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Wind Beater !!!! . Windproof Umbrella bogof £15.95 at @ Scottsofstow
59° Expired
Wind Beater !!!! . Windproof Umbrella bogof £15.95 at @ Scottsofstow£15.95
Ultra-strong windproof umbrella won't blow inside out. Buy one get one free Hold on tight
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:D class


Never worked for me


I need a pair of glasses, thought this was a deal for a scottish wifebeater at first glance.


I have a Fulton stormshield umbrella.Cost quite a bit,and claim it's great in the wind. Went out earlier and it constantly blew inside out,but corrected itself....mind you it is pretty wet and windy here in Keswick today. This deal one,is a fair bit cheaper,so I would have my doubts how good it can be.


Windproof lol quite a claim.

Silver Plated Mouse Was £19.95 Now 95p @ Scotts of Stow
61° Expired
Silver Plated Mouse Was £19.95 Now 95p @ Scotts of Stow£5.90
Delivery is a bit pricey at £4.95 but you could order a few to make it worth your while

Ha! But even more importantly will this work with my Windows 98SE machine?!:whistling:


Yeah but the important thing is whether Tony Blair will win the election or John Major?


Looks more like silver paint sprayed rather than actually silver plated


Middle button lol

Lupeto scroll wheel and probably uses a mechanical ball rather than optics. Probably worth the 95p without factoring in the delivery cost. Well, at least it's silver :-D

Celebration Glasses and Tray £1.00 @ Scotts of Stow
70° Expired
Celebration Glasses and Tray £1.00 @ Scotts of Stow£1
Some other £1 bargains on the site too. Fill ya boots to make the £4.95 delivery charge worthwhile 26SR gives £3 off FIRST ORDERS-Karri :) - karri123

I don't actually care that they are out of stock, these things happen. I wanted the items, but I accept mistakes happen. However I resent them not informing me, I resent them charging me for the missing items, and I resent them insisting I am in the wrong for questioning what they charged me! The fact that the items reappeared priced at £25 is even more suspicious, if they really ran out they would have removed them completely. Still, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I'll wait til Monday before I start 'promoting' them :whistling:


Sounds a pain! I ordered the same, 2 each of the three items and my total delivered came to £7.85 too :thinking: Hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:


Had a reply inisiting I wasn't charged for the missing items, despite it saying on my account and the bank statement that I was! I ordered 2 sets of glasses, 2 sets of napkins and 2 sets of side plates. I was charged, with delivery, £7.85. This all seems to match to me!


Had an email basicly saying tough, out of stock. No mention of what happens to the money I paid for them! I have replied asking why they were unable to tell me this prior to shipping, and why they still charged me for them despite knowing they couldn't supply (money didn't leave my account until wednesday). As a web developer this puts serious questions on their stock and ordering system, is there really no correlation between items shipped and items charged for? If stock on the website is not linked to real stock, which it can't be, then they should at least check items they aren't sending out are not billed for! Maybe I should sell them a new stock system!


Yeah, I had two of the serving sets and two sets of the glasses delivered as well. The dishes are what they are but look better in real life than in the pic and well worth the money imo. The glasses are great but sorry to say this think the best buy was the runner set-really looks lovely in a box and all-really hope you get yours! Anyone else had any delivered??

Portable Spa £349.95 (Reduced from £599.95) @ Scotts of Stow
-30° Expired
Portable Spa £349.95 (Reduced from £599.95) @ Scotts of Stow£349.95
C'mon over, I'm having a party! Your own home spa is no longer a daydream! This portable hot tub costs a fraction of the price of permanent hard-shell installations. It self-infla… Read more



you win. club points too. but what's going on with the couple in the photo? they look like they're both unconscious. perhaps they're having an affair and the mans wife has found out and slipped some sulpher peroxide into the water to teach them both a lesson.


ill look around and see if i could find one cheaper or the same price Can you imagine the look on my friends faces when i tell them i only payed £300 for it and it was in stock. lol


I just saw one of these in Asda Living - didnt check the price though.


£347-90 here

COOL CUSHION Air blowing Seat £3.15 plus P&P@Scotts of Stow
199° Expired
COOL CUSHION Air blowing Seat £3.15 plus P&P@Scotts of Stow£3.15
We received this in the post yesterday. It fits onto a car seat ( or deckchair!) or any other seat and literally blows cold air through it with adjustable control for either the se… Read more
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damn i would've loved one of these



I think I'd find it unpleasant having cold air blown up my bum. >_


that would have been good but sold out



Cat Travel Hamper from Scotts of Stow £7.15 (exc delivery)
-33° Expired
Cat Travel Hamper from Scotts of Stow £7.15 (exc delivery)£7.15
Purrfect for storing all your cats accessories, this lovely travel hamper also comes with a selection of feline related goodies. Neatly store your cats essentials on the go. Range… Read more
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For safety how oubout emptying the contents on the back seat and putting the cat in the basket?


