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30 Day Sim Only - 8GB Data For £3.50 Per Month For First 3 Months - £7 Thereafter @ Smarty
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Go via mse , credit @adamderak for making me look, and because he's a legend. In some parts, we'll, his house

I jump into 12gb for £4/3 months. Unfortunately signal is very weak in my workplace. Probably will try lebara next.


There have been suggestions that smarty does not get band 20 access, but I have not tested it. Then the question is, is band 20 a curse (congested and slow) or a blessing (more widely available)?


I'm currently on 3mwith no issues but for £12 for the same - my contract ends end of the month so should I get the same coverage with smarty?


To get it cheaper, you could go for a cash back deal.


Just had a thought guys. If you are already a smarty customer dont forget recommend a friend which would work on this deal I imagine. Both you and the friend will get a handy bonus.

Smarty (3) 4GB data unlimited minutes and text £3 per month 1 month rolling
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Smarty (3) 50% off for 3 months Normally £6 Unlimited minutes Unlimited text 4gb data 30 day commitment

Signed up - I was with Smarty before - went to Lebara, now coming back.


Actually perfect for me. I need some more data and I'm not paying the ridiculous prices O2 charge. No credit check either Thanks




So £3/mo for 3 months then £6?


Great deal, have some heat. At this price it is worth trying to see if it suits people where they go for testing signal. For £3 per month its a bargain :D

Unlimited calls & texts 12GB £4 for first 3 months £8 after sim card @ Smarty
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Unlimited calls & texts 12GB £4 for first 3 months £8 after



Leave even after 1-3 months ?


Thanks Ops.. heat added


I don't think you can, I've just looked as our household could potentially have a 3 member group and it says that you can't use the 10% group discount in conjunction with any other discounts, it goes on to say that if a new member joins a group with an existing discount then they aren't eligible for the group discount until their existing discount ends.


Does anyone know how to include this in a shared family plan to get a further discount?

3GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts - £5/pm (No contract) @ Smarty
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Uswitch exclusive deal 3GB for the price of 2GB. Plus wifi calling now. perfect for those who will be working from home/ agile working nad do not need as much mbile data.

I was unemployed for a while, so decided to get Smarty as I was trying to look after my pennies, however being cheap ended up expensive, as many people were unable to get hold of me because the network coverage is so terrible. I am now looking for an alternative :( It is cheap, and you get a lot for your money, but its very inconsistent and I wouldn't recommend it if you have a critical dependency on your phone having signal at all times.


No problem!


Must have changed the deal as I ordered it Friday and it's coming today. Sorry


No problem my friend. Yes data definitely enabled


Just the truth. My boy had same issue. Didn’t have data enabled. Apologies post did look sarcastic

Unlimited data, minutes & texts £16/pm - monthly contract / cancel anytime @ Smarty
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Unlimited data, minutes & texts £16/pm cancel anytime at SMARTY via Uswitch SMARTY link USwitch link

Says 4g in the print when i go to grab it


I already have smarty but can't switch to this deal... Sad


Bad reception where I am but the customer service as A+, switching to another provider this month.


My phone's fastest signal ever was 4G at like 60mpbs


how come people get 300mb is that 5g or real fast 4g

30GB data + unlimited texts + unlimited mins, £10/month, 30 day rolling contract SIM @ Smarty
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
30GB data + unlimited texts + unlimited mins, £10/month, 30 day rolling contract SIM @ Smarty£10 Free P&P Free
This offer pops up every so often and is rarely beaten in terms of data for £10 / month. Commitment-free 30 day rolling contract, good coverage and decent customer service in my o… Read more

This offer should not be expired, it's still live AFAIK.


so how do you get cashback and a free month then? :)


It's possible to get cashback and a free month if you do it right - handy if you want to try it out to test your coverage whilst still running your regular sim

huangxq2 Using your post code check network signals on the above ofcom link. Different networks have different signal strength at one location. Your indoor signal has problem. Make sure check both 4G and non 4G. Found the network which can give you all Green, and switch to that network. This will solve your problem once and for all until the day you move address. For my address, indoor 4G EE has no signal. indoor non 4G EE and 3 have no signal. Whereas, O2 and Vodafone are fine.


