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Microsoft Office 365 University £49.95 at Software4Students
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Posted 2nd Sep 2013Posted 2nd Sep 2013
Microsoft Office 365 University £49.95 at Software4Students£49.95
Microsoft Office 365 University available now for only £49.95 (media) at Software4Students. Cheapest price that I've seen! 15% discount on normal price - available while stocks la… Read more
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How does this work please?


Great deal if you are a student with a university email address or ISIC card.


docx usually guffs the formatting up.


tend to agree with you and Libre Office/Open Office is just as powerful as MS Office not to mention free, however not everyone has the time,wants or has the skill to learn a different office program. After months of trying to get my dad and brother to use Libre Office, I gave in and bought both of them Office while I use Libre Office. Thus I can understand scunny and amanda65's sentiments. I have also found that formatting and the look of documents can change when loaded up in MS Office at work or at Uni if not saved in a specific way so someone without the technical know-how could find it difficult when working with Libre Office at home and MS Office at work/school/uni. Its a shame that MS has such a monopoly thou.


Google Docs works just fine also. Granted this is a great deal in terms of price however there are many free alternatives out there and with a little intuition you can grab Office 2010/2007 Enterprise edition for free! (that includes almost all Office applications, not just word, excel and powerpoint) If you want to buy then this is a good deal, each to their own!

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade download (can do clean install with it) £39.95 @ software4students
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Posted 23rd Aug 2012Posted 23rd Aug 2012
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade download (can do clean install with it) £39.95 @ software4students£39.95
i brought this for £49.95 a few months back and now its even cheaper can either get real copy with free delivery or download for same price! to avoid all the arugments you can do a… Read more

Showing as £49.95 now.


came to 41.90 with charge added on.


Do you really have to be a student/teacher or can you **** it


I bought Windows 7 32bit Professional full version boxed quite cheaply from Amazon when it was just released. However that was a few years ago now. Like many ppl im sure I have just upgraded and bought a new computer with Windows 7 64bit Home preinstalled on a new Dell. Im not fussed about home edition. I want to install an SSD and install Windows 7 Professional 64bit clean install on that, and just format the internal Hd to use that for my data. What are my options? Will my old 32bit license allow me to install Windows 7 64bit Professional if i tell MS i have upgraded the computer?


If You _have_ previous copy of Windows which is upgradable by this version of Windows, then its OK. I just wrote that for people who actually break EULA, or want to do it by buying this copy without having legitimate copy of previous Windows version. For them installing upgrade version of Win will not be any less pirated version than one from TPB.

microsoft windows 7 £43.50 @ Software4Students
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Posted 20th Jul 2012Posted 20th Jul 2012
microsoft windows 7 £43.50 @ Software4Students£43.50
If you have a child at school, you can get Microsoft Windows 7 for £43.50. you register on the site and give the childs name and whatever school they attend and when the school is … Read more

Or did you uninstall the cat?!


How do you uninstall vomit?


I tried Win8 and my cat vomited on the rug, I uninstalled it straight away.


I tried the Windows 8 preview, and I liked the design, but was unimpressed with the substance. I imagine it works brilliantly on a touch screen computer, but on a regular system, you can do very little with it. It is based around icons which you have to touch to do stuff. If you can't touch them, they don't work.


I did put the price on it clearly states £43.50 and it's purchased from software4students url: and like another person said it does come in a plastic wallet. I haven't installed mine yet as I am waiting for a friend to do it for me as I myself am useless with this sort of thing hope this info helps.

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit £64.95! DOWNLOAD OR DVD @ Software4Students
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Posted 7th Jun 2012Posted 7th Jun 2012
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit £64.95! DOWNLOAD OR DVD @ Software4Students£64.95
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit **CHECK IF YOU QUALIFY!** Processor: 1GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor Hard Disk: 20GB available disk space (64-bit) Media Drive: DVD/CD authori… Read more
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Or Bitlocker, access to the Group Policy snap-in or one of the several other features that the full versions offer over the watered-down home editions.


Or just use pen and paper and the local library :p


I didn't say that it was 100% free of malware. The infection rates on Ubuntu systems will be significantly lower by an order of magnitude / a couple of orders of magnitude. The number of infection free machines will similarly be higher by a / couple of order(s) of magnitude.


should mention its the Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Edition Upgrade edition not the full edition just for those why may want a complete reinstall of their system


You are an unwise person to think that no virus / trojan / malware exist on Linux, look at what happened to people with Mac's who had an incorrect view that their OS was safe and secure because the company who sold it to them said it was. No operating system written by man is 100% safe and secure and if you value your privacy and data in any way whatsoever you should always protect your computers.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 £174 @ Softwareforstudents
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Posted 1st Apr 2012Posted 1st Apr 2012
Adobe Photoshop CS5 £174 @ Softwareforstudents£174
Great price!
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Adobe have already announced the grace period for free upgrades to the next version and it is already active for the Suites. Not sure about the individual programmes but probably the same but best to check.


or a letter from your child's school...


Any software over £50 = pirate :D

deleted314722 Ebuyer slightly cheaper


Note: the reqirements for Adobe software are different from Microsoft. You will need proof of enrolement.

Windows 7 Ultimate (32 & 64) £59.22 @ Softwareforstudents
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Posted 1st Apr 2012Posted 1st Apr 2012
Windows 7 Ultimate (32 & 64) £59.22 @ Softwareforstudents£59.22
Great deal for ultimate! lots more deals on this site please check! This is the upgrade version.... - ettienem1001
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It is a shame because i need microsoft office for my daughter


From the 31st March they closed the student offer - all software is now listed as out of stock.


