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Garmin forerunner 245 music - £274.99 @ singletrackbikes
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Posted 31st Jul 2019Posted 31st Jul 2019
Garmin forerunner 245 music - £274.99 @ singletrackbikes£274.99£299.998% off
Latest Forerunner watch with the capability of 500 songs to be stored. Availability of black 245 music watch for the same price (274.99):… Read more

I have a 935 Tri bundle & a Edge 530. Previously had a 230 & a Edge 80 & 520 😬 plus the premium HRM. Garmin gets a bit of stick for reliability but it’s just statistics, the more you sell the more likely you will encounter issues. Say the rate of failure is 1%, well if you sell 1 million more than a competitor then that’s an extra 10,000 potential failures. My 935 had a failed barometer which Garmin replaced even once it was out of warranty, can’t fault them. The newest “45” range of Forerunner & “30” Edge devices have excellent metrics. I would highly recommend a 245 to anyone who was in the market for one.


Have you bought a fr245 then?


No problemo. He is basically the go to blog when it comes to sports tech reviewing. I’ve based pretty much all my purchases on his fully impartial & detailed reviews. It’s quite refreshing in this world of “sponsored” reviews where you really can’t tell what the reviewer actually thinks. He tells it exactly how it is.


He is in partnership with CT. Got it! A worthwhile read too. Thanks for recommendation (y)


Please could you elaborate... I’m quite the amateur with Garmin and new to them.

Ridgeback Dimension 24 2018 Kids Bike £269.99 @ Singletrack Bikes
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Posted 11th Apr 2018Posted 11th Apr 2018
Ridgeback Dimension 24 2018 Kids Bike £269.99 @ Singletrack Bikes£269.99
Couldn't find it for less than £329.99 anywhere else Lightweight alloy construction and decent Shimano Altus group set.

No idea why this went cold given that it's only recently gone up to 329.99

SEALSKINZ Extreme Cold Weather Gloves - £42.99 @ inc. delivery
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Posted 28th Jan 2014Posted 28th Jan 2014
SEALSKINZ Extreme Cold Weather Gloves - £42.99 @ inc. delivery£42.99
I know a lot of people won't want to pay this for a pair of gloves, but they're ideal for skiing, particularly if - like me - you spend too much time falling over. They're warm and… Read more
Bell Sweep Road Bike Helmet (RRP £99.99) £48.99 @ singletrackbikes
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Posted 25th Jan 2014Posted 25th Jan 2014
Bell Sweep Road Bike Helmet (RRP £99.99) £48.99 @ singletrackbikes£48.99
This isn't as good a deal as my last road bike helmet post on sale at singletrack but it still seems like a reasonable deal to me. You can get the less appealing colours at a simi… Read more

looks good how do I know it will fit? is it as good as the garneau edge?


Excellent price for a cracking helmet


Know the owner of the shop - good guy. Heat!

Giro Atmos Road Bike Helmet - £32.99 @ singletrackbikes
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Posted 22nd Jan 2014Posted 22nd Jan 2014
Giro Atmos Road Bike Helmet - £32.99 @ singletrackbikes£32.99
Giro Atmos road bike helmet. These have a RRP of £119.99 and generally go for upwards of £80.00. There are limited colours (titanium and white) and sizes (small or medium) left b… Read more

Hey not at all. It's just the power of the internet sometimes. All the best Dave


That was probably my fault for posting!


Hey everybody, Apologies for all the cancelled and refunded orders. When we put the last couple of these on clearance the last thing we expected was nearly 30 orders to come through in the space of 20 minutes. As soon as I realised what was happening I started emailing, cancelling and refunding all the ones that can't be fulfilled. Again sorry to those who missed out on the deal. Best Wishes Dave Singletrack Bikes


I just received a refund from PayPal also, oh well looks like a good deal lost...!


Very good value!

RITCHEY Comp V2 White Seatpost 2012 | £19.99 | Components | Seatposts | Singletrack Bikes | Free Delivery | 0% Finance | Cyclescheme
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Posted 19th Jun 2013Posted 19th Jun 2013
RITCHEY Comp V2 White Seatpost 2012 | £19.99 | Components | Seatposts | Singletrack Bikes | Free Delivery | 0% Finance | Cyclescheme£19.99
White Ritchey comp v2 400mm x30.9 and 31.6 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Saracen Amplitude Junior 20" bike only £95.99 @ singletrackbikes saving £64.00 (40%)
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Posted 11th Aug 2011Posted 11th Aug 2011
Saracen Amplitude Junior 20" bike only £95.99 @ singletrackbikes saving £64.00 (40%)£95.99
Saracen Amplitude Junior 2010 model in White for only £95.99 or £93.11 with code mvc1disc giving another 3% off. I have just received mine and looks like a great kids bike. Note th… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Finally arrived after 3 weeks whilst I was on holiday (had it sent to my dads) unfortunately he was on holiday when I got back and I've only just seen it. Good bike - woeful service. No reply to any e-mail - finally got through by ringing 9 times in a row and hanging up as soon as the recorded message kicked in (no answer phone - just ring back message). The owner promised to confirm by e-mail the expected delivery date he told me on the phone. Guess what no e-mail. now back up to £127.99


Thinking of buying Any updates please?


