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£1 Discount
£1 Discount
£1 off £10 fuel purchase at Shell via App (Account Specific)
£1.00 off any Shell branded fuel (minimum £10.00 fuel purchase). Activate your reward in app or online, and then scan your phone/card/key fob when you pay to redeem this reward. Yo… Read more

Anyone know if this voucher appears for new accounts?


(confused) I feel sorry for the ASA staff that has to deal with your call Maybe look up the definition of fuel before going ahead with your "complaint"


Time to call the ASA. Ad says "Any Shell branded fuel". Does NOT include "Shell Recharge" for EVs.


Dearest fuel anywhere.


I got my reward after 10 fill ups of £60 - a whole entire £1.40 off! Wow. £600 spend at shell and I get the amazing reward of £1.40. Bring back esso tiger tokens so I can get some pull back and go cars instead.

£0.03 Discount
£0.03 Discount
3p off petrol @ Shell
3p 0ff litre petrol shell app rewards

My local Shell has diesel at 1.22 now, Morrison’s at 1.06! No contest




They all have to stick to a regulator so i dunno how it can be any different plus supermarket petrol has the highest percentage of the market... the other garages rip the hole out it


Sure (lol) (y)


Lol...your quite funny😄 only trying to help the helpless.

£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Shell £50 worth voucher - Get £50 worth of discount coupons when you spend £30 or more on fuel.
INSTRUCTIONS: Some useful vouchers Get £50 worth of discount coupons when you spend £30 or more on fuel. MINIMUM SPEND: £30

What are the vouchers then? People can then decide if its worth it before rushing off to fill up. I got something similar when I joined Shell Driving Club and the vouchers were pretty much useless.


Typical, my local Shell isn't participating for some reason.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Free Fuel at Shell with Shell Fill Up & Go Paying by Paypal
INSTRUCTIONS: Requires you to pick up the leaflet in store and scan the QR code (or try the link posted), save the PayPal £5 voucher and download the Shell app to redeem £5 on y… Read more

No unfortunately not! Maybe they want to drag you inside to buy shopping


Does your Shell not have Pay at Pump? Almost every petrol station nearby has these. Can't remember the last time I needed to go into a shop to pay. Heat OP!


They had this last year, heat added.


Not sure how £5 of free fuel can be anything but hot be oh well! I suspect you can use it as its a different offer. I've been using PayPal and Shell app for a while and it's still applied the voucher to my account. It's really good being able to just fill up and drive away and not have to join the long queue of people doing their weekly shop in the mini Waitrose. Also saves all the receipts so I can easily access them for work expenses.


Sorry I think I voted cold by mistake

Print your own voucher £2 off SHELL HELIX ULTRA E Motor oil
Print your own voucher £2 off SHELL HELIX ULTRA E Motor oil Vaild for 1ltr pack

What's the price after discount?


Should this not be in 'vouchers' as a voucher?


If "go to deal" does not work then try

£2 Discount
£2 Discount
£2.00 off voucher to print for shell

Used this before. The printer software is used to prevent printing multiple vouchers, vouchers are individually coded . No adware or virus in the software. Good find.


you need to install their voucher printer software. No thanks.


voucher is for £1 minimum 30L purchase


not enough detail, but from what I gather, its a very good voucher. Will take v power price right down to normal price, which is good, so thanks.

£1 Discount
£1 Discount
£1 off voucher to print for Shell V-Power/V-Power Diesel

Perfect thank you! My car can only run on Shell due to the 99 octane, so combined with the V Power rewards card and a Shell cashback credit card, it all counts :D


Ditto that - c r a p bit of software - even the e-mail option doesn't work - cowboys Get it from here: [url][/url]


hmm link not working.. cant get voucher....


So what's the record? How many have you use todate :P


Yep, I agree, I've got a Mini Cooper S running at about 220BHP & it really makes a difference for me! Thanks:thumbsup:

Best Shell deals from our community

Free reusable cup from Shell - Voucher on the shell go+ app when buying a Costa express hot drink (Account / location specific) @ Shell
688° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Voucher on the shell go+ app for a free reusable cup when buying a Costa express could be account specific

Looks like most people only got a 1/3 off, not a great deal tbh




Lol! Should have rephrased that...


Just looking at the details to hand and the comments provided by users. Something HUKD should really be doing <3


I think you are jumping to conclusions. If you feel that strongly and believe this deal should not be on Highlights, can you contact our Admin team with your reasons? Thanks.

Google nest hub charcoal (V1) - £52.95 delivered @ Shell
275° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Great little device at a good price. Use ours everyday.

I'm still waiting on answers.... :D


Why is he wrong? What can the v1 do? What extra will the v2 do when it is released?

You're obviously wrong but I'll bite, why do you think so?


Stop shouting! And you're so wrong!



Free Regular Costa Express Coffee at Shell Petrol Station via App (Account Specific)
234° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th MarLocalLocal
Free Regular Costa Express Coffee at Shell Petrol Station via App (Account Specific)FREE£2.40
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

I've done the obvious and signed up for it and I knew it wouldn't give me a free coffee just like that but I assume this will come around again you have to have 10 petrol spends to unlock this deal in the future .......I just want to know if it's worth just having the app for next time this comes up




Shell put their LPG prices up from 65p, to 70p and now 80p per liter. Still 55p just down the road so a free coffee is not going to sway me!


People use shell to get to work for the people who have to go to work in these current times, so think of them


Not in mine either

NHS staff get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell, baked confectionary product or chilled snack @ Participating Shell Stores
530° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
NHS staff get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell, baked confectionary product or chilled snack @ Participating Shell StoresFREE£0.01
Between 12th January and 28th February, NHS staff can get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell baked confectionary product or chilled snack* when they visit a participating Shell serv… Read more

Is there a link to that screenshot/info please? I can't seem to find it


coz we are human, it is in our nature ;)


Amazing how something as simple as giving something for free causes people to bitch about how it ain't good enough.


Shell should give this Deli/food to the people whom are more in needs. i.e. School lunch for kids, or homeless etc, if Shell wants to get more publicity!!


if your front line, I believe most can apply for blue card. would I prefere a free bake just for working or in same room with positive covid ppl, no. The NHS nurses, doctors and the cleaner's who are getting rid of all them paper towels and germs are putting their life more at risk , as there deffo have covid wards, of course not all NHS worker's face same dangerous,but how do we prove that, we can't have shell worker calling hospital to check where about you work,. if you want some discounts, just join the tutom nus card

Get A Free Re-usable Costa Cup with Shell GoPlus Card (Select Garages)
557° Expired
Posted 18th Sep 2020Posted 18th Sep 2020LocalLocal
Get A Free Re-usable Costa Cup with Shell GoPlus Card (Select Garages)FREE£0.01
Get a free re-usable costa cup with Shell go plus card. 10% off the coffee and points towards fuel voucher..

Just been to another Shell & they also don’t have any cups or know anything about this...


Don’t bother going to Shell in West Wickham as they don’t know anything about it & don’t have any cups...


No, Petrol Station Shell on A38...


Which Costa? Costa coffee shop?


I got this today at Costa, they didn’t asked me anything, just handed me cup saying Costa have a promotion. That was nice surprise.....

Buy Any Shell Fuel get 3p off per litre - Shell+ club members on app
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Posted 9th Jun 2020Posted 9th Jun 2020
Buy Any Shell Fuel get 3p off per litre - Shell+ club members on app
For any shell fuel , good

Spend £200 and get £1 off. Used to be better when they sent coupons to the house.


Not on my app and have contacted shell support and they say it is account specific and system generated


I know where I'd be going (y) 😁👈


(5)1. SHELL WISHAW (NEWMAINS SERVICE STATION)0.71 miles away99.7p 03/06/2020by mauro.margar… (13)2. ASDA NEWMAINS AUTOMAT0.8 miles away99.7p 03/06/2020by PetrolPrices Shell and Asda are the same price near me


Yeah I think they were concentrating on power, and the focus of that was the octane rating, rather than different brands. I seem to recall there was almost no difference between 95 supermarket and branded stuff. Anecdotally, I think there is a difference with high octane petrol in the right car, but that could just be a placebo effect - I've never dyno'd a car to check. Economy is a bit more easily measurable (but far from scientific), and I can't see any difference between the brands for the same octane rating.

Shell petrol £1.05 / Diesel £1.12 London Barking
93° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2020Posted 20th Apr 2020LocalLocal
Shell petrol £1.05 / Diesel £1.12 London Barking£1.05
This deal is in LONDON, BARKING... near barking station I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shell sell petrol this low, EVER! I was just passing by and look what I found!!! Did I need pe… Read more

Not quite sure if I agree or not but I have just drank a bottle of wine with dinner so I will regard you as the more knowledgeable. ;)


Carousel fraud is countered by the reverse charge on imports - effectively you charge yourself VAT and then recover it if it is incurred in the course of furtherence of business.........there is never neghative VAT charged. If you are an exporter then you would get a repayment of VAT - this would be recovered input tax (not output tax).


Carousel fraud


VAT is either input tax (VAT recovered on expenditure) or output tax (VAT charged on sales) cannot have negative output tax (unless it is a credit note adjustment). I have no idea what you mean by import or export, as that is irrelevant.......if you export from the EU then it is a zero-rate sale, and if you import then you reverse charge yourself the VAT on the purchase and recover that element as input tax (if it is recoverable).


Ergo it’s in London?

Helensburgh Shell Garage Waitrose Petrol at 0.99p Diesel at 1.089p
1022° Expired
Posted 7th Apr 2020Posted 7th Apr 2020LocalLocal
Helensburgh Shell Garage Waitrose Petrol at 0.99p Diesel at 1.089p£108.90
Petrol at 099.9p Diesel at 108.9p Cheapest I’ve seen for a long time

Last sentence almost said Britain soiled.


Great, cheap petrol and I’m stuck at home with a full tank.


Sounds like you've been sniffing petrol


Just buy the cheapest fuel and add a dose of Miller's Ecomax...


Take a bow this fella

Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th April
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Posted 21st Mar 2020Posted 21st Mar 2020LocalLocal
Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th AprilFREE£0.01
See the attached image Store locator

Not civil servants tho


This is getting old now. There are a number of schemes available from free car hire to free taxi rides in different areas or community volunteers offering lifts etc. There are winners and losers in all situations. Communities need to pull together to help the most vulnerable including those who have lost jobs. Keyworkers have lost out for years. Don’t begrudge them a free sandwich (confused)


My point is that a key worker getting full pay needs these freebies less than someone who's just had their livelihood collapse or greatly diminish. The only freebie an NHS worker really needs right now is a taxi ride for the price of public transport for those that don't run a car - so they're not mingling with a lot of other people on a bus or train.


Well why don't you get the free Sandwich and give your neighbour it then seen as you are so concerned?


They are part of the list defined by the Government

Unleaded Fuel £1.039 per Litre at Shell Waitrose Helensburgh
718° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2020Posted 20th Mar 2020LocalLocal
Unleaded Fuel £1.039 per Litre at Shell Waitrose Helensburgh£1.04
Shell Waitrose Helensburgh West coast of Scotland Unleaded 99.9 Vpower Unleaded 104.9 Diesel 108.9 Vpower Diesel 113.9 Shell provided station so no wholesale markups. Worth the … Read more



Erskine 1.19

ricey "Oil price may fall to $10 a barrel as world runs out of storage space" Like I said, wait for as long as you can to fill up. We've been getting bumped for years. Time to exert more pressure by not buying until the price falls further




Checked my app 6 visits to go before rewards all of a sudden 1.60 off any fuel

Newest Shell Discount Codes:

DiscountShell Discount DetailsExpires
£1£1 off £10 fuel purchase at Shell via App (Account Specific)5/04/2021
£0.033p off petrol @ Shell6/08/2020
% off50p off Any Costa Coffee Express Drink @ Shell (via the Drivers Club app)2/03/2017
£50Shell £50 worth voucher - Get £50 worth of discount coupons when you spend £30 or more on fuel.5/01/2017
£5£5 Free Fuel at Shell with Shell Fill Up & Go Paying by Paypal14/11/2016