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Scottish Power Warm Home Discount (Live Now)
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Posted 28th Aug 2018Posted 28th Aug 2018
Scottish Power Warm Home Discount (Live Now)
If you are with Scottish Power, check if you are eligible for the warm home discount which is now open for applications. https… Read more

Bulb energy also part of the scheme


Terrible company


I know. but like everything else to do with the government and their schemes, its not very clear if that is all the criteria you need. or maybe I just didn't read it right.


There's a link on the first post where you can check if you're eligible.


does this mean I can apply if I have a child under 18yrs old?

12 months boiler breakdown cover including service (£0 excess) £143.20 ( possible £33.30 TCB) @ Scottish Power
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Posted 22nd Jan 2017Posted 22nd Jan 2017
12 months boiler breakdown cover including service (£0 excess) £143.20 ( possible £33.30 TCB) @ Scottish Power£143.20
Not for everybody I understand but for those that use this type of cover works out equivalent to £11.94pm and includes an annual boiler service and no excess.

Homeserve are pants


Yes it was their own man who came out initially. When the original installer came, it took him about half an hour and was aghast at what had gone on.


If that's their own tech then that's disappointing; new boards cost up to about £100 (see Ebay) and swapping them should be an easy half hours work.


​ditto, Scottish power phoned me to offer this deal but already get it included with admiral house insurance


I signed up to homeserve hastily, tempted by an offer making it £3 a month. It rose to £14 a month in the 2nd year, all with a £95 excess. The one time I had to use them, I paid a £95 fee and they guaranteed someone would come the same day as we've got 2 toddlers. After a series of cancelled appointments, someone eventually turned up 2 days later and fixed it within 5 minutes.

Scottish Power Annual Boiler & radiator cover for £11.93 a month *£9.05 a month with TCB!
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Scottish Power Annual Boiler & radiator cover for £11.93 a month *£9.05 a month with TCB!
It's that horrible time of year again when winter draws in and your old cover runs out... Got the SSE deal last year but they now want £21.26 a month. This deal seemed the best pri… Read more

I wrote new boiler, not boiler plus installation.


Where can you get a new combi installed for that money?


This deal is now colder than that night you describe :p


Yes, because when your boiler packs in on a freezing cold night in the middle of winter, you could just nip out straight away and pop a new one in.................. In all seriousness, I wouldn't touch Scottish Power with a bargepole. Awful customer service. Been with British Gas for years on their Homecare package and can't fault them. Worth paying that little more for and the annual service should prolong the life of your boiler. Excellent service and really good engineers.


Over 5 years this comes to the price of a new boiler. Why not just pay for a new one when you need it??

Scottish Power Boiler and Central heating insurance + Annual Service £143.20 (£11.93pm eqv)
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Posted 26th Oct 2016Posted 26th Oct 2016
Scottish Power Boiler and Central heating insurance + Annual Service £143.20 (£11.93pm eqv)£143.20
HomeComfort Prem Care with 4 months free 4 months free - Offer is available to new customers in their first year only. No monthly payment will be collected until month 5 of their … Read more

Can anyone recommend me a similar priced package at a reputable company with no excess?


​Home serve have a £50 excess even for the annual free service there is a £50 excess.


I've had to take SP to the ombudsman before, just google SP customer reviews.


Tempting at this time of year but I wouldn't give them the time of day. As a previous Home comfort customer, their customer service was absolutely shocking.


I wouldn't trust any offer by Scottish power.

ScottishPower Connect Remote Heating Control £200
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Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016
ScottishPower Connect Remote Heating Control £200£200
If you take package 1, it only costs £200.00 (£80.00 installation fee and then £5.00 per month for 24 months) I actually thought this was a good price for a smart energy control co… Read more

Make as many claims as you want mate, I've been an electrician for 10 years so I know what my abilities are.


Not true, but I won't make any unsubstantiated claims about your abilities.


Typical DIYer who doesn't have a clue what he's doing.


I was told if after 24 months you decide not to continue you keep the unit (the cost of removal was more then unit cost to them). What you do loose is access to their online app meaning you loose remote access and reporting. Do not know if anyone has a alternative app that will work with it.