For anyone wondering about SMARTY speeds this is what I just got with full bars

Smarty Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 12GB data for £7pm (30 day) @ Smarty
553° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Back again :) Good data amount for the price, and no commitment as you can cancel anytime (y) All plans include 1 month plan, cancel anytime Unlimited calls & texts … Read more

Yup totally agreed. I’ve been on o2 before and it’s really good in my area, but idk if it’s worth the extra quid just for coverage. Maybe the deals you get with o2 priority but there wasn’t that much when I was with o2


That's fair enough, I would only go for these Smarty deals if you are okay with 3 where you are. For me, I can only get O2 reception standing out on the road and I've been on 3 for many years without any problems. Works for me everywhere I go, and data speeds are decent enough for mobile use. The thing about this is that you can get a free month and a £10 credit with a bit of research, and 3+ months for the price of one gives you a good chance to try it out. If you find that it's no good where you are, cancel it after that


Smarty is not horrendous but I think it’s dead worth going for the 8 pound o2 deal that’s on uswitch, better coverage. I was strongly considering it but I don’t see a real point for me just for a few extra mb


The £10 bonus is added as account credit. If you leave it as account credit, it will be used up to pay your monthly charges when they are due - i.e. more free months. You can also convert credit into add-ons if you wish, for out of plan international or premium rate calls for example.


but the bonus can only be used if you go over your allocated allowance? or it can be used to pay the monthly charge?

3GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts - £5/pm (No contract) @ Smarty
586° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
3GB data with unlimited minutes and texts for £5 per month on a no-contract 1 month plan at Smarty. This is the 500MB data plan but with an extra 2.5GB included for up to a yea… Read more

Great price but you get what you pay for. Terrible reception everywhere.


Is this 3gb for £5 still on offer? Can't see it


Cheap for a reason


I bought a Smarty SIM after seeing a deal on here, I really regret it. My switch was this Monday (10/05/21) & I have now cancelled my contract with them as of today. The signal is so poor at my workplace & home (inside & outside for both). I have ordered a Talk mobile SIM. Hopefully their signal is good, otherwise it's back to EE for me


According to other posters, you can get this deal as well as using a referral link, by clicking the referral link first. I did this with a different affiliate deal, but seems to have worked.

Smarty Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 12GB data for £7pm (30 day) @ Smarty
643° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Good price for a 12GB plan with no commitment, just visit the link to get started :) All plans include 1 month plan, cancel anytime Unlimited calls & texts Unrestric… Read more

It is £8, but you should receive a £1 credit each month for 12 months. This deal is no longer available, but 10GB for £7 is still available through USwitch.


Heat. Ordered this a couple of weeks back and so far, so good. Looks like 2nd month is £8 though.


Has this expired?


Utility warehouse, got 2 sims unlimited everything £30. Won't let you use in router though


You can get 50GB for £15 on 1pMobile, on EE's network, but there are no minutes or texts included in this, and, no 5g or WiFi calling included yet either.

50GB, commitment-free SIM plan £12pm - Rolling Monthly Contract @ Smarty (Three)
581° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
50GB, commitment-free SIM plan £12pm - Rolling Monthly Contract @ Smarty (Three)£12£1520% off Free P&P Free
1 month plan, cancel anytime Unlimited calls & texts Unrestricted tethering in the UK No credit check Fast 4G & 3G data No speed caps Roam like home in the EU SIM, M… Read more

I've read it suggested that prioritisation is different, but I switched from 3 to Smarty and honestly can't tell any difference speedwise. No 5G (of any network) for miles here though.


Does smarty have the exact same network coverage and performance as three? As in no network prioritisation or throttling differences?


Thanks for your advise.


Nah, I wasn't saying Smarty is better. Its probably worse but I haven't ever had a reason to contact them so I don't know. I just know Three is awful because I have delt with them extensively.


Normally better to stay with EE