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For those looking to get beach ready for summer, ladies looking to get back into shape after pregnancy or anyone looking to achieve better muscle tone and definition, Slendertone can be a useful option to explore. Products such as the Slendertone abs belt as well as products for the arms, face and rear end are designed to help users achieve flatter abs, better defined arms, firmer facial skin and a tighter rear end and are shown to deliver perceivable results. 

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Slendertone® Abs8 Toning Belt - £90 with code @ Slendertone
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Posted 14th May 2020Posted 14th May 2020
Slendertone® Abs8 Toning Belt - £90 with code @ Slendertone£90£99.9910% off Free P&P Free
I believe that this model has been designed mostly towards use as a supplementary addition to your usual daily activities such as walking or jogging. I'm not 100% sold on how effe… Read more

Scientifically proven not to work. Eat less or go to a gym when they reopen.


Whether it works or not, it seems very overpriced for what it is, when Chinese versions start from about a fiver.


The gym?


How about a corset ?


If it will not work,where should I go ?? (cheeky)

Abs5 tummy toning belt at Slendertone for £69.99
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Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018
Abs5 tummy toning belt at Slendertone for £69.99£69.99£89.9922% off
I bought this tummy toning machine from slendertone a few weeks ago, happy with results so far. From the slendertone website: Targeted abdominal muscle toning with a belt-mounted… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

Anything sweet tasting stimulates the release of insulin. Insulin stops fat burning and promotes fat storage. Artificial sweeteners can be worse than sugar in the way that they trick your body into thinking certain minerals are coming (the only sweet things going waaaaay back would of been fruit) this can then lead on to over-eating and likely cravings...for more sweet stuff.


How do sweetners make you fat? I'm diabetic, don't have sugar, only sweetners, I have no problems with them.


and no, grains are NOT healthy. They are not what they were just 100 years ago.


No one said anything about starving yourself my friend. In the absence of their forms, fruit included!!! You can eat as mych as your body asks for. Tons of fat, moderate amount of protein is all you need. So many people are still under the illusion that weight loss, toning up is by restricting calories. This is not so, long term. Its about hormone control. Specifically insulin. Keep insulin low and you cannot store fat. Raise insulin...and sugars do this better than anything and your body goes into fat storage mode. Don't starve yourself, eat until you are wonderfully satisfied, without guilt..but of the right foods. Exclude sugars, FRUIT, grains, starches and sweeteners (everything that provokes an insulin response) and fill your boots with everything else. Tis life changing, body and mind. P.s self control in regards to diet is near impossible for those who eat refined sugars due to the sugar rollercoaster and moods/cravings it brings. Walking will not reveal your 6 pack...although...for those who cannot perform hiit or resistance training will help, lowering cortisol the stress hormone that also keeps people fat.


Will this give me a 6 pack?

Slendertone Optimum £100 Off + Free Delivery! - £199.99 @ Slendertone
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Posted 9th Nov 2016Posted 9th Nov 2016
Slendertone Optimum £100 Off + Free Delivery! - £199.99 @ Slendertone£199.99
My dad uses this religiously after playing football and said it really helps his muscle recovery. It's now £100 Off plus free delivery so great offer!
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Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt £30 OFF & Free Delivery - £149.99 @ Slendertone
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Posted 9th Nov 2016Posted 9th Nov 2016
Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt £30 OFF & Free Delivery - £149.99 @ Slendertone£149.99
This is Slendertones most advanced abs toning belt controlled via a mobile app. You can track your progress to see how you're doing, been using for 3 weeks now and can really see a… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

stick it on his balls whilst your man is asleep and whack it on full intensity! !!


Save your money, don't waste it on another weight loss fad.




I've got this and the abs 7 The abs 7 has alot more programmes

3 packs of slendertone abs pads £21.58 del @ slendertone poss 8% topcashback
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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
3 packs of slendertone abs pads £21.58 del @ slendertone poss 8% topcashback£21.58
Use code SL10 to get this price
Pads for Slendertone belts £47.96 @ Slendertone
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Posted 3rd Aug 2015Posted 3rd Aug 2015
Pads for Slendertone belts £47.96 @ Slendertone£47.96
Replacement pads for ab toners. 6 packs for £47.96. These retail in Boots for £11.99 each. Also other deals for pads and belts. Don't forget 10% quidco!

Approximately six months supply. A pad only lasts about a month depending on how you store or look after them.


that's like 3 years supply... do you really need that many?

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Slendertone Abs Female- As seen on TV! 20% off with potential 15% Quidco
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Posted 8th Jan 2014Posted 8th Jan 2014
Slendertone Abs Female- As seen on TV! 20% off with potential 15% Quidco£111.99
Usually £139.99, but with the discount code SLEN20, it comes down to £111.99. Theres also 15% quidco which will effectively bring the overall cost even further down. The discount… Read more

does this work over a gut lol?


Chemist Direct - £99.99 6% Quidco for new customers, or 4% for current customers.


Google for reviews, the majority are positive


Any proof these things work?

SLENDERTONE Replacement Pads - x 3 sets for £16.79 with code - Usually £11.99 Each + £1.69 TOPCASHBACK!
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Posted 15th Sep 2013Posted 15th Sep 2013
SLENDERTONE Replacement Pads - x 3 sets for £16.79 with code - Usually £11.99 Each + £1.69 TOPCASHBACK!£16.79
Was looking at Amazon/Ebay for replacement pads for the Slendertone abs system and work out at £11.99 each. Checked Slendertone website and they have a 3 for 2 offer on the pads at… Read more

lol - very true!


95% of slendertone machine buyers won't ever use it long enough to warrant needing new pads. 19 out of 20 will be collecting dust in a cupboard :-)


Great find! Argos £11.99 each. Cheers


Great price, and 10% quidco. Heated, cheers op.

25% off Slendertone purchases through Paypal. No minimum spend.
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Posted 24th Dec 2012Posted 24th Dec 2012
25% off Slendertone purchases through Paypal. No minimum spend.
May be useful to some. If you shop at Slendertone through Paypal you will get 25% off. There is no minimum spend. I got the new male abs plus arm pack for £113 this way - which is… Read more

I'm trying to track down a replacement abs belt on their website - but they dont have any..only replacement pads. How odd!


Jay Zs sister?





I think you're mistaken, you should be using the slendertone above the belt. :|

3 for 2 and free delivery (£19.99 delivered) on Slendertone Flex Abs Replacement pads
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Posted 26th Nov 2008Posted 26th Nov 2008
3 for 2 and free delivery (£19.99 delivered) on Slendertone Flex Abs Replacement pads£19.99
3 for 2 Flex Abs Replacement Pads. The working life of your pads is dependant on a variety of factors, including skin-type, correct storage and frequency of use. We recommend repla… Read more