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Free tickets to London's Sky Garden
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Posted 8th May 2019Posted 8th May 2019
Free tickets to London's Sky GardenFREE£0.01
Ongoing free deal but worth a reminder if you want to visit Sky Gardens and get some decent views of London. Ticket availability for the next few weeks with online booking, and ne… Read more

Went yesterday had fantastic views due to the good weather, thanks for posting.


Damn, I can't fault the logic there... (lol)


Best to check when the dates that you want are released (on a Monday). Then login early and you should get what you want


But equally this is the most expensive that it has even been


... 27 days ago. Get over it.

Free tickets now available for London Sky Garden (NEW CHRISTMAS RELEASE)
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
Free tickets now available for London Sky Garden (NEW CHRISTMAS RELEASE)FREE£5
Tickets have been realised from the 17th December. They go very fast. It’s great to go in the evening and see london lit up with Christmas lights.

Not sure if that's a joke or if I've just been trolled for the first time! I note though that you don't even dare show your face! ;-)


There are places in Soho charging 50 quid for a pint of coke. And that's for a basement view. This is a bargain!


Lol. Yes, but if you ask the Mrs she will also tell you I have great stamina.


Thanks for jogging my memory to book tickets for this (highfive)


£6 for a pint?! you are pulling our legs.

Free access to London's Sky Garden
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Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018
Free access to London's Sky Garden
Every week some free tickets are available. This is outgoing free deal. You can visit Sky Garden as many times as you can. Every Monday new da… Read more

Hey you could go to some of the museum's (history, science and V&A are within close proximity of one another in SOUTH Kensington and then the British museum is (I think!) Tottenham court road or king's cross


If you're not in a rush to go, Hyde Parks winter wonderland starts on 22nd November. Surprised its not yet been listed on hotukdeals. Free entry, nice place to walk around to get into the Christmas spirit.


£215 for a bottle of Grey Goose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me.............................................. (shock)


TK Maxx for shopping (well supplied and not so many people in the store). (y) Tower of London is 2 minutes walk from Sky Garden. :{


Any ideas of what else to do /see around there to make a full day out?

Free access to London's Sky Garden
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Free access to London's Sky Garden
Every week some free tickets are available. Every Monday new dates and time slots. Description from the website below. BOOKING INFORMATION Access to the Sky Garden is free of ch… Read more

Wow you know how to live!


Went today thanks to this post. Thank you. It was lovely. Wheelchair accessible too.


Been up a few times - with and without booking. It’s always worth a look if good weather for the view


Exactly. If you're not gunna contribute to anything, you shouldn't bash people posting deals like this. I didn't know this was free or even existed to be honest, so it's a good 'deal' for me, just like the other 900+ people that have voted this hot. 'Aldino' needs to get a life.


"Ruin this site" lol? 😴 Why don't you post your first deal to try and improve this site then? (highfive)

FREE access to the 35th Floor @
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018
FREE access to the 35th Floor @
Access to the Sky Garden is free of charge. A limited number of tickets are available each day, please book them through our booking system. Tickets are currently available to book… Read more

Very expensive for drinks. Cold!


I live right next to this... its not worth the time or effort to visit. However, if you happen to be passing, then sure... pass through it... thats extent of my recommendation though.


Just went on Tuesday!


For those who can't be ar$ed to queue or book,there's always the (free entry) newish roof gardens at Crossrail Place in Canary wharf.I know not quite the same but hey,plants are plants and trees are still trees. :D They also got bars/restaurants/sports bar downstairs as well if you fancy a pint or a nibble.Expect to pay 'London' prices for a beer tho. :|


Its still worth going up as you get wonderful views of the shard, river thames, tower of london just to name a few

FREE Spectacular Views of London - Sky Garden
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Posted 14th Feb 2016Posted 14th Feb 2016
FREE Spectacular Views of London - Sky Garden
Take a look at the Sky Garden, it's on the 35th floor of the Walkie Talkie building, directly opposite the Shard and it's FREE to visit. I went there yesterday...fantastic 360 degr… Read more



Thank u - went on Mother's Day with 12 other family members. Had a wonderful time. Great views of London :)


Thanks OP managed to get tickets just, when they say before noon it can be as early as 10am :D


No idea about parking but close by the bus stop and tube for Monument. If you are not going to eat in the restaurants but intend to try eat in the Sky Pod, I would eat before you go. Sandwiches are about £5 each and no doubt tasty, they come wrapped as those in a takeaway cafe. You can view the menu on line including drinks. I was there on Saturday and it was far colder than when I was there in December but there again, so was London in general!


We've got tickets for 13th March, what are the cafe's like up there? Not sure whether to have lunch beforehand and grab a coffee/cake at Sky Garden or take lunch in one of the restaurants.. What are prices like? Anywhere to park close by? Thanks