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Slumberdown Cool Summer Nights 4.5 Tog Duvet - 10% Off with Voucher + Free Delivery
Refreshed 21st JunRefreshed 21st Jun02/07/2021Expires on 02/07/2021
Our Cool Summer Nights lightweight duvet has a low tog which keeps you cool over the summer months, so you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep, at just the right temperature. It is … Read more

Hello, the specification for these two duvets is the samefor the 4.5 Tog variations. The reason we have produced a duvet specifically in the‘Cool Summer Nights’ range, is that not all shoppers have an understanding ofwhat different tog ratings mean and so this branding makes it clearlyidentifiable as a duvet that’s ideal for Summer months when the temperature requiresa lighter duvet. Thanks, SleepSeeker


What's the difference between this and the cosy hugs duvet?

4.5 tog hollow fibre duvet with free delivery single, double, king & super king all available on offer from £7.99 at Sleepseeker
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Summer, 4.5 tog slumberdown duvets on offer Single = £7.99 Double = £9.99 King = £10.99 Super king = £11.99 All with free delivery

Super king oos


Sorry about the comment. Last time I commented on this merchant, I was mocked. Got carried away.


This happened with a duvet i bought for my son from here.


Thanks. Wanted a 4.5 for time but Asda near me only stocking 10.5


The quality is really bad, got the 4.5 and 12.5 tog , the 12.5 tog is already unusable after 3 months

Buy One Get One Free: Slumberdown Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial Pillow Pair (4 Pillows Total) £16.79 Delivered @ Sleepseeker
70° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Great new product fromSlumberdown: the Complete Protection range has been formulated using aninnovative and fast acting anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment which hasbeen indepe… Read more

@Sleepseeker Do you want to answer this today or do you need more time? I have to write my draft soon. Thanks,


Thanks for that, I really appreciate that you have spent the effort to explain the anti-bacterial and anti-viral claims which were very vague and lacking in any detail on the website. I was also hoping you would explain a little further but don't worry I'll do that for you. ;). The treatment is called RUCO®-BAC AGP, a silver based solution with added anti-viral properties in June 2020 by a German chemist called the Rudolf Group. Sleep Seeker has no involvement with its development, they simply purchase the solution and apply it to their products. I have some bonus questions for @Sleepseeker. These are inherently difficult questions so I would fully expect you to ignore them and pretend you didn't see them. However, they are what a typical consumer should expect to know before they are able to make an informed decision. There are bonus points if any of them are answered. 1. The Chemist has published 3 sets of results summarising the anti-viral efficiency. They are for 2% solution in cotton and polyester (PES) and 0.5% solution in polyester. (They have not published 0.5% in cotton I presume the results were not very good). Unsurprisingly, the efficiently is determined by the % solution applied. What was the % of the RUCO®-BAC AGP solution Sleep Seeker / Slumberdown used to treat this product? 2. Which part of the pillow was treated? It is just the microfibre cover, just the hollowfibre filling / core or the entire cover and filling? 3. The Chemist has published results for PES and cotton fabrics. The pillow fibre is listed as microfibre and hollowfibre. How confident is Sleep Seeker that the protection is adequate when applied to this type of fibre? 4. We all know that it is more important that the pillow is actually effective in the real world rather than under lab conditions. There is nothing worst then buying a pillow that has claimed anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to discover it has no real benefit. Has Sleep Seeker ran any real world tests to compare the efficiency of a treated pillow vs an untreated one? Are you able to publish any internal research on this? Thanks,


Hello, please be advised we have now uploaded a video to the product pages of all our Complete Protection range which explains the technology used in the treatment of these products. Thank you, SleepSeeker


But in your own words that's what you are aiming/claiming this product protects against that's what Anti means Against A lot of research and development has gone into the science behind the protection that is used on the fabric for these pillows, so please rest assured that the fact that they are anti-viral and anti-bacterial goes beyond just marketing. If you are not implying links to covid then why make the statement that you began the development of this Clean & Protect range at the 'onset' of the pandemic clearly other viruses exist but have done since well before the pandemic, but you or John cotton Ltd the parent company just decided to make these at the pandemics onset? Also why are we only finding out about these wonder products a year later? Did they make too many and nobody bought them so now they are going cheap? (confused) Yes i make a lot of points but its only what everyone else is thinking or wanting to know too If they are to buy them they need to know the facts


I've not received a reply yet so I've sent the customer service team another message.

Slumberdown CBD Infused Pillow £15.99 with Voucher Plus Free Delivery @ Sleepseeker
19° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Next cheapest on Amazon selling for £19.99 + 4.95 postage This pillow has a unique soft cotton pillowcase with pillow is infused with a unique blend of CBD oil, Aloe Vera and Lave… Read more

Deal had 1 heat. I voted cold and it went to 7. Love this site!!!


These will be awesome until the CBD is no longer active, which will be...... A few months before they were delivered (lol) (lol) (lol)


There's a sucker born every minute.


Stupid idea


i can't see how the oils could withstand washing and also after a while, especially with the warmth and humidity, won't the scents dissipate and just leave a rancid oil smell?? (poo)

Relaxation Boxed Dual Compartment Pillow - Pack of 2 with free Pillow Protectors £8.99 @sleepseeker
137° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
RELAXATION BOXED DUAL COMPARTMENT PILLOW - PACK OF 2 Find the perfect way to drift off when you bring these Relaxation Pillows into your bedroom. Made from 100% cotton, the pillo… Read more

Mines not a latex one but will research this, thanks


I'm using a latex one if you bought a good latex form it shouldn't change shapes for years


Thank u


Have had that one too😥 its fine when i first go to bed but then it sort of sits down


Get a memory gel ones?