S4S has pretty much become redundant now due to Microsoft withdrawing the Student discount


out of stock?


Out of stock.

Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5 Student/teacher edition £399 (Windows only) @ software4students
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Posted 20th Feb 2012Posted 20th Feb 2012
Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5 Student/teacher edition £399 (Windows only) @ software4students£399
Excellent price for most of Adobe's software titles - all the major ones at least - if you are able to meet their education price eligibility criteria. Sadly only (bloody) Windows … Read more

Exactly! Im not bothering to post software deals on this site anymore.


Well that's even better and the Mac version is also the same price... good find. If I thought it was worth your trouble I'd suggest starting a new thread of your own but no doubt it would just attract the same moronic ramblings that this one has.


BTW this is now £364 on amazon


How is it not a crime or theft? This is the one time this forumn p***es me off. Whenever a good software deal is posted people vote it cold because they cant get it from a torrent site. If everyone was like this how would developers ever make money to keep bringing out excellent software. The adobe suites a re brilliant and whilst i dont agree with the rrp, i think the student prices are reasonable. I hope all your computers download virus' and you have to pay more than the software was worth replacing your hardware!


piracy is not a crime neither is it theft. if you need it, download it.

Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade + Office 2010 bundle just £64.99 (saving an extra £11) at Software4students.
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Posted 3rd Feb 2012Posted 3rd Feb 2012
Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade + Office 2010 bundle just £64.99 (saving an extra £11) at Software4students.£64.99
Seems like a pretty good deal, saving an extra 11 quid on top of the cheap price when bought together. Apparently they don't check if you're a student, and only say that you have t… Read more

Does anyone know whether you have two perpetual installs, or you can only install the product TWICE (i.e. if you install the product onto two PCs and then if you upgrade one PC, can you uninstall it on the second PC and install office again on the third new PC?


I am a bit confused now, so do I need to own any previous windows versions?


I'm presuming you mean that you've ordered the 64-bit version of Windows as part of the bundle and it's on media rather than download, as the individual / bundle Office options state that only 32-bit Office is available on media. If this is the case, there's probably not much point in worrying which is better, as you're getting the 32 bit version now anyway? There are quite a few discussions about 32 bit vs 64 bit it if you Google it. On this note I found the article here very interesting, as it summarised a number of the discussions I'd already seen: From my own point of view I decided on the 64 bit as it was the same price, and there is at least a possibility that it will be slightly better as regards performance. However, it would seem that it very much depends on what you're using it for whether you'd really notice any difference. However - having deliberated over it and finally deciding on 64 bit download - I found that both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions were available for in 'My Account' anyway ....


These are upgrade editions, so in theory you should have a valid previous version of windows. But they allow a clean install without the old version being present


I'm with you on that - I never buy office anymore , in fact that latest versions of office seem to have a terrible user interface to me.

Cheapest Microsoft software ever going to end!
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Posted 2nd Feb 2012Posted 2nd Feb 2012
Cheapest Microsoft software ever going to end!
I just got email from Software4students like below. Be smart and go to buy now! Important Notice for S4S Customers! Today we have an important annoucement for all of our S4S fans … Read more

Nice touch - S4S claim free delivery - then in a Ryanair moment they add £2 'transaction fee' regardless of card used - the ingenuity of retailers to screw you never ceases to impress


Thanks for this! The first of my three children is off to Uni September, it will be extremely handy for her.I wasn't even aware you could get a reduction for software for students! We have been limping along with Office 2003 since, well, 2003! :D


Whoah, this topic has been off round the moon ! To bring it back to earth our copy of office was slightly cheaper (£36.26) from these guys: But it did take a couple of weeks for the discs to arrive, of course Software for Students might be the same, don't know.


He has given away a THIRD of his ENTIRE wealth. So unless you only have three pence to your name.


Fair enough, but there are many normal home users (non student affiliated) who cannot afford normal prices, and for your phrase "margin cut" will read " a little less profit". If a company can sell a product for say £5 and still make a decent profit, then yes - I would consider charging anything more than that to be a rip off. Let's face it, many students have the "bank of Mum and dad" to fall back on - a lot of low income workers haven't but do they get a discount, even though they may well be amongst one of the "poorer" sections of society? No!

Windows 7 (upgrade from XP or Vista)  for £38.49, and Office 2010 for £37.89 @ software4students
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Posted 1st Feb 2012Posted 1st Feb 2012
Windows 7 (upgrade from XP or Vista) for £38.49, and Office 2010 for £37.89 @ software4students£38.49
Haven't actually bought mine yet. Have read a previous thread for this same deal that says they don't check, and only state that somebody in your house must be in education. Pret… Read more

The Lotus Cortina was a considerable improvement, I can't think why you didn't upgrade when that came out ;)


Because Linux is terrible? I mean, don't get me wrong. I know it's got some nice features (like, when you move a window around, it bends as if it was made of rubber, which is a great feature and is definitely preferable to something trivial that Windows does easily, like drivers that actually work), but on the whole, it's a makeshift OS.


Do you have to enter a valid Windows XP licence key as part of the Windows 7 installation?


I'll answer my own question - this method works cos I did it last night!


There is also a £1.95 handling fee for orders under £100