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Bozita Cat Food Reindeer  Chunks @ SeaPets (high quality food) £1.09
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Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
Bozita Cat Food Reindeer Chunks @ SeaPets (high quality food) £1.09£1.09
Finally got me some Flamedeer :) Overdone Joking aside this is really good food nearly all meat full of good stuff rather than addatives :) Bozita Cat Food Reindeer Chunks in Sauc… Read more

also bought this for my cats, but get it from zooplus


Cheaper at Zooplus (if you are buying a few) My cats love it too!,infact they love most of the Bozita flavours.


:) Glad to hear it, My cat enjoys it.


Awesome, my cats will love this on Christmas day :)


hungry reindeer will love this

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Posted 14th Sep 2013Posted 14th Sep 2013
MARINA 160 AQUARIUM AND CABINET/STAND £184.95 @ Seapets£184.95
Bargain for 160 litres of aquarium and stand plus all accessories needed to make this a tropical aquarium, heater, filters, lights and thermometer plus a few other bits. bargain @£… Read more

Maybe because the link goes to seapets?


Thanks for that. I never had more than about 10 fish in there at any one time. Mostly the size of neon tetras so overcrowding shouldn't have been a problem in a 125l tank. All bought from local Maidenhead Aquatics so reasonably reputable etc. Initially I added to tap water to change Ph levels but Maidenhead said that this was not necessary so I just added Nutrafin Aqua+ and Nutrafin Cycle. Water was regularly tested incl taking sample to Maidenhead for them to test a couple of times. All test results within acceptable limits. I was using a Fluval 3 filter and someone has suggested using an external filter so may give that a go next time. The only problem that I had was copious amounts of green algae - despite changing water (30%) every 2 weeks. I don't know what caused that and if that would have had a detrimental effect on the fish.


One can only guess but the rule of thumb is generally: - if they die within hours of getting home then likely to be stress/something the fish store did (some fish even have hormones added to the water to make them brighter...which can kill them wouldnt believe some of the tricks). Also, some fish stores will give you rubbish info, so google is your friend. Examples over the years include: Q: how big will this crab grow? A: not much bigger than it is -> 5 years later said crab is about 40cm larger than the 3cm that it was. Q: what kind of water does this fish need? A: freshwater -> It wasn't. "Brackish" is not fresh. It died that night. - Otherwise look for symptoms. All fish doing the same thing (eg gasping at the top) is generally a sign you might want to change the water every day for a few days (theres various reasons for this but most are fixed with water changes). Also - test the water, you'll probably find the answer that way. - fish off balance or acting oddly can be diseased or infected and this can pass to other fish, although disease is less common than you think, for example I've never seen any disease in my tanks thankfully in my whole time keeping fish. But - learn how to look for diseases in fish shops, you'd be surprised how many diseased fish are for sale in pet shops...overcrowding I think causes this. Mouth is the first place to start looking, there shouldn't be any blobs or fluff on or around the mouth. If one fish in a tank is diseased DONT buy any other fish from that tank, and check if the store has a central water pumping system as sometimes this could pass disease to ANY fish in the store. I have been known to leg it from such stores without buying a fish. I've always found fish extremely easy to keep tbh, even the so called "tricky" ones. I think the key is not overstocking the tank. I'd probably put something like 4 angel fish, 10 small (tetra size) and 2-4 bottom feeders like cory catfish in the tank on offer. And some shrimps, so long as the angels are added when small then they wont eat them. And a nerite snail. If you lost 40+ in a row then I would guess something is very wrong, something like perhaps you are cleaning things in the tank with bleach which is a sure fire fish killer, or you're not dechlorinating, or overstocking, or the temp is wrong, or even your significant other isn't a fan of fish and is sabotaging them (lol - could happen!). Try easier fish, angelfish are a lot hardier than you might believe, gourami are pretty easy too. Goldfish are actually a real pain because they cr*p a lot and poison themselves. Oh - also - super important - add the fish in slowly. Buy 2, leave them in for a week or at least a few days, buy another 2, and so on. The tank needs to adjust its bacteria levels to digest the fish poop, so the slower you add the fish, the less you spike the ammonia levels. OK time to stop waffling on and get back to work :)


This is fab, nothing like being able to catch your own fish for dinner.


