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Superfast Fibre 35Mb Fibre Broadband, £21.99 x 18m + £100 Amazon gift card sent after 120 days + £78 cashback £395.82 @ Shell Energy
22/05/2022Expires on 22/05/2022Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Sign up through Topcashback broadband compare £21.99 per month - £100 Amazon gift card sent after 120 days - £78 cashback = £217.82 for 18 months Equiavlent to £12.10 per month Through the …

Not broadband, but when I moved the previous owner had energy supplied by them and I had the nightmare of dealing with this terrible company just to switch. They contacted me via a mobile number (shown as a dangerous on 'who called me') asking for all my personal details without giving me any details of who they had called or the property, and then when I asked to speak to the supervisor they hung up on me and followed up with a letter threatening a debt collector. They're an absolutely awful company and wouldn't touch them with a barge pole!


I see the dodgy practices of First Uselessity persist, albeit under the banner of Shell.


Tried to sign up my OAP mum, it’s a good deal as she needs international calls only to be told, you can’t keep your existing number, you’ll need a new one. The only company that said it, so having read the comments here in conjunction with that - No thanks Shell


Shell Broadband is provided by Shell Energy, which used to be First Utility (who were IMO & experience utterly useless). Do your homework and checkout some reviews before committing... .


If you want landline (I know not many do) tack on an extra £5 a month

Shell energy fiber plus 63mbps broadband - £23.99pm /12m + £85 bill credit (£16.91 effective cost) @ MSE/ Shell energy
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr…

I was with them and had no issues with the broadband, itself. The only thing to watch, at the end of your contract, is to return the router to them, or they will try and sting you for £35! Even though I sent mine back to them immediately, and sent them proof of postage, they kept telling me they were going to bill me for it! If you do have hassles, Twitter is fairly effective! (y)


i has gas and electric with them with smart meters that I have to send them meter readings for and they will not change them, go with anyone else these are bad


You will think this until you do though, I had to take a week off WFH because they changed some configurations and couldn't change them back for days.


Considering they lease the line and are just a CS company if you don’t find yourself needing their help maybe the price is the leading factor? Don’t think I’ve had to call my provider in over a year…


I was with postoffice which was good then it was taken over by Shell. I found the customer service terrible. Long waiting before getting through to some who could not help transfer to another then to another. Eventually emailed them. Still got no response. I have now moved away from Shell.

Shell Energy Customers Save 3% on Fuel up to 60 litres per month with Shell Energy Club
Posted 31st Oct 2021Posted 31st Oct 2021
Shell Energy Customers Save 3% on Fuel up to 60 litres per month with Shell Energy Club
For those of you that want the cheapest fuel, this deal ain't for you. For those who use Shell fuel and V-Power fuel, this could save you some money if you also use Shell as your energy prov…

As does MARTIN LEWIS ... Don't bother changing supplier ...... YET 🤫


Still waiting for over a hundred pounds Shell owe me from March, (they wrongly added nearly 1000 units to my reading). This is despite numerous photos of my meter sent to them. Because of that I changed suppliers in August so now Shell are blaming them. Most of the operators haven't a clue what they are doing, I suspect that their training is falling short. Also, as I don't have a car I never got any bonus incentives which are all aimed at people using their petrol stations, which seem to be more expensive most of the other ones. I hope the deal is useful to other people but I won't be voting either way based on my experience with them.


Not against Costco it’s not.


I’d rather pay double on fuel than to use Shell energy as a supplier, terrible company to deal with, took nearly 6 months to rectify a bill and couldn’t leave them until the final bill was sorted! Replies to emails were typically 2 weeks later.


Theyve been available for years haven't they? Ordered in April, got in October lol! That was from a tesla accredited installer. I am not sure if they've stopped or restricted non accredited installers due to the chip shortages but company I used have a steady stream. Did months of research (took 6 months for house sale to go through so had nothing but time on my hands) and tesla seem best kwh for the £ on price and performance. Only had a few weeks and solar gen has been a bit mixed but have had around 4 solid days already effectively off grid (well would be if it wasn't for phantom power drawer!). So I think in summertime I should be easily earning money from energy company as well as powering house throughout night or any cloud cover.

Superfast Fibre Plus 67Mbps £21.99pm x 18 = £395.82 + £120 Quidco + £65 voucher (18 month contract & new customers only) @ Shell Energy
-15° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Superfast Fibre Plus 67Mbps £21.99pm x 18 = £395.82 + £120 Quidco + £65 voucher (18 month contract & new customers only) @ Shell Energy£395.82
Title is formatted for hotukdeals rules but my full calculation is below: Super fibre 67Mbps £21.99pm X 18 - £120 Quidco - £65 shop voucher = £11.71pm/210.18 total(18 month contract) Did a …

The cashback on Quidco has changed. This morning it was £120 now it says £85 for Superfast Fibre Plus.


You have to wait for the voucher you would have seen it advertised to you on the availability page after entering your post code. Cashback will track at £85 if your not a premium member. I suggest you cancel the order and re-sign up with premium if you want £120. I'll mention this in the description but it was mentioned in the comments. To be Quidco premium the take a small cut of your earnings but the savings out weigh the cut in this case so well worth being premium


Don't think I got the voucher. No mention of it in order confirmation. Also Quidco tracked at £85.


Any luck getting it sorted ? Sorry just noticed the updated comment, glad it's sorted, share with friends to get the heat up, sad that it's cold like this


Hmm strange, maybe check junk for confirmation also try pressing get cashback on the package you want. I just tried it and it sent me to shell page

tado° Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat – Quattro Pack £179 @ Shell energy
153° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2021Posted 12th Dec 2021
tado° Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat – Quattro Pack £179 @ Shell energy£179£216.9918% off Free P&P Free
Works out to be £44.75 each The smart way to control your heating in individual rooms tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats can replace your existing thermostatic radiator valves and provide ro…
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How long did it last? What happen. I can't find any reviews on this. Current standard trv keeps getting the pin stuck.


