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Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres at SJS Cycles for £14.99 delivered
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres at SJS Cycles for £14.99 delivered£9.99£2357% off
Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres. Seem to be about £20 most other places. Got a charity cycle ride coming up so I wanted something cheap to put in my mountain bike for it. Look to get… Read more

Going out today on it, so hopefully it will benice and comfy then!!


That must have been the comfiest ride ever these with full suspension I had the brown ones on an old Specialized


I’m glad people think these are good tyres ! Just fitted them on my mountain bike for a charity ride on the road ! Don’t look to bad on a full suspension as a temporary measure !!


Cheers. Saw them earlier this week, would look silly on my black and grey bike though. If it was silver though. 1st world problems :{


Thorn Cycle 20 Function Multi-tool 19.99 RRP Delivery from £2.50
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
Thorn Cycle 20 Function Multi-tool 19.99 RRP Delivery from £2.50£5.99
Multitool. Was £19.99, now £5.99 + £2.50 shipping. Functions and features: - Tyre lever - Chain tool - 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 mm Allen keys - 2, 3 mm Cranked Allen keys - T10… Read more

I can't work out how to get it for less than than £8.49 so woldranger is correct. Good price still at £8.49.


The price is always given excluding delivery and the delivery then advised adjacent. In this case there is more than one delivery option, so what you are suggesting would be incorrect.


Isn't it delivery only from SJS? If so, then it surely should be £8.49 in the title as there's no way to get it for £5.99. If I'm wrong, then let me know how to collect - I'm always up to save a bit of cash.

Brooks Proofide Leather Saddle Conditioner - 40g Tin - £5.99 + £1.50 P&P - £7.49 @ SJS Cyles
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Posted 15th Jun 2015Posted 15th Jun 2015
Brooks Proofide Leather Saddle Conditioner - 40g Tin - £5.99 + £1.50 P&P - £7.49 @ SJS Cyles£7.49
Normally goes for £10+

Comment Specifically for solid leather saddles to prevent the leather drying out and aid breaking in. People with other types of saddles don't need it.


Ordered, thanks. Very expensive stuff, but this is the cheapest I've seen it lately.


If you've got a £100+ pair of shoes, you'd polish them too


Woah. Some people look after their saddles a lot!!!


good price heat added just bought a tin for £9.99

Shimano Deore M510 Quick Release Skewer Set (Black) - £6.49 Delivered @ SJS Cycles
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Posted 7th Feb 2013Posted 7th Feb 2013
Shimano Deore M510 Quick Release Skewer Set (Black) - £6.49 Delivered @ SJS Cycles£6.49
Was looking for some new quick release skewers for my mountain bike and for a set of Shimano skewers, this price can't be beaten. Good quality and were delivered within a day of or… Read more

Wheels pinched lol. Its ok, I drive to the sweet shop these days!


Get these if you want your wheels pinched.


Cheap enough to ruin on the turbo trainer and have a spare. Just need a spare hollow spindle now for the rear wheel I have sitting to be used

Carradice SQR Slim Saddlebag - £56.16 + £5 delivery @ SJS Cycles
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Posted 18th Oct 2012Posted 18th Oct 2012
Carradice SQR Slim Saddlebag - £56.16 + £5 delivery @ SJS Cycles£61.16
These can be hard to find in stock, never mind reduced from their £75rrp. A great alternative to a backpack or rack and panniers for carrying your stuff when cycling. Five star rev… Read more

I've got a Trax and it's awesome.


Youll be doing wheelies to work with that on.

Truvativ Isoflow 8/9 Speed Chainset - 48/38/28 - 170mm  - £23.49 Delivered @ SJS Cycles
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Posted 28th Mar 2011Posted 28th Mar 2011
Truvativ Isoflow 8/9 Speed Chainset - 48/38/28 - 170mm - £23.49 Delivered @ SJS Cycles£23.49
you wont find a cheaper chainset like this for under £24 delivered . i needed a middle ring which would of cost almost this but im getting the inner, middle, outer chainrings ,… Read more

Nope this is for mountain bikes, three chainrings.


is this for a road bike? Do you need to change the derailer and cassette to fit a new chain set does anyone know?


Damn, that's a really good price for a truvatic chainset for sure.


sounds a lovely bike indeed.... i think we are going to see more and more people cycling to work . the cost of running a car on a weekly basis is getting a joke and cycling has double benefits as its free and keeps you VERY fit . its lovely in this weather too :)


Loving this bike stuff, got me a rocky mountian vertex hardtail with Rockshox sid teams, all decked out in canadian colours. Imported it from canada, costing me a fortune. But I use it everyday for work, so cheaper than a car.

Schwalbe Inner Tubes £2.99 - All Sizes @ SJS Cycles
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Posted 9th Sep 2010Posted 9th Sep 2010
Schwalbe Inner Tubes £2.99 - All Sizes @ SJS Cycles£2.99
Great quality inner tubes, much less prone to puncturing than those cheap pound shop tubes.... I have been using these for years and couldn't do without them... The delivery is 2.… Read more

cool cheers. I have found a trader on ebay who does the conti's in packs of 5 for £13.95 delivered, very quick delivery too


They are pretty similar, the schawalbe is a bit thicker.. Will probably get less pinch flats etc.. Heavier though too, so its not really good if you are into a superlight bike, and every gram counts.. All my bikes weigh a ton however! I like the valves on the schwalbe, as they have an excellent screw fastening.. Tough as nails, and the valves are a bit longer than normal... Handy on deeper rims...


I normally use contintal tubes, any idea how these stack up against them??




Excellent price for quality kit.....

Hydrapak Flume 2 Litre Hydration Backpack inc Delivery for £14.99 @ SJS Cycles
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Posted 16th Dec 2009Posted 16th Dec 2009
Hydrapak Flume 2 Litre Hydration Backpack inc Delivery for £14.99 @ SJS Cycles£14.99
- A lightweight pack for all trail riders and enthusiasts, a combination of value and technology - Air mesh shoulder straps with removeable sternum strap for comfort - Single ful… Read more

I have a similar one to this, the bite vavle lasted 10 months or so but i have just replaced with a big bite


Good point - just ordered. Thanks


Camelbaks are like VW cars. Not as good as everyone thinks and more expensive than comparible products.


Probably similar to a Gelert one I bought from a previous Amazon HUKD posting, which is very good and doesn't leak. To be honest the Camelbak's are nice, but you're paying a LOT for a name on something that isn't that complicated a product. Treat yourself to one of these or another copy and you won't go far wrong.


How do these compare with Camelbacks? Thinking more of the straw - does it leak?

Shimano PD-M520 SPD Pedals £23.99 SJS Cycles
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Posted 16th Oct 2009Posted 16th Oct 2009
Shimano PD-M520 SPD Pedals £23.99 SJS Cycles£23.99
I have been looking for some SPD pedals for a while and just found these silver Shimano PD-M520 SPD Clipless Pedals for £18.99. RRP is £39.99 and Wiggle are selling for £30! I ha… Read more



Riiiiip ooooof


Cold from me, cheaper elsewhere.


ummm.. 18.99 delivered at CRC 3 colours in stock! Wiggle are *not* cheap except for some clothes and food, imho. trying to work out why the XT pedals are so much more expensive.. these look almost the same, i paid £40 for XT last year.