Thanks Mincer for letting us know. Please keep us updated on how you get on.


Begining to regret buying this - ordered same day as posted, delivery quoted as 2-5 days but still no sign of it arriving. No answer to e-mail and phone is either engaged or goes to answerphone. I've googled reviews of singletrack bikes to find some less then flattering results. Seems to be a one man band - If it's in stock it seems you might be OK, but consensus is if it's shipping direct from supplier (all items with 2-5 days deliv. - according to their website) then watch out. I'll report back if and when it arrives, but I might be looking at a chargeback on my card if I don't get a response soon.


Thanks Monster. Don't want to make the same mistake as with my two older boys. Went for bargain priced bikes but they where so heavy, rusted quickly and had problems with brakes etc.

Kona Paddy Wagon 2010 road bike £371.20 RRP= £565 Singletrack bikes other bikes at good prices too
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Posted 13th Oct 2010Posted 13th Oct 2010
Kona Paddy Wagon 2010 road bike £371.20 RRP= £565 Singletrack bikes other bikes at good prices too£371.20
Kona Paddy Wagon bike £371.20. RRP for this bike was £565 so a pretty good saving. Add bike to basket and use the code: mvc1disc (code added at basket stage and gives 10% of ever… Read more

link to a high res pic:


Very googd price.. shame i just purchased a mongoose single track bike as i bet the build quality is far superior on this


Kona Fire mountain 2010 mountainbike: £252 (but only 14" and 22" frames) (RRP: £400)

Animal T-Shirts 50% Off £17.49 @ Singletrack Bikes
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Posted 1st Nov 2009Posted 1st Nov 2009
Animal T-Shirts 50% Off £17.49 @ Singletrack Bikes£17.49
Some nice tshirts, short and long sleeve available. -These T-shirts not only look good with great Animal styling but also have features to keep you feeling and smelling great -Thi… Read more

We went last week, spent £100 got some shades reduced from £40 to £5, there are some really nice clothes in there !


Cool shop, did you go when they were doing buy one get one free at the end of August? I could've bought the whole shop (and nearly did), and easily earnt my free towel. Luckily I live an hours drive away so it's not tempting to visit too often!!


All Animal T Shirts are £10 at the Animal Outlet at Springfields, extra 10% off too if you have a VIP card

Kona Lanai 2009 £203.99 RRP £299 @ singletrackbikes
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Posted 20th Sep 2009Posted 20th Sep 2009
Kona Lanai 2009 £203.99 RRP £299 @ singletrackbikes£203.99
2010 models just out so 2009 ones being discounted. £189 is a great price for a Kona even if its a basic spec. I bought one a few months ago at around £250 and its a brilliant qual… Read more

Bingo. The length of the bike is harder to change so it actually the critical dimension when sizing a bike. Also, don't forget that ladies' proportions are typically different from blokes - they have longer legs and shorter torsos. Consequently some brands now do womens specific bikes (not to be confused with 'ladies frame' step through bikes) which are shorter overall than the gents' equivalent in the same size. It's not necessarily too big, more likely the wrong shape bike for her (I have often been surprised by how much of a 5'3" lady is made up of legs!). She may have needed the medium to get her leg extension correct, but my guess is that she's now overstretched on it (Giants are quite long, anyway). Try a womens specific model in a similar size, or something shorter generally, like Trek's 4000 series. A final note on the 2009/2010 argument further up the thread - regardless of snobbery etc., many manufacturers have increased the RRPs but actually down-specced their bikes for 2010. In other words, if you find the bike you like in the right size, the 09 will usually be the better deal. Remember though, it's not a bargain if it doesn't fit!


Got a voucher code for the website as well making the above deals even HOTTER! Type helmethead at the checkout for another 5% off.


Has anyone weighted the bike? Thanks


The Focus is a good one, quite similar in components and quality. I believe the Kona has better value for money, given the 35 £ difference.


Which is better?