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LED Strip Lights - 40% off - White £17.99 - Multicoloured £20.69 @ SimplyLED
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
LED Strip Lights - 40% off - White £17.99 - Multicoloured £20.69 @ SimplyLED£17.99
Use code STRIP40 on checkout to get 40% off. I've got several of these bright strip light units around the house which burn 40W of juice at their full length. Around bathroom mir… Read more

Discount code not working anymore.




Out mobile phones including the iPhones all of them assemblers in china lol


That has not been my experience. I've bought lots of things directly from China. They have always arrived reasonably quickly, work well, and are significantly cheaper than buying from a UK-based retail outlet.


Wouldn't buy from China direct, more trouble than it's worth! If this is a UK supply a link would be interesting.

Simplyled GU10 LED NxtGen LITE x5 £20.40=£4,08 each delivered 15% off and free delivery.
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Posted 16th Jan 2014Posted 16th Jan 2014
Simplyled GU10 LED NxtGen LITE x5 £20.40=£4,08 each delivered 15% off and free delivery.£20.40
I purchased 5x GU10 next gen leds to replace my expensive halogens ,i chose the non dimmable option £4.80 each before discount,use code GIVEME15 to give 15% off and free delivery a… Read more

I have had terrible trouble trying to get a refund for the lights I bought during the last deal, they all bar one blew within 2 weeks. Beware.


I have tried mine out. They aren't as warm a white as the halogens they replaced in the kitchen. I wouldn't want them in the living room with that clinical a whiteness. I was going to put extra lights in the kitchen but SimplyLED have put the price up yet again. £4.82 (I think) when the OP posted. £6.89 yesterday. £7.99 today. The NexGen Series II are now cheaper than these. EDIT : and they've put the dimmable option up from +50p to +£1!!! A deal definitely expired


I bought last year 16 of their next gen LED bulbs as I was having recessed lights fitted in the hall, lounge and dining room. I HATE them!! The warm white light they give off is just like the old kitchen fluorescent you used to get to me. Big costly regret.


The price rise is annoying. I think mine are at the Post Office waiting for me to collect them. I just ordered 4 to see how they were with the intention of ordering more if they were good. Second thoughts now they are dearer. Could do with a good price on a 2 gang LED dimmer switch now too.


Thank's for the info I ordered them on Thursday night and received them Saturday morning.They are very good and easily as bright as the halogen ones they replaced.Only gripe I went to order another lot and the price per bulb has gone up 2 pounds.

5 watt LED bulbs £ 6.89 plus extra 30 % off usually £14.99 @ SimplyLED
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Posted 12th Jan 2014Posted 12th Jan 2014
5 watt LED bulbs £ 6.89 plus extra 30 % off usually £14.99 @ SimplyLED£4.82
SimplyLED are selling the GU10 LED NxtGen LITE. This LED is designed to be an exact replacement for your old 50w Halogen bulb. The NxtGen LITE is available in Warm White only, i… Read more

Dont care whatever the figures are , with my own eyes they are brighter than the 50w halogens they replaced, and if i recall led and halogen cant be measured in the same way anyway


A 50 watt halogen typically outputs around 625 Lumen, those are only 250 Lumens.


I have some from Homebase better than the 50w gu10's they replaced


300 lumen isnt that bright plus the led is more a spotlight not a wide beam


I missed it when I ordered but it looks like you can get 7% on these from Quidco.

5 watt LED bulbs £ 6.89 plus extra 15 % off usually £14.99 @ SimplyLED
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Posted 12th Dec 2013Posted 12th Dec 2013
5 watt LED bulbs £ 6.89 plus extra 15 % off usually £14.99 @ SimplyLED£6.89
5 watt nxtgen LED bulbs. Extra 15% off use xmas 15. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. Available from:- - Forgottenshopper • GU10 fitting • 370 to… Read more

I had their previous generation lights, absolutely fantastic...unfortunately I've been getting migraines for the last year (around the time they were installed) and it's related to the when they lights are running due to the non-obvious flicker despite using the V-PRO dimmer they recommend. Think I'm going to have to contact them and see what the suggest, hopefully the newer ones may be more stable.


Oh ok thanks.


If your trying to dim non-dimmable bulbs with a dimmer switch that's probably part of the problem. I also have some dimmable bulbs on a remotely controlled switch but it's another type Varilight dimmer switch which is designed for dimmable LEDs


Argh, I purchased the non dimmable ones although I have special dimmable switches with a remote?