Are you sure you get to keep the unit? I looked at doing this before but decided against it as after the 24 months you either continue to pay £5 a month for the 3G connection or they will take the unit back

Scottish Power fixed prices until March 2014 and Quidco £55 and No exit fees!
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Posted 25th Sep 2012Posted 25th Sep 2012
Scottish Power fixed prices until March 2014 and Quidco £55 and No exit fees!
hi, Scottish power are fixing prices until March 2014. Also get £55 quidco! also no early exit fees! seems a great deal! nothing to loose if it works out cheaper for your gas and e… Read more

Scottish power seems to be alot more expensive for Eletricitity than EDF Blue but cheaper than British Gas for Gas.


Been with sp for a number of years with no problems, very polite staff who always ring back when they say they will. Their online billing and meter readings are also straight forward and easy to use. They also monitor useage and reduce your Monthly payments to Suit so you never owe them too much and they never owe you too much. As sfor prices I fixed 2 years ago with boiler cover get a pretty good deal compared towh whats available today. As for switching the only way to get a accurate figure of who is cheapest is to base it on actual useage, so if you log monthly useage for 12 months you will then be able to accurately compare prices when you come to switch providers.


Signed up on this offer via quidco, was with british gas. The unit rates are a little bit cheaper with SP, but with the £55 cashback it'll make it that bit cheaper :p


Jesus lol. 5488 electricity 12856 gas. I use 1500-2500 elec and 4-5000 gas.. So yeah. the 2nd rate tarriff would work out better for you. Ebico is for lower use. however do lok at the unit price. thats the most important. the monthly amount set is often set lower than the amount you actually need. then after several payments they will rise the amount to what is required to cover your usage


no oO

£130 scottish power rebate ALSO many others participate
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Posted 20th Sep 2012Posted 20th Sep 2012
£130 scottish power rebate ALSO many others participate
Honestly don't know where this would go... Support for Vulnerable Customers The Warm Home Discount is a programme of support aimed at households who are living in, or are at risk… Read more

i am 63 years old and im on pension credit , i applied for it and i only recieved a rebate of just £12 , is this right ?


I don't believe that im still working at 65 and my husband worked till he was 72. Our daughter is with Scottish Power and was told because of her depression but mostly because she has 2 children one only 15 mths old she would be entitled to get help with her electric but now been told she probably missed the qualifying date. She didn't know anything about it last year and only found out this year because she was told not by the company but friends. All our family have worked all our lives and got nothing In return. Could you please advise why no one tells by vulnerable people about the help they could get and bless her when she can apply for it. She not a scrounger she just been told she can get milk tokens but we didn't know. Thanks hope b reply to this


You can apply for it yourself so that you are not forgotten. The form should be with the co. that you are with for your electric if you can't find it give them a ring


Just to raise awareness it appears that the scheme for winter 2014/2015 is now open so you can make a claim if you do not automatically qualify. I recommend early application.


I meet some of the criteria too have never had letter from DWP and very anoid that ive been missing out on this

Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  The FireAngel CO-9X £17.62 delivered @ Scottish Power
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Posted 2nd Nov 2011Posted 2nd Nov 2011
Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The FireAngel CO-9X £17.62 delivered @ Scottish Power£17.62
With winter on our doorstep, seems sensible to make sure we have these things installed in preparation for the boilers running flat out! This is a 25% off deal. Alternatives consid… Read more

As a major distributor of CO Alarms in the UK and Ireland, I agree with dca860, the battery product is the best product to use, because the sealed in Lithium Battery lasts the life of the Carbon monoxide sensor( 6.5 years, so there is no need for the expense of a mains product and all the wiring costs.


Kidde ones half price in Tesco (about £8.50). Has been posted. Good idea but not a great price.


a life is worth such a paltry sum for sure. Why threse aren't mandatory legally obliged kit for households I'll never know, as we have a woodburner (& a chimney thus running through the house) we have one in the well ventilated stove source room) & one in each of the bedrooms adjacent to the chimney stack, just in case over time there are leakages... you never know, it's unlined after all. don't gamble fit & forget, being a fire angel it'll probably have a little pop up red warning flag to say no battery if it's ever taken out, the PP9? these need are pricey but do last well.


