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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Scream Pubs 2 Scream Burgers (and chips) for £5

Thanks for this . Used it last night before a gig in Manchester. Burgers were really nice and fresh- Proper chicken burger - chicken fillet not breaded thing. Will visit again



£2 Discount
£2 Discount
Scream Pubs 2 Burgers for £5

The Alex in Southend do lovely burgers! I got 2 burgers and two beers for free one day walking down the high street and they were lovely, definately worth £5 for 2


that'll be Wednesday's lunch for me :w00t: i'm gonna go Las Iguanas today its bout time i used my 20% off student discount card plus 241 on cocktails :whistling:


Yes you need to sign up as it generates your own number, you don't have to put in true details of cause.:thumbsup: So a beef scream burger and a chicken scream burger,one with chips and one with salad for £5. Lunch sorted! lol


you're welcome :) looks like the link for the voucher i put up in the OP is broken i think maybe it can only be clicked a few times, if ppl sign up themselves they'll get the voucher too :thumbsup:


Ah that will come in handy. Cheers. So looking at it its essentially 2 for 1.

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50% off food in all Scream Pubs (today only) at Scream Pubs
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Posted 7th Apr 2013Posted 7th Apr 2013
50% off food in all Scream Pubs (today only) at Scream Pubs£1
As posted on the official Scream Pubs Facebook page. No voucher required, just order as normal. Today only (7.4.13) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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50% off every Sunday in bham city Uni scream pub


I lived off scream as a student, so stodgy but so good!


The Scream Burgers from The Camel's Hump in Middlesbrough were legendary, ahhh memories!....

Free Classic Burger with any drink if you sign up to Scream Pubs CHAIN OF PUBS LOTS OF LOCATIONS
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Posted 24th Feb 2012Posted 24th Feb 2012
Free Classic Burger with any drink if you sign up to Scream Pubs CHAIN OF PUBS LOTS OF LOCATIONS
Hi there, I just saw this and thought it was pretty good if you have a pub closeby. They seem to have good offers. You get a classic burger with any drink when you sign up. I noti… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Drink should cost 1 pound or more, it states on the voucher.


Good deal, got it today with a 20p Orange juice!


Having this in the deals where schmoogie7 initially put it is the right place. So, thanks for doing that smoogie7 and please don't stop posting good deals. It doesn't though belong in the freebies, as suggested later, as it needs a drink buying first. All supermarket bogofs would end up in the freebies section if that were the case, which is clearly wrong.


Which I CLEARLY stated in the heading!!! with regards to your last suggestion. I really don't understand why it is you're making a big deal about this and saying it's a terrible description :/ Very odd and it just reminds me why so many others and I that I know of don't ever bother on here. As there are some seriously ott people who post on here and can be quite malicious with comments. I think people lose sight of what this site is all about. It's about HELPING others. So don't think it's polite to make snide comments when a person didn't have to take time out of their day to post on here. Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...


Thanks :) I'm beginning to remember why I don't usually post on here :/ all the squabbles and protocol that people are EXPECTED to know on here is ridiculous. oO lol. Sometimes think people forget this site is all about helping people save money not argue and become petty and be judged on description. I think it's seriously CLEAR by what I've said what the crack is but hey ho. X)

Free Ciders To Celebrate Ciderfest Scream pubs
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Posted 25th Apr 2009Posted 25th Apr 2009
Free Ciders To Celebrate Ciderfest Scream pubs
DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE VOUCHER NOW Free half pint of Bulmers, half of Magners. Vald until 28/04/09 Voucher code changes everytime so maybe you can use it more than once My friend sent… Read more

why has this been expired? voucher and link still work


The pub next to my building at uni is a scream pub :thumbsup: Pint between lectures - cheers !


back to uni this week, and there's a scream pub just off campus, so hot! It says in the terms you can get a pint of pepsi instead if you dont drink/are driving


Hot! Thanks will go there later this week


It's 2 half pints so it makes a mans drink :):-D

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% offBack! 2 Scream Burgers for £5 (with chips)13/10/2010
£2Voucher for 2 scream burgers for £521/10/2009
£5Scream Pubs 2 Scream Burgers (and chips) for £58/09/2020
% offTwo burgers for £5 at any 'Scream Pubs' Pub22/09/2009
£2Scream Pubs 2 Burgers for £510/06/2009