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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PlayStation 5 Pre-Order - £59.99 (UK Mainland) @ ShopPlay
318° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Seems to be the cheapest price now after Base, and Monster Shop appears to be out of stock. Hopefully should arrive on release day.

Mine arrived too! (party)


if there were any concerns, mine arrived this morning (no issue with NI, unlike some places), and the DLC code arrived via email shortly afterwards (y)


Expired :S


I went both but balking at above £50 for a game so i'm sticking with gamepass until prices drop, just means I don't get the exclusives on release.


(lol) (y)

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) - Inc Bonus DLC £59.99 @ Shopplay
-223° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Best price for one of the most anticipated games 2021 Received rave reviews

I honestly hate to admit it but I moaned about the prices of the new PS5 games so when I bought Returnal used from Ebay I had to change my tune because I paid £45 and I thought that was a steal because these next gen games are truly amazing. If it’s a PS5 exclusive then it’s gonna be pretty good considering. Just my opinion though. (y)


Heat added as its the cheapest I have seen...still pricey :(


I will be. It'll cost me £15 by the time I complete and sell it on


£5 bluray for a 2hr film a month after release So... £50 for 20hrs of entertainment, which is the general price for a game a month after release new gen Which makes your statenent a bit silly, you'd essentially be willing to spend half the price on a game as you would a film


Take a look at this, that's March 1997. Mario 64 at £55 near release... that's £112 in todays currency If anything games have gotten alot cheaper. The quality of Ratchet and Clank has always been incredible, and very replayable, besides resale will be high. It costs me £10+ to see a 2hr movie at the cinema, a 20hr game for the price of 12hrs cinema is more entertainment for less is it not? You mention BotW, i'n my opinion that game wasn't special in anyway, I personally would rather play 20hrs of RaC than 40hrs of a repetitive ubisoft clone reskinned as a Zelda entry

Molton Brown Lemon & Mandarin And Puritas Fine Liquid 300ML Hand Wash Set £25 @ Shopplay
-46° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Molton Brown Lemon & Mandarin And Puritas Fine Liquid 300ML Hand Wash Set £25 @ Shopplay£25 Free P&P Free
I bought this a few days ago but as the price was so keen I decided to wait for it to arrive to check it was genuine and it is. Quickly delivered, with RM tracking. Duo of hand w… Read more

Aldi stuff if just as good don't be duped


Not at all, Molton Brown smells amazing and like nothing out there. If you just want cleans hands by all means use the Aldi soap but MB is incredible


Aldi copy of this for 89p is just as good


This is actually a good Price for 2 ... O ordered a couple of weeks ago for a friend new home pressie.. But only coz she's posh I'm happy with my aldi 50p family handwash


Thanks, ordered.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2, Black - £39.98 delivered @ Shopplay
112° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Samsung Galaxy Fit2, Black - £39.98 delivered @ Shopplay£39.98£49.9820% off Free P&P Free
The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is a fitness tracker watch with a heart rate monitor. The sports watch’s ergonomic design makes it so comfortable you may not notice it on your wrist, and w… Read more

I have no idea that’s why I expired as the Amazon deal is more attractive


Is this the same item/version? Was looking at it but it is from and says it could be a different version? Would it be the same item and compatible with UK phones?


Only £33.74 on Amazon


Why is that expired, when it is still available?

Harman Kardon Citation One Smart Speaker - £88.99 @ Shopplay
179° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Harman Kardon Citation One Smart Speaker - £88.99 @ Shopplay£88.99 Free P&P Free
The Citation ONE Smart Speaker makes listening to your music easy. With built-in Wi-Fi, effortlessly stream all your favourite tunes in HD quality, or connect with Bluetooth from y… Read more

You can mute mics.


I found these proper crap, sold to Cex after 5 minutes of use.


Can you switch the Google integration off? I don't want smart speakers.


Yep 35 Inc delivery.


Samsung was giving them away free with certain phones so there are loads on ebay, if you find someone local you could get it cheaper than £89.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k with Alexa Voice Remote - £40.98 delivered @ Shopplay
-388° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k with Alexa Voice Remote - £40.98 delivered @ Shopplay£40.98 Free P&P Free
Amazon fire stick 4k price £40.98 Amazon Fire stick with alexa voice remote £33.98 Amazon fire stick lite £25.99 It's a genuine website and good customer service with free deliver… Read more

Sorry, didn't see the postage. But I have used them a couple of times without problems. I think you get a bit of cashback with quidco as well.


£7.99 delivery 👀 You used this company, site don't look the best??



Lites, sold out, still best price for 4k and standard sticks.


Sold out

Apple HomePod White - £199.99 delivered @ Shop Play
123° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Apple HomePod White - £199.99 delivered @ Shop Play£199.99 Free P&P Free
Apple HomePod white for £199 if you don’t want to be tied to the gift card offer Apple are doing. I’ve checked the retailer at trustpilot and they are legitimate.

Although I agree with the sentiments questioning this website I decided to take a punt. Ordered one shortly after this was posted and received mine today. So, thanks for posting @stephenjones11 (y)


Very impressed with the order processing time. I just had an update that it’s shipped via DPD and I should receive it Monday.


Still not worth it


Out of Stock. I would recommend going for the Apple promotion which includes £80 gift card. Anything not quite right with the HomePod and you will receive excellent customer service. If you’re in the market for a HomePod you are probably invested into the Apple echo system, so the gift card will come in very handy with any future purchase. (y)



Gears of War 4 (Xbox One - Digital Download) £2.99 @ Shopplay
192° Expired
Posted 9th Nov 2020Posted 9th Nov 2020
Gears of War 4 (Xbox One - Digital Download) £2.99 @ Shopplay£2.99
Digital Download Only - No physical disc. More digital games can be found here . The game's main story focuses on J.D. Fenix (Liam McIntyre), the son of Marcus Fenix and An… Read more

Out of stock 😞

Marvel's Spider-man Playstation 4 Game Of The Year Edition £19.97 @ Shopplay
682° Expired
Posted 31st Oct 2020Posted 31st Oct 2020
Marvel's Spider-man Playstation 4 Game Of The Year Edition £19.97 @ Shopplay£19.97
Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition, you'll get the full original game, as well as three post-launch story chapters with new characters and missions. Peter Parker is jus… Read more

Anyone used this site before? I’ve never heard of it till now. Some reviews on trustpilot make it sounds sketchy


Great game.


I bought this game a year back. still to play.



Is the dlc on the disk or a code, can anyone tell me?

Marvel's Spider-Man Game Of The Year Edition (PS4) - £19.97 delivered @ Shop Play
429° Expired
Posted 28th Sep 2020Posted 28th Sep 2020
Marvel's Spider-Man Game Of The Year Edition (PS4) - £19.97 delivered @ Shop Play£19.97£23.9917% off Free P&P Free
Great game. Nice low price. :) +free shipping In Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition, you'll get the full original game, as well as three post-launch story chapters… Read more

If you have a spare 50hrs


Easy platinum


The remastered will take full advantage of the PS5 hardware such as faster loading, Ray tracing, 60 FPS option etc. PS4 version will work but wont take advantage of any new features, and also save files are not compatible so you can't use a PS4 save on the PS5 remaster or vice versa.


What confuses me is that since this would be backwards compatible will the only difference in this and the remastered end up being a trophy list?


Hmm, I hope that's not the direction Sony are going to take going forward. Microsoft seem to be a lot more consumer friendly with their approach.