in Scottish F… Read more

I was tempted by this previously but it's all too much hassle. There are also other providers doing similar on Quidco, again a few hoops to jump through but free money essentially. Just a side note on Quidco, I have rarely had issues and if there is they are resolved very quickly. Made a lot of money via Quidco over the years, and I mean thousands.


Missing something here, what's the interest rate for the 4 year fixed term ISA? Can invest upto £15K per year, but once committed to them, then you lose the tax free ISA allowance for the year. If their interest rate is competitive then I don't see why not giving it a punt. All ISAs are government backed & signed up to FCA, so your savings are as secured as it can be (well unless UK government go bankrupt, which is very unlikely) Update: had a look at the site, doesn't look good.


So if it's free just send me the money


What I'm trying to say is that cashback isn't guaranteed. The 4 years was a reference to the long payout times you sometimes encounter with Quidco and/or TCB.


Cashback claim payment speed (from submission date) Less than 6 months where from 4 years calculated?

Scottish Friendly MoneyMaker ISA giving £80 Quidco
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Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014
Scottish Friendly MoneyMaker ISA giving £80 Quidco
You have to invest at least £80 and hold it for over a month to qualify for the quidco. If you're going to sign up please read all the keyfacts etc as this is really not for everyo… Read more
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Quidco have told me it's on the way today.


Has anyone got their quidco yet?


This is back up to £80


expired now 50


good deal if you get quidco

Request a Scottish Bond information pack and get a FREE ballpoint pen.
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Posted 18th Aug 2008Posted 18th Aug 2008
Request a Scottish Bond information pack and get a FREE ballpoint pen.
I know this may seem a silly freebie cos I bet you all think 'a free pen who wants that!?' well a pen is a pen and it's free. Request a Scottish Bond Information Pack If you'd li… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

And thats a good thing is it? fool.


Hey whats wrong with this deal, personally i dont mind the junk mail just more to recycle thanks for the deal and the free pen :) Heat added :)


whatever :p:whistling:


Oooooh, someone got out the wrong side of bed this morning and lost their sense of humour on the journey down the stairs! :p


[IMG][/IMG] Someones got their angry eyes on! A good freebie, but I have tons of pens from pigsback and other places, but a nice find for some and so voted hot!:thumbsup: