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Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit £69 @ Shell Energy
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Free Del Over £50, Other Decent Offers Here Too Add ambient colour to any room with the Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Mini Starter Kit. Connect to the included Hue Bridge … Read more
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Amazon warehouse. If I see it again, I will pm you.


Where did you get it from, please? Looking at buying the Bridge which is at £40. Might as well go for these for 3 extra bulbs for £25 extra.


Paid this last night. 3 colour bulbs and a Bridge.


The lowest I've managed to buy GU10s in colour is around £27 each. Phillips make a fitting called Centura which contains a colour GU10. Amazon Warehouse regularly have like new (slight package damage) that seem to attract 30% off. I've had 15 or so bulbs this way, all perfect. Alternatively you can sometimes get double packs for £63 on Amazon FR or DE. You really do have to hunt around for best prices on this bulb and the E14 colour candle.


Wish they'd do deals on the G10's

£75 Bill Credit @ Shell Energy:63Mb/s Shell Fibre Broadband - £24.99/month (£299.88 over 12m / effective £18.74/month) via MSE
208° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
MSE link: Equivalent to £18.74/m over the 12 month contract Nice short 12m deal £24.99/m with £75 auto bill credit

Taken the plunge. Will also see if TalkTalk come back with improved offers now that I've jumped ship.


I've just gone live with Shell Broadband and thought I'd feedback on my experience. Apologies for the long post, but I imagine there are a number of people, who like me, were looking for the experience of others with this relatively unknow ISP. Hopefully it's useful. I was with Now Broadband for 2 years. i usually switch ISP each year to take advantage of new customer deals but decided to stay in 2020 due to Covid and not wanting to risk any disruption to my service as I've been WFH. Feeling like things have "normalised" since last March I was willing to switch providers and having spoken with Now Broadband they weren't offering much of a price incentive to stay, so I jumped on the old merry-go-round once again! I saw the MSE Shell Broadband deal and began considering them mainly for: - The effective monthly price (I had the previous offer to this one - 12 months @ £24.99 with £50 credit) - 12 month contract - No price increases at end of term (having done a bit of reseach, particularly reading over old posts on HUKD, I know some people did the year just gone which was put down to Covid) but as I've said I'm OK with moving each year so more of a nice to have rather than a deal breaker for me. Having done some research online I decided to give Shell a call to get some further info (and get a feel for what their customer service was like). I asked a number of questions around the MSE deal and service delivery date but I also sought guarantees that I would receive the more advanced router (which i did - Technicolor DGA0122 by the way - not a bad router as well, has an enginner mode that can be accessed with username engineer and the router password provided in the box). The rep was extremely helpful and knowledable and was able to answer all my queries. Although not a well know provider (I've been with BT, Plusnet, Sky, and Now Broadband in the past) I decided to take a punt and put my order in on 22/03. Since then got automated emails telling me of next steps and key upcoming dates (router delivery, service go live, billing etc) and all of these were met. I went live on 08/04 and it was seamless and pain free. My Now Broadband went off at around midnight, plugged in the Shell Broadband router and the service was up. Getting similar speeds to what I was receiving with the more well known providers and haven't had any issues with the connection, other than a dropout of 40 mins this weekend but that was an outage in my area rather than a Shell specific issue. So in summary, although it's still early doors and things could take a turn for the worse, so far I've got to agree with the post from g-diddy, I'm a happy customer. I appreciate this may not be the experience of others but it has been for me. Just finally, although Shell Broadband does have a "cease fee" of £15 (which I think is utterly unacceptable) it is explicit in the T&C's of the MSE deal that this is waived - I've saved a copy of this if it's ever contested. They also do charge a fee if you don't return the router at the end of your contract but there is a pre-paid returns label in the router box for this - just the hassle of having to do it I suppose.


Tbf Shell are a rebranded First Utility. They have just bought the post office customers


Lost of criticism of Shell but very few alternatives posted. However, I was once with a small company that was taken over by The Post Office and I can concur that they were truly dreadful. If Shell is a rebrand of The PO, I'd advise steering well clear. I'm now with TalkTalk who haven't been too bad, but they're putting up their prices so I'm looking to leave. There aren't many options these days.


Yer vodafoneretentions really poor no interest offer nothing worthwhile was offered a more expensive deal lol

Google Nest Hub £49 (£3.95 delivery) @ Shell Energy
239° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Usually £79 and I could not find any cheaper ones. Great for entertainment for all age groups. Features include - Google photos: see your best and latest pictures from Google Pho… Read more

It has some wake up mode. Not worth the upgrade.


What differences are there between this and the 2nd gen?


I use mine to answer my nest hello doorbell so I can see who is at the door. It's also handy in the kitchen for recipes. I no longer need any recipe books as it has the internet and YouTube for everything. Other than that I have several speakers for voice control on smart devices where I don't need a screen.


New one is an extra £40 on this deal and has a better processor, quicker responses (machine learning chip) and sleep sensing. I'd probably say old one is better deal.


Wild Goose chase in that case from Toolstation. ;)

Superfast Fibre Plus Upto 76Mbps Fibre £24.99 x 12 months (+£50 bill credit) @ ShellBroadband
260° Expired
Refreshed 23rd FebRefreshed 23rd Feb
£20.83 a month with £50 bill credit included :) Offer T&Cs : Full calls price list: https://www.shellener… Read more
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I would suggest complaining to OFCOM about using their short monitoring form. They won't investigate individual complaints but if enough people notify then it may trigger them to investigate. Link to form is : OFCOM Short monitoring form I wrote : "In Shell Energy standard T&Cs they are charging £15 to leave them irrespective of if you are are in or out of minimum contract period with them. This is in effect a deterrent to switch to another supplier and should not be allowed to maximise consumer freedom in selecting the most competitive supplier"


That's a bit of a liberty!


Yup. It's there in black and white in their T&Cs. Highway robbery and really OFCOM should look at this as it could be construed as a deterrent to people switching broadband suppliers. But OFCOM move VERY slowly. They'll probably rule on this 2 years down the line.


Has anyone got any experience of the Shell Broadband "cease fee". I've changed providers and didn't quite get the end day spot on, and had a few quid tagged onto the final bill (fair enough) but then also a £15 cease fee?


Ultrafast Fibre Plus (upto 330 Mbps) 12m - £30.99pm & £100 bill credit @ money saving expert
458° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
£30.99 12 months + £100 bill credit = £271.88/£22.65pm via money saving expert website If you cancel without transferring phone line in 12m it’s FREE! “will not receive a Cease … Read more
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ZT Link MT992


what modem did Openreach supply?


SSE broadband (also runs on TalkTalk) use the same router as Shell so the router help there will give you better info


Install happened a few hours ago, 10 day settling period but speeds great (220megs was low end, 330-330megs max). Openreach have been a nightmare as per... I’ve had affairs with everyone on 3/4/5G, now I’m literally married (lol)


Ah Openreach, 22nd then 26th then 25th now back to the 26th. Obviously the same people are running BT by areas and it’s more of the same nonsense even if it is now external run independently. Guess someone got delayed and the pushed it back to the original 26th. Pfft what a joke. If this deal wasn’t so good I wouldn’t be touching a OR line.

35Mb Fibre. 12 month contract £22.99 pm + £100 automatic bill credit. Effectively £14.66./mth @ Shell Energy Broadband (MSE Exclusive)
651° Expired
Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
MSE blagged deal. Very unusual to have a 12 month broadband contract these days (this also must have been agreed with MSE as going direct shows they only offer 18 month contracts) … Read more

Just to update you on my personal experience. I had an absolute nightmare getting switched from my old provider. Delays, failure to keep me in the loop, buck passing etc. A month after my go live date I was finally connected and I had to relent and accept that my landline number would have to change, something I've never had a problem with in the many previous switches I'd done. Also landline didn't work for 4 days after the switch (Openreach useless), broadband worked fine though. Now that I am finally connected, I have 38Mbps down and about 9.8Mbps up and it's solid and stable. I got the old router. Like I said, if it goes well then it's a good service but be prepared for some serious grief if anything goes wrong.


Good job I didn't sign up with them today . Cheers for that


Same got the old router today(lol)


Strange, I went with the fiber package and they've sent me the old version router you featured in video earlier in this thread and not the DWA-0120... Did somebody at Shell tell you they are sending out the DWA-0120?


Anyone having trouble connecting their Google home to the WiFi? I'm at a loss...

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Shell energy Superfast Fibre broadband 12 months contract £206.91 effectively 17.25/m
203° Expired
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
MSE bagged 3 months free or £68.97 bill credit from Shell Energy. Important! Your £68.97 bill credit w… Read more

Now TV - £24pm for 'Superfibre' (71Mbps just tested!) + Anytime calls, 12 month contract, hopefuilly with £85 TCB cashback if it gets paid..


Who did you end up with?


Have had nothing but trouble with shell, I was on the fastest tariff too, I was getting low speed, I'd find they would slow speeds even slower at tea time, they would do nothing to help me, sent bt out numerous occasions by my request, but carried on with the problem. I bought a booster, they said I would benefit from and it did nothing. Im with Vodafone and im having no trouble with Internet now I'm also on a a lower speed tariff and its faster and we've had no buffering and its reaching my sons room now (I only have a small home, so it should of reached his room) I'm pretty sure it was my router but they refused to replace it. Im so glad to be away from these, I sat on customer services phone line than I used the Internet.


No, £5 offer from sky including line rental I've had loads of sub £10 p/m deals including line rental over the years. Now can't get anywhere near that price. Even cheap bb is near same price as low speed fibre


I was with them for 9 months and left due to the price increase. I went to talktalk. I had no problems with service. They use talktalk infrastructure in openreach exchange. They do not notify when they undertaking any maintenance. Was given dual band router.

FREE Chromecast Google TV with Shell Fibre Broadband (Also Great Black Friday Pricing) e.g 76Mbps - £26.99/m for 18 months @ Shell Broadband
-99° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
FREE Chromecast Google TV with Shell Fibre Broadband (Also Great Black Friday Pricing) e.g 76Mbps - £26.99/m for 18 months @ Shell Broadband£485.82
Some great Black Friday pricing - especially on the G-FAST 18m contracts FREE Connection FREE Router Delivery 38Mbps - £23.99/m 76Mbps - £26.99/m 140Mbps G-Fast - £29.99/m 290Mb… Read more

Just joined Shell after my contract ended with Vodafone, saw a deal via TCB £120 cashback and got the Superfast deal for £26.99 with free Chromecast TV. Let's see how it goes! (skeptical)


Buying up the Post Office's broadband business now...


Despite failing to complete a GFast upgrade from VDSL and leaving my without broadband and phone line for fourteen days. Sure.


This cheaper via the MSE links? £26.99 but with £113.98 bill credit, and only 12 month contract. Yes you don't get the Chromecast but that isn't worth £114. And switch to cheaper deal 6 months sooner.


Openreach are at fault plenty of times and tbh I don't see yours as one of them, there are plenty of physical issues they are fully to blame for which is where most of their bad press comes from. Yes for your issue, social media team works best, they tend to know who to contact there after.

FREE Chromecast AND Nest Hub for Shell Broadband Customers - check your email @ Shell Broadband
412° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
FREE Chromecast AND Nest Hub for Shell Broadband Customers - check your email @ Shell BroadbandFREE£109.99
Just had this mind blowing reward offer from shell broadband whom I'm with. They've just given me a FREE Google Home Hub AND Chromecast Possibly account specific but worth keeping… Read more

Hi, I know this has now expired but was this an offer for new contracts or were existing customers getting this offer?? Thanks!!!


Glad you've found that. I've expired it


So deal is keep checking your email? Welcome to 2021.


It's very likely that this is only for people who signed up for the broadband during a promotional period. They've just finished another one where you got a home hub and nest mini.


Just joined in September. Wasn't aware of any deal for this so just took me by surprise. I've just got the standard 38mb. £22.99 for 12m

Shell Broadband Black Friday Deals. 330MB at £34.99 a month 18 months, other slower deals available and possible quidco
83° Expired
Posted 19th Nov 2020Posted 19th Nov 2020
Was looking at all of the Black Friday deals trying to find the highest speed for the lowest cost, excluding Virgin, and this seems to be the cheapest deal by miles for the 250MB+ … Read more
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Please be aware that when you want to cancel or change from Shell Broadband they have the cheek to charge £15 fee! Whether you're contract is up or not, apparently T&C of Openreach. So factor this when you're contemplating joining.


I often wondered why TalkTalk was so bad. I mean it's all open reach at the end of the day so why does TalkTalk suck so badly and yet BT or Sky work reliably?


Shell use TalkTalk’s network - the OpenReach guy told me yesterday that Shell connections show up on their system as TalkTalk. I hope the customer service isn’t as bad as their poor rating on monseysavingexpert and that they don’t use talktalk customer service centre.


Good price. But, shell has very poor customer service when it comes to resolving issues.


11mb for me

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