Sounds like your dimmer switch, you need a special dimmer switch for dimmable LEDs I use a Varilight V-Pro dimmer that can handle loads as low as 10W and that eliminates the flickering, it cost £12.30 from ebay but there are other sellers of them

"Simplyled" GU10 LED Bulbs 3 pack, high power 5 year warranty - reduced from £32.99 to £14.99. Also12% quidco thats £13.20)
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Posted 27th Jul 2013Posted 27th Jul 2013
"Simplyled" GU10 LED Bulbs 3 pack, high power 5 year warranty - reduced from £32.99 to £14.99. Also12% quidco thats £13.20)£14.99
Go on do you bit for the enviroment & save a few bob too!!! Uses 90% less electricity than standard Gu10 bulbs & aworks out 88p a bulb per year over the 5 year warrenty per… Read more

Hi fitted these in my hall last night (3 way spotlight) & noticeably brighter that old 35watt lamps I removed, wife even commented on how bright hall was when she came in from work. Just a thought, are the .com sites quoted above using ANSI (USA Standard) or Peak (uk standard) lumens values as there is a 6 to one difference (approx) ie 1200 lumen peak = 200 lumen ANSI. The bulbs are marked 166lm so if ANSI would be 950ish Peak which is about 60W, which would explain why my hall is brighter than expected. As stated not a self proclaimed expert just did a quick goggle search & can see when a room is brighter than it was ;p


All lamps sold in the EU must now be clearly marked with their light output in LUMENS. Furthermore, the light output should feature more prominently than the power consumption in watts. The EU equivalency table for different light sources is far from perfect, but it's all we have right now. It's also legally binding on manufacturers and retailers. The retailer in this instance is in breach of the EU regulations because they are declaring an inaccurate representation of the equivalence between this product and a halogen product. I would not trust ANY LED product where the manufacturer is claiming watt equivalences in excess of those declared in the EU table. If they do not follow the rules on equivalency, what confidence can you have that the light output is even as stated? Or that the control circuit will last more than a year or two? If you look at LED products from longstanding manufacturers like Philips, Swann, Feit, Toshiba, etc you will see that their equivalency claims are exactly in line with the table. i.e. lamps sold as being equal to a 60w will be 806 lumen or more, irrespective of the wattage. I know I'm poo-pooing this deal, but the lamp as described is in breach of EU regulations and not fit for purpose ( a phrase I rarely use). Read the article at in the link above, it really is an education in LED lighting. It will guide you in finding the right lamp for your needs and save a lot of wasted time arguing with dodgy sellers.


I've tried many different LED GU10 replacements. The biggest issue I found was that the SMD LED's do not throw the light as far. To get any kind of brightness I needed to reflect the light off the ceiling rather than have a direct beam. The only LED's that I have found that come close to the halogen are (amazingly) the ones from B&Q under their new DIALL brand. The 6.5W versions of these are superb and really throw the light well. I have tried these side-by-side with the halogen counterpart, the only perceivable difference, when the light was pointed at the same surface, was the colour temperature. I'm now slowly replacing the SMD and Halogen ones with the DIALL ones. The only issue I have is that they are around £13 each.


2.8 watt led is no where near 35 watt halogen. You'd need to look at something around 5 watt. I have 5 watt warm white led dimmers in the kitchen and find them a good replacement for 35 watt halogen. I also have 4 watt Energi warm white led dimmers over a counter which I like more - good and bright for where they are but I don't know if they'd be powerful enough for decent ceiling to floor illumination. Discovered the hard way that with led GU10s you tend to get what you pay for! Bear in mind that a warm white led isn't usually the same level of 'warm' as a warm white halogen. Tends to be a little bit harsher and whiter.


I have purchased many lamps from this company and they have been great. You can always find cheaper - its all about price. If you are not happy you can send them back

SimplyLED (LED bulbs) 15% discount on all orders
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Posted 30th Jan 2013Posted 30th Jan 2013
SimplyLED (LED bulbs) 15% discount on all orders
Place an order at SimplyLED between 15:30 on Tuesday 29th January and 23:59 on Monday 4th February and a 15% discount will automatically be applied to your order. Not the cheapest… Read more

Beam angle is much more like the halogen spots they replaced. Manufacturer quotes 60°. Had tried one without lenses previously and beam went everywhere.


Good to know, I wasn't quite believing in the equivalent wattage. How about the beam angle? Any difference with that?


Now that it is dark I can confirm that these NxtGen GU10 bulbs are at least as bright as the 50w halogen bulbs they replaced. Colour is whiter (cooler?) but looks OK now they are all the same.


Delivery received today. Came with code for 5% off next order.


I guess you cant get the 4 pin types though? GX24Q I tried googling GX24Q led and you can get them in america but cant find them here! Need one for a kid's lamp.

An Extra 12% Off entire site. LED lighting and accessories for your home! @ SimplyLED
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Posted 12th Dec 2012Posted 12th Dec 2012
An Extra 12% Off entire site. LED lighting and accessories for your home! @ SimplyLED
Received an email today advertising a 12 days of Christmas offer over at They already offer some of the best priced/ quality LED lighting in the UK, perfect for… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Installed one of these recently. Brightness is equivalent to the 50W halogen it replaced. Beam is focussed to similar shape. The colour is slightly different to the halogens, I would describe it as whiter. Only really noticeable with halogens next to it. Sure it will be OK when I replace the others. Cheaper bulbs are available but LED bulbs are one of the products where it is not necessarily sensible to go for the cheapest.


Can get much cheaper


Just checked out a few GU10 offers. Quite possibly the dearest on the net (_;)