Slumberdown Made For You Two Duvet - £17.59 (Double) / £19.19 (King) with Voucher + Free Delivery at Sleepseeker
36° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
20% off with the voucher code on both sizes: Double: Usually: £21.99, with Voucher: £17.59 King: Usually: £23.99, with Voucher: £19.19 Our soft touch dual tog duvet has been sp… Read more

I'll be honest sometimes we're the same, I tend to have an extra, single size blanket at the end of the bed I can put on my side, or he uses it instead of the duvet. (Also good when one of you becomes a blanket thief and you wake up with a cold bum!) I am intrigued by these duvets though, anyone actually used one?


It's a good idea, I could sleep with a tissue paper duvet and the girl insists on a trillion tog so the trade off is that no one is happy.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Slumberdown Memory Foam Medium Support Pillow with Free Pillow protector £14.99 + Free Delivery at Sleepseeker
173° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Just add 1 to the Basket and the free one gets added automatically. Free Pillow protector worth RRP £9.99 too. The Slumberdown Memory Support Pillow is memory foam with a diff… Read more

I don’t think anyone who purchased was questioning the firmness rating, more the quality of the pillows.


Hi m_zafar, Thank you for your feedback. Given the reviews on the last deal, our Quality Assurance team have reviewed the firmness rating for these pillows and have re-classified them as "Medium Support".


Hi Cuzzy, Thank you for your feedback. Given the reviews on the last deal, our Quality Assurance team have reviewed the firmness rating for these pillows and have re-classified them as "Medium Support".


If you are talking about the Dunlopillo pillows now sold under the Relyon brand, it's the same product as previous identical in every way. Basically Bensons for Beds are part of the same trading group and they wanted to bring their Dunlopillo range in-house only, allowing their Relyon division to continue to sell out to market.


@Jason do you reckon the dealer should be removed from ‘verified partner’ status? They have done nothing on this deal to justify it

Free Teflon Protector With Every Pillow - EG: 2x Slumberdown Spring Fresh Support Pillow + 2x Protectors £8.99 (UK Mainland) @ Sleepseeker
271° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
As per title, for each pillow you buy you'll get a free Teflon protector added automatically to your basket. Works out quite nicely on a few of the pillows on offer, considering de… Read more

Just delivered. Poore quality, very thin pillows, protectors not Best quality either. Waste of money.


DuPont behave just like the cigarette companies who paid off doctors to endorse their products knowing full well that they cause health problems. We know for sure that the health claims/benefits were completely fabricated, just look at the damage smoking has done for those unfortunate enough to believe them. Let’s hope it won’t be too late when the verdict is in for these chemicals and that they can get banned sooner rather than later. Just AVOID!


Rather alarmingly, PFOA (which has proven to be toxic), can be found in the bloodof 98% of the US population (and also in a high percentage of the rest of the world), thanks to companies like DuPont (whichChemours are a spin off of) dumping it into the environment evenafter their own internal research linked it to all manner of healthproblems, including cancer. Again, as you say, it's stillnot settled as to whether Teflon is toxic but I think that anargument can be made for avoiding using it when possible, especiallyin products that come into contact with your face and yourairways, or products that are lilkely to be ingested such as nail polish, if you're a nail biter. Not least when there are non-toxic alternatives out there. There's a great documentary on iPlayer about justhow scummy DuPont were / are with their teflon production. It'scalled "Poisoning America: The Devil we Know" -


get bamboo towels natural. yes teflon used in all sorts but would u like to put your head on it for 8 hours every day?


understood. I know what teflon is. But for bedding and clothing, it is a bit too much. Unnecessary (atleast from my point of view) and it is toxic anyways.

Slumberdown Hollowfibre Duvets From £7.99 - EG: 4.5 Tog Single £7.99 / 4.5 Tog Double £9.99 / 10.5 Tog King £11.99 Delivered @ Sleepseeker
420° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Update 1
13.5 Tog options now added.
Back on offer again with some of the prices being lower than before. Delivery on any of them is free. They are all machine washable at 40° and made with a 50% Polyester and 50% Cot… Read more

Bought mine about 4/5 months ago from this place (winter tog) and was nice and warm and have had no issues with it. Customer service was good too!


why only pay by paypal. will not use pay pal so no order.


Yes, washing regularly and changing is bit pain for lazy person like me!


Not using duvet covers is gross 😫 (horror)


Anyone have a 4.5 tog duvet?

Buy One Get One Free on Packs of 2 Slumberdown Super Support Firm Support Pillow (4 Pillows total) £14.99 Delivered @ SleepSeeker
456° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Buy One Get One Free on Packs of 2 Slumberdown Super Support Firm Support Pillow (4 Pillows total) £14.99 Delivered @ SleepSeeker£14.99£23.9537% off Free P&P Free
A quid cheaper than the last time we saw these on buy one get one free. The next best for delivery is Matalan at £23.95 / £10 per 2 pack + delivery For this price, just click 'Pac… Read more

So good and so supportive


Thanks, ordered - these have great reviews on Amazon so looks like a bargain


Yep, sorry..I got it to work.


Just worked for me (y) 🏻


Not working now