Bought my fishtank from loot, (slightly bigger than this one) had a fluval 4 (internal which works great) for long time then went for a external filter tetra ex1200 seems to be keeping the water clean, but also the tank looks bigger because i've removed the internal filter ( i have an understocked tank (few fish) now trying to set up an aquascape I am using cat litter as the substrate (the pink one) looks really nice :) lot cheaper than any aquarium gravel plastic plants never look good,All the plants bought off ebay dont buy any sets or packs of plants, there is nothing wrong with them, its just you end up with lots of big plants and no real shape to your tank. just do a little research and find the ones you want and where you will put them, the same people design gardens

Roma 200v Fish tank £275.95 at Seapets
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Posted 25th Aug 2013Posted 25th Aug 2013
Roma 200v Fish tank £275.95 at Seapets£275.95
Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium and Cabinet New Design The New Design Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium and Cabinet. The Fluval Roma is a rectangular aquarium designed on clean, simple lines to b… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I had a tank delivered a couple of weeks back they also called on the morning with a more accurate time. The chap lowered it on a pallet and once I'd inspected it and taken it into the house he took the pallet away with him. I was a little worried by the email of delivery demands too. I got the 80cm Aquael Ecoline Bow which is on offer for £99 rather than £145 as it is end of life, feel free to post it as a deal as I can't be bothered.


Had a call today from 'Palletways' who apparently handle all seapets tank deliveries. Coming on Monday - couldnt give me an exact time, was just told anywhere between 9 and 5 (altho their website says deliveries start at 7am! :o . From the looks of things its delivered attached to a pallet (which you have to dispose of if any of the reviews are correct). Got a big email from seapets demanding I check every inch of the glass before signing for the tank, saying they will not provide a replacement if its damaged and you've signed for it (which IIRC is illegal). Anyhoo hopefully it'll get here and all be ok - can't wait to get started on it. Moving up from a Lido 120. I highly recommend joining if you havent already - some great info and people on there. I'm 'RickM' over there.


great advice. I will do this. Thanks. paul


just waiting for a call from the courier to select a del date. Tank ready to ship so the email from seapets say. can't wait tbh. my old tank sprang a leak 3years ago and I was due to replace. Paul s


Had confirmation of dispatch today from Seapets so probably delivered early next week

Fluval Edge Aquarium 23 Litre Gloss Pewter with built in filter + Extras  £79.95 Delivered @ Seapets
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Posted 1st Sep 2012Posted 1st Sep 2012
Fluval Edge Aquarium 23 Litre Gloss Pewter with built in filter + Extras £79.95 Delivered @ Seapets£79.95
Was looking for a replacement fishtank as mine decided to crack yesterday (which was fun) thought this was a decent price The Fluval Edge Aquarium from Seapets comes equipped with… Read more

100 quid now expired !


tank looks really nice


interesting thread!


Couldn't agree more.Having worked in the aquatics industry for some time, I always try to advise those new to the hobby to buy as big as their budget and space permits, as it will be easier in the long run.Following all of the hubbub of this thread, while at the carboot this morning I actually picked up a black Fluval Edge for £10, with the standard halogen bulb fitments...after a bit of tinkering, it now runs a 40+ LED light bar and I've moved my Bettas (and a grumpy old Swordtail!) over into the tank, from their old 15L setup, to see how they do...will be interesting:Will look better once the water has cleared out a bit.


Fish DO NOT stop growing because a tank is too small, they will however die way before they reach full size if the tank is too small. These tank are not cruel ( although the design is awful) as long as the correct species are kept in them. If you are new to fish keeping you would be better starting with something around 200 litres or larger, it's easier to keep a larger tank & nano tanks are really only for experienced fish keepers who know what to keep in them.