Agreed, 7 years is a decent lifespan. I'm happy with my mains powered one :-) but this is a decent price for the specific unit


I cannot fathom the link issue - your's is identical to the one I put it! (I just checked it again and re-saved it - still no good) Most of the energy supplier ones are sealed batteries because statistics show the replaceable ones are in fact the ones people neglect to replace! The sealed ones last the life of the sensor unit - 7 years (as this one does). Probably enough? Tue enough mains ones will never run out but under government regs, unless it has a 13A plug on it, you need to get an electrician to install it! A 13A plug is no good as it will end up being sited at wainscot height which is not effective. In any case, I just posted this as an easy safe solution at a good price. I'm sure there are alternatives for the minorities wishes

Scottish Power avoid the increases of 10% & 19% by switching to Online energy Saver 14
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Posted 29th Jun 2011Posted 29th Jun 2011
Scottish Power avoid the increases of 10% & 19% by switching to Online energy Saver 14
YOU CAN ALSO GET THIS DEAL IF YOU ARE NOT A SCOTTISH POWER CUSTOMER!! If you are currently with Scottish Power for Gas & Electric and have been informed that your prices are g… Read more

2. They say that NOW. They can put the price up tomorrow as per T&Cs If they do you just leave and look for another supplier or tarriff. As mentioned you can leave without any penalty.


1. your current tariff hasnt increased YET. By the time it has, your new tariff will have probably gone up as well. 2. They say that NOW. They can put the price up tomorrow as per T&Cs


kiwikeen Guswold I'm with ScottishPower, so this looks good to me - but would appreciate someone explaining why this is getting cold votes. 1: By changing now you will immediately be paying a higher rate "Wrong" by moving to this I am saving 19% & 10% respectively, as the tarrif I am on is increasing in price. 2: They will raise the tarrifs on this product "Wrong" They have already stated that online Energy Saver 14 is not affected by the price rise. 3: You'll be locking yourself to Scottish power for another year "Wrong" If they increase the prices on this tarriff then you have the right to leave "without penalty" as per their terms and conditions which I have already posted earlier. 4: You won't gain any cashback for switching to a different supplier "Correct" But cashback is not everything if the prices are not cheaper. If I could get a cheaper tarrif with cashback then I would 100% be switching to that tarrif. Also at present there is not many good cashback deals out there at the moment. By switching to this tarriff you are only locking yourself in for 12 months if they do not increase the price, if they increase the price you have the right to leave without penalty!!


Many thanks for this detailed and informative reply - appreciate you taking the time to do that.


Quote from email received from Scottish Power....................... 'Your current product of Online Energy Reward is due to expire on 31st July 2011. As part of this product agreement there is a cancellation fee, however, by using your Right to Cancel, you will not be charged this fee should you wish to change supplier.'

Scottish Power New Online Energy Saver 6 - 3% cheaper than standard DD + £80 Quidco
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Posted 16th Jul 2009Posted 16th Jul 2009
Scottish Power New Online Energy Saver 6 - 3% cheaper than standard DD + £80 Quidco
3% cheaper than standard monthly direct debit price for gas & elec until August 2010 Is dual fuel so get discount for that too - up to £16.80pa (incl VAT) off. Online discoun… Read more

Ive had no issues with them. Manage my account online and enter the meter readings in at the beginning of each month so I know exactly what my bills are plus monthly useage. Works well for me. Means I get no shock bills through the post.


Anyone else willing to share their experiences of SP, thinking of changing will save £140 this year with quidco. But as already posted what price do you put on good service


Cardiff. Actually not sure if its still cheapest now, but I capped last year so it is for me. :thumbsup:


Where is it you live mikeyp?


These are cheapest in my area. But really is a hit and miss deal as wont be cheapest for alot of people. Depends on where you live.