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Save £5 on your first month of Shadow Tech Boost Subscription!
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Posted 27th Jul 2020Posted 27th Jul 2020
Save £5 on your first month of Shadow Tech Boost Subscription!£9.99£14.9933% off
Enter discount code "ILOVESHADOW" at the preorder checkout screen and it'll reduce the monthly bill from £14.99 to £9.99 for your first month ONLY!

Code still works


How do I get shadow asap please don't mind which ever data centre or via vpn... Just need now now! I can't afford to wait till Feb 2021 !!! Thanks Meow x


Hi, There's a long waiting list due to the demand. Depends on where you're located and what data centre you'll be linked to but some preorders are now Feb 2021.


Hey! Can someone confirm I have to wait till feb 2021 for shadow service??? Wondering what everyone else has got? Thanks! Meow x


Nice find @ABearCalledYodel365 ; thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals (y)

Shadow Tech, Cloud based gaming subscription. GeForce 1080 equivalent. Cloud PC £16.95 with code at Shadow Tech. Black Friday Deal
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Shadow Tech, Cloud based gaming subscription. GeForce 1080 equivalent. Cloud PC £16.95 with code at Shadow Tech. Black Friday Deal£16.95£26.9537% off
So, I found this code when looking through google for discount codes, it said it wouldn’t be live until Black Friday but I couldn’t wait, I tried it and it works. This code takes t… Read more

As this says, just the service only is included. The box is not.


What box? You download an app on your PC or Android Phone/iPhone, then connect remotely to your rented gaming PC. Then you have full control of that PC and can install whatever you like on it.


Ah yes sorry a box and subscription, uh wonderful...


its not even a streaming box, its a service only unless I'm missing something


Misleading, this is a subscription service right? no actual hardware? I would punt the money for a streaming box but as far as cloud based gaming is concerned I have issues with Nvidia on a wired connection, if they cant get it right I doubt these lot can

Blade Shadow Cloud PC Subscription
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Posted 9th Mar 2018Posted 9th Mar 2018
Blade Shadow Cloud PC Subscription£26.95£39.9533% off
Ok Go easy on me, first time I've actually posted a deal and you guys may not think it's a deal Essentially this is a subscription that will replace a home gaming PC with a cloud… Read more

£10 code ->JOS99QVS


Honestly the service is really great for those with a low-end PC like I do, and seeing as i'm on a budget it would be really appreciative if anyone thinking of getting the service could help a friend, referral code is JACPRK6T.


Think it's only the first month though and then goes back to 26.95 afterwards


i did try post a new deal, The price is now £16.95 per month with black friday code: BlackFriday2018


By the way, they have a new voucher - SPOOKY for Halloween. It gives £10 off your first month.