Seneye USB Home Solution for Aquariums - £49.15 @ Seapets
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Posted 11th Jul 2012Posted 11th Jul 2012
Seneye USB Home Solution for Aquariums - £49.15 @ Seapets£49.15
Seeing how expensive water testing kits are these days (or how deadly to the fish it can be if the heater packs in), I thought this looked like a pretty good investment? --------… Read more

Well AFAIK they are bringing an update out that tests for those as well. Not sure if it's been released or not yet...


Looks really expensive for what it does


It's only testing for ammonia and not nitrite or nitrate so would still need manual tests!! Seems a waste of money IMO! But thanks for posting as just setting up cold water aquarium


Not so much the cost, all it seems to be realistically is a thermometer and light senser, I can see the light and water level by looking at the tank. So really its a £50 thermometer, I reckon that can be sorted cheaper. As for testing the water, it needs doing manually with this, so may as well stick to the chemicals


Ah yeah, didn't notice the monthly sub. Seems to be £6-7. Bit rubbish now then! This post needs a Seneye because it's about to go freezing :D

Fluval Chi 25l Aquarium - £69.95 @ Seapets
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Posted 4th Jan 2011Posted 4th Jan 2011
Fluval Chi 25l Aquarium - £69.95 @ Seapets£69.95
New for 2010. Now in Stock. The Fluval Chi goes far beyond conventional aquariums. It allows ones self expression and infuses itself into everything by creating a harmonious envir… Read more

I don't know what barbs are, I myself am not very high up the evolutionary ladder. But I take your word on it, mamboboy !


Someone posted the 19L the other day, id seen these in Jollyes pet superstores they had the 25l for £65 and 19l for £50.. The box recomends platties (as pictured) minos etc for the tank as it said they could be kept in cold water... hmmm dont think id keep a platties in cold water. Look really good but I went for the Fluval edge tank in the end.


this is lovely! I want one but don't think i'll be allowed!!


I know goldfish aren't very high up the evolutionary ladder ... but they don't seem to have much space for their swimming about ? Our Sparky had more room in his 1970's plastic tank, which cost me Mam a couple of quid off the rag n bone. And he had an Airfix model of the Vasa to contend with too. Lived for donkeys years, that goldfish.


nice tank, very chic

Fluval Roma 240 Aquarium and Free Cabinet £298.50  @ Seapets
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Posted 18th Nov 2010Posted 18th Nov 2010
Fluval Roma 240 Aquarium and Free Cabinet £298.50 @ Seapets£298.50
I have been looking at aquarium for a while and found this model to be the cheapest for a decent size (for a newbie) tank. 240L, 120cm wide, you won't find another tank with cabine… Read more

Don't get the mentality of keeping fish, reptiles or birds (or any animal) in a tiny confined space like a tank or cage as 'pets' or ornaments at all, kind of grotesque. Just an opinion, I'm sure the 'Seapets' deal is better than any similar...


LOL !! You're showing your age mate (_;) Not that I remember folk making stands out of Dexion (sp?) / angle frame


Ah old fashioned me. They never look quite right if they ain't resting on an angle iron frame


best advice i can give in fish keeping are... check out or badmans tropical, or firstfishtank, these are ace site for the beginner :)


You could get alot better aquarium alot cheaper in the classifieds of aquarist classifieds, and possibly get help from the seller to set it up too. I would never buy a new tank agan, far too expensive when you can get good one second hand. Been keeping fish for over 20 years and in that time all my tanks have been second or third hand, only fish tank I had new was one given to me by my best friend... :) voted hot any way as not bad for a starter kit even though with a little research you could get better cheaper...

Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium with Cabinet £199.99 Delivered @ Seapets
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Posted 12th Sep 2010Posted 12th Sep 2010
Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium with Cabinet £199.99 Delivered @ Seapets£199.99
125 Litre aquarium with a fluval U3 internal filter and a free cabinet! Lots of other accessories including; 150watt heater, GLO lighting, LCD thermometer, gravel hoover, gravel,… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

bought ours 2nd hand, about 2 years but looks new.....juwel 180 vision curved with cabinet, loads of extras, 2 pumps, 2 heaters, hoover, 30 fish inc 3 clown fish, test kits, filters, etc...absolutely mint - bought for £100 but worth about £1K this is ours - ad is for cabinet but includes cabinet and aquarium better than this rubbish


Isnt pet smart an American chain? :S Oh well, all I know is this is cheaper than anywhere else at this minute :)


I got the 200 (much bigger) fro £169 at petsmarts last year.... So cold from me

Juwel Korall 60 Tropical Aquarium - Inc. light, filter & heater - £67.95 Delivered @ Seapets
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Posted 4th Mar 2010Posted 4th Mar 2010
Juwel Korall 60 Tropical Aquarium - Inc. light, filter & heater - £67.95 Delivered @ Seapets£67.95
Aquarium Product description The Juwel Korall 60 Aquarium for Tropical Fish is the superb starter level aquarium from Juwel. It offers all the exceptional build quality and advanta… Read more

Thanks for your replies chap's, The Fluval Edge looks very interesting, I'll have to check that out down at the local shop. m27try. I don't know what your DIY skills are but, you'll have to carefully reinforce that cabinet with 18mm ply to be able to with stand the weight of your tank, as well as fixing it back securely to the wall. I'm a retired chippy so I can see what needs to be done.


jeez, these things are heavy, just found out the 63l version with water inside will weigh 70KG!!! thus the one in the post should weigh about 59kg. i was thing of buying it along with this bookcase/cabinet to keep it in ]|category_root|Home%2Band%2Bfurniture|14417894/c_2/3|15701232|Living%2Broom%2Bfurniture|14418122/c_3/4|cat_14418122|Bookcases%2Band%2Bshelving|14418127.htm the shelves are 22mm thick, but not sure the joints will handle the weight, unless i add additonal brace


The look nice .... but .... Jesus H Christ, £170 for a 30ltr tank ?!?!?! Apart from being desperately expensive, you'll "grow out" of a 30ltr tank in very little time


Curved corners and bow fronts, not completely sure I like the visual effect but I do like losing the framework. A quick question slightly off topic: anyone have a view on submersible LED strips for night time light in aquariums? Good/bad thing?


To be honest, I prefer a cheap tank thats made in Germany than a cheap tank thats made in China. The last tank I bought was an AA aquarium (I think they are rebadged "Fish R Fun" aquariums in the UK) similar to the Orca with the curve corners from Tung Choi Street in HK and it started to leak after 4 years use. Hopefully, my Rekord 600 will last longer than 4 years. BTW, aquariums and virtually all aquarium related products sold in Tung Choi Street HK are about half the price of the UK. It's more difficult to bring one over to the UK now that most of the major airlines have adopted a one luggage policy.

Fluval FX5 external filter RRP £352.49   only £149.95 @seapets
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Posted 21st Feb 2010Posted 21st Feb 2010
Fluval FX5 external filter RRP £352.49 only £149.95 @seapets£149.95
just got 1 of these for my piranha tank these are one of the best filters you can get and usually very expensive so if you keep fish and want a great filter you should get one of t… Read more

Cheers, will do


try your local gumtree web site i use glasgow gumtree all the time and get some great deals on tanks you can also try aquarist classifieds:thumbsup:


Good deal, we don't see enough aquarium deals on here, I want a tank+cabinet around a Rio 180 in size but have never seen a decent deal.


lol yeah they are very powerful. piranha are messy eaters though so you need a good external like an fx5.


Up to 1500 Litres? Thats not an aquarium thats a swimming pool :-D