Ok spokesperson for all (y)


Pretty much what we all assumed.




Both terrible options.

Google Nest Wifi Router and Point - £169 @ Shell Energy Retail
95° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2021Posted 30th Nov 2021
Google Nest Wifi Router and Point - £169 @ Shell Energy Retail£169 Free P&P Free
Nest Wifi helps blanket your whole home with fast, reliable Wi-Fi1. It automatically updates itself to get new features and helps your network stay safe. And Nest Wifi points have a speaker …
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Nest Hello Doorbell (Wired) £109 @ Shell Energy
571° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2021Posted 29th Nov 2021
Nest Hello Doorbell (Wired) £109 @ Shell Energy£109£139.9922% off Free P&P Free
Update 1
Back in stock 30/11
Update: Looks like the offer is available until 6 December Hopefully this helps a few of you - Google's Nest Doorbell at £109 delivered from Shell Energy. Likely just a Black Friday offer s…

Just wondered has anyone got this installed yet? And was the installation easy? I'm being quoted upwards of £200 just to install it... a lil flabbergasted to be honest at the cost of installation.


Shell website still says "awaiting shipping" but it just arrived via DHL! Pretty quick service 8)


Haha yep I think I'll leave it expired :D


Never noticed that but haha (excited)


At £209 though... Haha..

Superfast Fibre Plus £21.99 per month for 18 months (Possible £120 cashback) via Shell Energy
-76° Expired
Posted 13th Nov 2021Posted 13th Nov 2021
Superfast Fibre Plus £21.99 per month for 18 months (Possible £120 cashback) via Shell Energy£395.82 Free P&P Free
Shell Energy Superfast Fibre Plus 67mbps is on a black friday deal at £21.99 a month with an 18 month contract rather than the 24 a lot are switching to, but also £120 topcashback making thi…
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mmm, I've just come to the end of my 12 month package with shell and I've had no issue's what so ever, don't think the signal has ever dropped out, or at least I've never noticed, never had to call customer services so cannot comment on that part of the business, and they are continuing my plan at the same monthly price as I've been paying so I don't have to jump ship straight away. Mind you, I had nothing but problems with plusnet, so guess like most services these day's you make your choice and hope for the best


These are a rip off,I bought their package,router didn't turned on, cancelled they charge two bills, £110 cancellation fee


I get 200 for £21 from virgin....


Better than nothing.


Appalling customer service. They messed up installation. Their subcontractors don't or can't talk with other subcontractors. Parent company doesn't care. Avoid avoid avoid. Not part of compensation scheme. If they were i would literally have£300+

Shell Broadband - Up to 76 Mbps FTTC Broadband on 12 month contract for £21.99 p/m with £75 account credit after third month
355° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2021Posted 17th Oct 2021
Shell Broadband - Up to 76 Mbps FTTC Broadband on 12 month contract for £21.99 p/m with £75 account credit after third month£188.88
Shell Broadband are currently offering their 76 Mbps FTTC broadband for the same price as their 38 Mbps service, at £21.99 per month. The sweet part of this deal is, if you click through th…

You are right. However, regulations and loopholes should not be abused and the regulators/government/class action should take certain companies to court after this energy crisis is over as their are potential profits to be had by rich ******** It is sad, some companies have deliberately folded/closed due to opportunity not making a loss/wanting to make a profit only. This is at the disadvantage of customers i.e. BP backed pure planet - which given previous years profits and BP backing could easily have survived and become profitable next year. I bet they (Pure planet) will go back into business in another guise next year unless regulation is changed - this type of practice was predicted almost 20 years ago


I had similar with Vodafone a couple of weeks ago, got a message, no spare capacity or something. Think Shell do have a bit of a crap system. I am leaving NowTv but apparently I should have put Sky in the current supplier field rather than 'other' so my old landline number is unlikely to port. No explanation btw in the application process as to what might go wrong if you state 'other.' They seem friendly, quick for an isp to get back to you but complaining via hasn't made it any more likely that my number will port & if I cancel and reapply I'll probably be in the same boat as you.


Hmmm (mad) Tried to go through that link and put in address. "Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later." Tried again. Then did live-chat. Sorry computer says no. Don't supply to that address no reason - I have Now broadband so have a normal phone line. Tried with other addresses - doesnt work either . Either they are oversubscribed or have a crappy system.


Thank you


Shell Energy used to be First Utility (not utilities warehouse)

Tado° Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat – Quattro Pack £169.99 @ Shell Energy
369° Expired
Posted 3rd Oct 2021Posted 3rd Oct 2021
Been looking around for these for a few months now and the cheapest I can find is about £220 so this is a saving of £50

Just ordered thank you! I couldn't find them individually cheaper than £50 anywhere


Well that's reasuring to know. Seems like suicide for them to suddenly be like "see all these smart thermostats you bought.... Well guess what?"


That's not true. It is no way a dumb system I don't have subscription but it still does everything I ever need from. You can get around paid features like auto Geofencing using other apps like ifttt like someone else said. Besides if you leave home, a notification pops up saying do you want to turn off heating since you're not at home? Then it is simply matter of turning it off from the app. No need to pay for "automatic" on/off.


I bought 4 past spring for around £33 each. I need two more but I'll just wait. Not urgent.


AA Batteries - two per thermostat - Mine are just under two years in and no warnings so far, Tado advertise about two years.

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