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25% off a Skoda service plan 23rd November to 2nd December (£306 for two services at your local dealer)
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
25% off a Skoda service plan 23rd November to 2nd December (£306 for two services at your local dealer)£306
A BLACK FRIDAY OFFER THAT LASTS THROUGH THE SEASONS To get the most out of your ŠKODA, you want to keep it in perfect condition. And with 25% off between 23rd November – 2nd Dec… Read more

Also don’t forget to then ask 4 them NHS discount if you work 4 the NHS. Personally I wouldn’t get my car MoT with them as your car will have a long list of advisors that they try and get there money back from you,use an independent Skoda for the MOT


Best thing to do haggle with them & play off 1 main dealership against another


It's not on the website, but the dealer gave it to me and said that Skoda and VW have been offering free breakdown since June to align to the Seat offer


You definitely get it with SEAT, I've had it for the past few years. Added benefit of getting your car serviced with them.


Is that with Skoda or Seat you get breakdown cover? I got the Skoda one and can’t find anything about that...

Skoda offering 0% APR ON Karoq and Kodiaq only
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Skoda offering 0% APR ON Karoq and Kodiaq only
Skoda offering 0% Apr until 22nd November

Or I can't decide...


So let me get this straight: £3000 discount of a cash price with nothing on top (interest) £2750 discount with PCP (+ interest say £2.5k) which equals total about £250 discount £0 discount with 0% PCP which equals £0 total discount. Unless I'm misunderstanding, the first cash option seems best. Even with a personal loan, that's say £1500 total discount over the other two options. Asked dealer about cash offer and they said existing stock only DELIVERED by end of November and not willing to match DTD. Sounds BS, but either way DTD wins...?


Sad to say society does have allot of brand zombies...


Just how far behind the times are you? still wondering why you cant buy new videos in shops any more? At least you will be up to date with labours return to 70's 'economic' policies...


No, i run a car i specc'd and ordered for 4 years and it cost me £11k, I didn't lose £11k as I did 64000 miles in it. You couldn't lease one for that, especially with options and 16k year mileage. A Kodiaq VRS isn't a proper car? Erm ok. Maybe some people want a new car....trolls like this on every car thread get beyond tedious after a while. Why not go the whole hog and buy all your clothes from a charity shop and fish around the bins at Tesco for out of date stock too.

Skoda Karoq Estate 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr (Lease deal) - Initial £990.16 + 23 x £163.36 at What Car? Leasing
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Posted 10th Sep 2019Posted 10th Sep 2019
I know not everyone’s cup of tea but a really good value SUV in my opinion Based on 24 Months / 8,000 miles pa Main Dealer Rainworth Mansfield 0333 3232942 Low insurance also o… Read more

Yep if you want wait 12 weeks you will get that price even with 10000 miles a year. But they had in stock (2weeks delivery) few metallic options for 190£ a month on 2 years PCH and deposit was 6months=1140£. So I got that because I needed new car quick and I can say is not slow maybe a little bit ugly outside compare to Tuscan but is really comfortable to drive (noise level brilliant) and all specification is just perfect for that class car.


Order now you might get it delivered by 2025


Has anyone actually had a Quote sent to them from Whatcar Leasing yet?



Check out what car leasing or

Free car for 3 days - Skoda Real Life Test Drive
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Posted 8th Sep 2017Posted 8th Sep 2017
Free car for 3 days - Skoda Real Life Test Drive
Skoda are running a promotion at the moment for a real life test drive. Take their Superb hatch or Octavia estate and drive it for three days. There's no catch - you pay the fuel… Read more

thanks OP. I got a call yesterday and getting my Superb for a test drive in the morning 8)


Skoda Bradford saying they're not doing it. Expired deal.


Can anyone make this work ? "No retailers found with that postcode"


Just a marketing campaign, trying to get contact detail so they can spam you with offers.


I ordered a Skoda Trial, at the address where I was shown from the promotion page from Skoda. I booked for reservations, but said they did not have such an offer. Maximum 30 minutes. driving is possible.

New Skoda Octavia Vrs personal contract hire £5977 over 2 years
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Posted 26th Mar 2015Posted 26th Mar 2015
New Skoda Octavia Vrs personal contract hire £5977 over 2 years£5,977
Just saw this posted on my local Skoda page and after calling to find out it is a two year term personal contract hire, working out at £5977. This car retails around £24,000 and th… Read more
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obviously not that great as its only on +75 :P


best deal ever


cheers donny1266, good deal :)



That's the Facebook link for anyone wanting more details

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback 24-hour test drive
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Posted 27th Feb 2014Posted 27th Feb 2014
ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback 24-hour test drive
ŠKODA are offering you the opportunity to test drive the all new ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback for 24-hours! With lots of space, numerous ‘Simply Clever’ features, intelligent safety syste… Read more

To be Honest if you are serious about buying a new car most main dealers can arrange for you to borrow a demonstrator for 24/48hrs


Did anyone take advantage of the deal 2 or 3 years back where renault let you try out a Laguna or Megane for a weekend free of charge via Hertz? Low insurance excess and Hertz dropped the car off and picked up from the house. Now that was a deal!


