Season's greetings - our 20% off gift to you from Matalan !

Season's greetings - our 20% off gift to you from Matalan !



Sweet, will head to Matalan tomorrow and see if there's any last minute pressies I can get any one
Matalan = Chav outfitters
TDL 76;1359951

Matalan = Chav outfitters

Harsh..........but true.
Is Matalan the shop where everthing is in a big heap in the middle of the floor?
nah Matalan is the new C&A, they make sell some good quality casual wear, good first post stikyman.
Good first post ]stickyman[COLOR=Black] :thumbsup: Thanks and welcometo HUKD's
I've updated your title to include the retailer which always try to show here for vouchers
Nice 1 stickyman :thumbsup:

Thanks Gary
Last time I was in Matalan they had LCD TV's behind the tills, didn't take any notice of the prices but with 20% off there could be some bargains!

EDIT - Just read the T&C's, not usable on electrical (except lighting) oh well.
Good post. Half their stock may be junk chav stuff but some of the stuff is good quality/good design. Ikea isnt much better!
Thanks for the post saved me £8 today
Thanks for the post i'm sure i will make use
Good find!
Chavs? I get all my socks and undercrackers from here... I'd consider other stuff but when I have been there it's always clothes for fatties... Never seen a pair of jeans below 44" waist!:giggle:
Thanks, voted hot
went to matalan today and thought its worth noting that all ladies coats have 20% off advertised by them, and then you get the 20% voucher off as well .....and the voucher takes 20% off the full value not the discounted value so in effect 40% discount!... got a lovely ladies leather jacket priced at £35 for £21 , im sure this works for any other instore offers too so makes it a even better deal
Just had something through the post today to say that their sale begins on 24th December...the voucher will still be valid that day too so happy days :santa:
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