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New SEAT Tarraco 1.5 TSI EVO 150bhp SE Technology 5dr Petrol 7 seater - £21,873 @ SG PETCH
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Posted 30th Jan 2020Posted 30th Jan 2020
New SEAT Tarraco 1.5 TSI EVO 150bhp SE Technology 5dr Petrol 7 seater - £21,873 @ SG PETCH£21,873£29,35025% off
Good looking 7 seater from the VW group now available for £21,873.00 at SG PETCH saving £7477 from the list price. And Auto Express best large SUV award winner:https://www.autoex… Read more

Apparently there wasn’t any available a week ago


Then it's dead then.


Does anyone know if this deal is still live? Not showing on the site anymore


Thank you, I thought that might be the case


I rang them over weekend, not available at this price, was going to check and ring me back but didn't bother ! Typical switch and bait, had this before with car dealers advertising prices which are not available. Best to go through Car Wow and not bother with these wasters.....

Seat Tarraco 1.5tsi evo SE technology £7,477 @ SG Petch
Posted 27th Jan 2020Posted 27th Jan 2020
Seat Tarraco 1.5tsi evo SE technology £7,477 @ SG Petch£7,477
Price drop. Was £29,350, Now £7,477. New SEAT Tarraco 1.5 TSI EVO 150bhp SE Technology 5dr Petrol 7 seater - 6 speed manual. You get Volkswagen Group engineering, sharp styling, g… Read more

Bought 5 for buying 4 was discouraged.


Or "I'm going to complain to Trading Standards! I know my rights!"


Four comments and no "Bought 4 for eBay"


Deffo a mistake on price


Isnt it £21,873, the saving is £7,477

New Seat Tarraco 7 seater 1.5tsi evo SE technology now £21,495 @ SG PETCH
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
New Seat Tarraco 7 seater 1.5tsi evo SE technology now £21,495 @ SG PETCH£21,495£29,26027% off
This deal is on again... Seen a few on the road recently & it's a good looking 7 seater from the VW group. Now available for £21,495.00 at SG PETCH saving £7765 from list pri… Read more

Yes of course I do hence I put "Servicing". As in the Tesla version of a service. This is his car getting the correction detail they also paid for due to their "authorised repair centre" screwing up the paint when they replaced an ill fitting rear quarter glass - Why "of course" they are being made in China? I didn't know there was even a Chinese factory until the salesman said. Also, He categorically said that all new Model 3's will be made in China so I am not sure where you are getting your info from? Maybe the Tesla salesman is making the whole thing up.....after all I guess telling all the customers they are made in China must be a right money spinner for them. Not sure why I or the salesman would make that up? (lol) Also there is a bit more to go wrong assembling a car on a production line than there is assembling a couple of bits of PCB into a phone case which is mostly automated.


Of course you have a mate who got 4 years servicing- there is no servicing. Of course all new Model 3 s are made in China. China has only just started making a few vehicles, and will be busy supplying the Chinese demand- not the UK. USA is supplying the UK until Germany is open. You are making the whole lot up my friend. And if they do make more eventually for the UK etc in China, unlikely, it makes no difference. China makes excellent quality goods- ask Apple.


Wrong views? These are not my views. They are a statement of easily verifiable fact from independent sources.


Mate has a Model-X. Tesla have had it more than he has, terrible reliability and build. He's got 4 years free 'servicing' and auto pilot so far out of them as compensation. Model-3's from this year are now being built in China so expect the reliability and build quality to fall even further lower than the Cali factory. I went to look at a Model 3 over xmas and was vaguely interested until the salesmen said that all new 3's being built would be Chinese.


Most unreliable? One of the most reliable according to the latest What Car. Record sales last quarter, and a market cap now worth nearly as much as GM and Ford combined. Built a Gigafactory in China and producing cars within a year. Germany to to follow. Cannot meet UK demand without months of wait. You need to get in the new decade, and move away from your wrong views.

New SEAT Tarraco 1.5 TSI EVO 150bhp SE Technology 5dr Petrol 7 seater now £21,495 @ SG Petch
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Posted 12th Oct 2019Posted 12th Oct 2019
New SEAT Tarraco 1.5 TSI EVO 150bhp SE Technology 5dr Petrol 7 seater now £21,495 @ SG Petch£21,495£29,26027% off
I was recently asked to try & find a deal on a 7 seater and came across this deal, which happens to also be The Auto Express Best large SUV of the year winner 2019 - see here … Read more

You do understand he was asking a question? And you answered with something irrelevant? You do understand he may want to know if the tourqe is low down in rev range? He may want to tow something.


And so you use your gearstick to put your engine revs into the peak band of the torque curve when you need to use it. Most people are just pootling around most of the time and don't need to use their engine's peak power output anyway. These new small petrol engines are surprisingly tractable. I test drove a vehicle recently with similarly spec'd petrol and diesel engines for torque and power. I was expecting the diesel to win hands down, but ended up ordering the petrol variant. The downside is fuel efficiency.


Now sold out, unfortunately.


Might even be manufactured in the same factory. AFAIK, the Skoda Karoq and the Seat Ateca are the "same" car, both manufactured in the Czech Republic factory


You do realise that an engine produces different peak torque and hp values at different rpms. It was a simple question

Abarth 124 1.4 T Spider Scorpione 2-year (6000 miles pa) - [inc VAT] 24 months £199 p/m initial payment £1393 - Total £5970 @ Sgpetch
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Posted 8th Nov 2017Posted 8th Nov 2017LocalLocal
Abarth 124 1.4 T Spider Scorpione 2-year (6000 miles pa) - [inc VAT] 24 months £199 p/m initial payment £1393 - Total £5970 @ Sgpetch£5,970
Hi, SG Petch are doing a Personal Contract Hire deal on the Abarth 124 1.4 T Spider Scorpione. Term - 24 months Deal type - 7 + 23 Intial payment - £1393 Monthly payment - £199 T… Read more

Not sure you can lease an MX-5 as cheaply as this though.


Easier to drive too. The Fiat is all mid-range power, nothing low down, nothing high up. Which is awful for a sports car.


Was looking to get the Mrs 595 upgraded soon and was tempted by this. Shame the mileage is so low.


Thank you but there will be no fiddling with my gear knob whilst we go on a test drive.


Time is money, you'll get 2 more appointments in per day plus room enough for all your peroxide and scissors in the spacious boot.