I think if my cats went in my car my back would be shredded...Great Idea from a great Marketeer again!!


So total cost is £12.10

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Shoulder Snug And Lap Blanket 80% off Was £24.95 now £4.95 @Scotts of Stow Postage £4.95
309° Expired
Shoulder Snug And Lap Blanket 80% off Was £24.95 now £4.95 @Scotts of Stow Postage £4.95£4.95
Perfect for keeping warm while playing all those Xbox games through the night. Made from thickly-quilted and lined soft-touch microfibre, this clever 2-piece Shoulder Snug And Lap… Read more

have got one of these last week for my auntie it arrived and its ok and good bargain


:-D Classic. Very well done. Thank you


glad someone got the joke. thought this item was more entertaining than a gold plated hdmi cable.... but obviously not for everyone!;-)


Love it! :lol:


can't resist...]wtf blanket

The Ultimate Party Glass for 95p @ Scotts of Stow + £4.95 postage Save 51% so buy loads!
-31° Expired
The Ultimate Party Glass for 95p @ Scotts of Stow + £4.95 postage Save 51% so buy loads!£0.95
My god, the parties they must have in the Cotswolds... too drunk to remember where you left your glass. Imagine the scene with all the guests having these hanging round their necks… Read more

Yes Nathan... but can you tie them around your neck? No, you cant. You could buy some string and glue though. Perhaps the Tesco glasses could work that way. Would it have the same "exclusive" look though.


just buy a load of them 40p odd 4 pk/6pk glasses from tesco :P There quite tall also.


I know I didnt put on the postage. I know it's already been posted about the sale. It was just meant to be a laugh!!!!!!!! Has the Easter Bunny stolen everyone's sense of humour?




The sale at the site has already been posted. Good deal if buying other items.

Scotts of Stow - Clearance bargains!  Up to 84% off!
522° Expired
Scotts of Stow - Clearance bargains! Up to 84% off!£0.45
A variety of items. Some early christmas shopping possibly? Prices down as much as 84%. Starting as low as 45p. A few examples; Cream Fleece Robe - £7.95 NOW £1.95 5 photo tot… Read more

You're unlikely to find any delivery codes... their charge is immovable and you'll forfeit this amount if you have to return the item. A recent purchase took two weeks to arrive; and phone staff seemed disinterested and uncaring.


Good posting, lots of stuff not at all to my taste but bought a few party glasses and a mini inverter. Now the kids can use the laptop on long journeys and I won't lose my wine at parties. Everyone's happy!


Presumably you're male,i've had probs opening jars,i sometimes have to use a rubber glove for a good grip:w00t:


Thank you, wanted the photo tote bags for gifts for ages, well worth the postage on top !


Great Find. Don't forget 8% Top cashback

Radiator Cat bed £2.95 inc free personalisation @ Scotts of Stow £7.90 delivered for 1
595° Expired
Radiator Cat bed £2.95 inc free personalisation @ Scotts of Stow £7.90 delivered for 1£2.95
Radiator cat bed and free personalisation. Postage is fairly steep at £4.95 but its per order, so if you order more than one item its much more palatable. I ordered 3 lol Cheape… Read more
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Still havent got mine either - although i did get a confirmation of my order a couple of days ago! (poor cat hasn't slept for almost a month now!)


Ordered mine on 31st Dec and it's still not arrived....


good idea! Let me know what they say! the length of the cover does seem to be rather excessive!


mine came this morning;-) The cover is way too big for the frame. If you look at the diagram in the box the back peice is meant to be alot longer and the cover fits just right. The one I got is too long by about 8/9 inches:x. I wonder if it is a duff batch they are clearing out. Not happy especially as the price has now dropped to £1.80. Anyone elses the same. I might email them and see what they say.


mine have just arrived! parcel force is on top form this morning lol - its sooo early! Anyway I have to admit the quality isnt great. ITs sort of a furry pillowcase that pulls over a wire frame. Perfect for my slimline cats but if you have a garfield it might not be strong enough. I am glad these were cheap and they are fine for my skinny breeds, but i have a feeling some people may be very dissapointed. I am glad they were really cheap though as they certainly werent worth the £20 original price!! I have had the cheapy one from zooplus before and its a similar contruction - as these were cheaper i think it was still a good deal. Another thing to add is that yes they are personalised but each one is slightly different! One is printed, another looks like wool applique and the other is embroidered! WTF? venus x

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