Screwfix 10% Off Voucher expires Midnight 30/10/09

Screwfix 10% Off Voucher expires Midnight 30/10/09


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your post was deleted as you still havent noticed that this is not a dupe its has a different code and it finishes on a different day - you have been wrong and even reposted it after the mods removed your incorrect post the first time

get your facts straight in future and learn to read :x

Please dont PM me rude messages again.

The simple fact is that you posted a 10% off code when there was already one posted by me (that has now expired) Now take a deep breath.

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I called you a fool hardly rude - fair comment I believe after you incorrectly called this a dupe twice - after your first post was removed by the mods for being incorrect you posted it again LOL ;-)

oh and newbie youll find Wickes 10% vouchers always overlap as they often send them out 2 x week
and learn the rules of this site you spam dupes not expire and different vouchers can run co currently

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ah just looked at your posts - I see your problem

you only post screwfix 10% off deals and think you have some god given right that only you may post them

well wise up - this site and the deals on it are for the benefit of others, not so you can have some power trip
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