You will be responsible for fuel, there will most likely be a limited milesage allowed, any damage etc is your responsibility and there will be a high insurance excess through the dealership, unless your insurance company allow you to add within your policy. Only worth test driving one of these if you are seriously considering buying one imo



does this mean you could get a free car hired for a day na there has got to be a catch...... what do they ask you to fill in the about the test section why do you want to test it... you say because you are offering it.....

Skoda Fabia Reaction  - Last Stock for £8995
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Posted 1st Feb 2014Posted 1st Feb 2014
Skoda Fabia Reaction - Last Stock for £8995£8,995
Get the Fabia Reaction for £8995 from your local Skoda Dealer. The link above is to Skoda website which lists it at £9690 but most Skoda dealers are selling these off for £8995 wi… Read more

I am looking at the £8995 1.2 SE deal which is currently available in silver or denim blue - would this one be better?? It's a solid paint, not sure about the grey/ black (I'd need to see it in person). I always look ahead to re-sale so would like to hear which one would be easier to sell or hold value better, etc.


Where have you been for the last 20 years - lurking under a rock somewhere? Welcome to 2014.


oooooo sorry Mr I need a brand name on my car to get respect from people who don't like me.


People actually buy Skodas? Would be worth it if selling for £200 or so. Cold.


This 'Chav' thing probably needs to be put to rest. I'm certainly not elitist myself. I was merely pointing out people that seem to be labelled with 'Chav' tend to buy a wide variety of cars. There are many reasons to buy new and secondhand with finances often weighting it a certain way. I've certainly bought many secondhand cars in my time. Most have been brilliant bargains but one or two have been problematic.

Skoda Rapid 1.2 TSI SE Connect - £12990 @ Skoda
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Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014
Skoda Rapid 1.2 TSI SE Connect - £12990 @ Skoda£12,990
Lets see how this goes down... The standard Rapid 1.2 SE (5 speed, 86bhp) is £15630, but there's now a special edition SE Connect that adds 16" alloys, rear parking sensors, DAB, … Read more

The Seat Toledo SE 1.2 tsi 105bhp is £12,361 from drive the deal, cracking price


It wont win any traffic light grand prix, but the TSi have 50% more torque than the 1.2 MPi, so it shouldn't be as bad as you think.


Looks nice, but will be seriously under powered...


Both the Seat and Skoda are made in the same factory. As I posted previously Rapid = Jetta Knight Jetta Knight is a 4dr Polo.


I might be wrong but Jetta = Rapid???

ŠKODA Fabia Estate SE 1.2 TSI 86PS was £13000, now £9995 OTR @ skoda
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Posted 13th Jan 2014Posted 13th Jan 2014
ŠKODA Fabia Estate SE 1.2 TSI 86PS was £13000, now £9995 OTR @ skoda£9,995
I test drove one at the weekend, very impressed, especially the handling Cheaper than the similar spec dacia logan and more reliable/volkswagen with another badge. Comes with spe… Read more

My wife bought this in the same offer at the same price last September and it's a great family car for under 10k. The finance also came with 3 years servicing so 3 years stress free motoring for a relatively small outlay was a great deal. The car itself handles very well, is well built and spacious yet doesn't feel like a huge estate so as long as you don't have a fragile ego which needs to be seen in a more 'premium' badge (like anyone gives a..) then I'd definitely recommend it.


The new Quashqai has a 1.2l and that is a huge chunk of a car. I know some one who has driven it pre production and said it was fantastic.


Indeed.. the 1.2 tsi is quite a gutsy little engine I've driven this 86ps version and the 105ps 1.2 tsi while my vRS was in for a service and they were both quite nippy.


They fit a 1.2 engine to the much larger Skoda Octavia. It gets very good reviews.


Doctor my 4rse! :D

ŠKODA Fabia Hatch SE 1.2 12V 69PS - 25% off - £8995 @ Skoda
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Posted 2nd Jan 2014Posted 2nd Jan 2014
ŠKODA Fabia Hatch SE 1.2 12V 69PS - 25% off - £8995 @ Skoda£8,995
Skoda's offering a massive 25% off the Fabia Hatch SE 1.2 12V 69PS. The price of the ŠKODA Fabia Hatch SE 1.2 12V 69PS model was £12,140 OTR, but it is now available for just £8,9… Read more

nice deal


This is the same deal that was on a year ago, and which I went for:- Not been disappointed, well equipped economical little car. If you prefer something slightly larger with the better TSI 86PS engine, then a similar deal for the estate version is offered on the OP's link @ £9995.


Guys, I was joking. I have a 3.0 tdi quattro myself.


Agree: I had a 2.7 diesel when they first came out. Effortless acceleration, decent handling and solid car. No problems with mine. For this deal..... Heat from me.


Could not disagree more. I just sold mine. Was a fantastic car.