Screwfix vouchers (Various spends)

Screwfix vouchers (Various spends)

Found 29th Jan 2016
So I have just received these in the post, not sure if they're a one hit wonder but I was just going to throw them until I thought of you lovely people!
Expires 07/02/16

£5 when you spend £25 = NYBLV3
£10 when you spend £50 = NYBLV4
£15 when you spend £75 = NYBLV5

I hope the come of some use to someone
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Great thanks, we were about to put in an order!
thank you very much OP. Heat added
Dont think it works, it says code accepted but nothing actually came off for me. thanks for sharing though
Not working for me
did not work with me either
OK, sorry guys. I'll expire then then...
Worked for me - Thanks!
Screwfix code did not work

These are not transferable between everyone.

The vouchers can only be used by the people they were sent to. So my father got some and I didn't but my father could only use them, not me. The customer number is printed on the bottom.

Thankfully my father used them on my behalf.

That's why it says added online but doesn't actually affect the price.
What's the code? I got the letter but can't find it now!
Tried and got the following message: We are unable to apply the promotional code you entered (NYBLV3), because the code is incorrect or out of date. Please check and re-enter.
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