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Tough Plastic recycled hen houses from £210 delivered @ solway recycling
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Posted 24th Jan 2019Posted 24th Jan 2019
Tough Plastic recycled hen houses from £210 delivered @ solway recycling
Our eco hen house range is made from 100% recycled plastic. The plastic hen houses for sale are robust and easy to clean. Suitable to house both chickens and hens these environment… Read more

You sir are re tar ded... u dont vote hot if its not a good deal... this is a deal site not facebook


Sometimes you vote hot just for the effort, good intention or interesting product regardless of the price. I don't keep chickens and don't know how much you pay to house them. I'm not sure about the Germans but just in case that people walk over you, it's because of your simplicity and tactless behaviour.


Was this the plan all along?


Same here, the Eglu are also easier to clean out the droppings with the slide out tray and have less seams and joints for red mites to hide in.


So why the fk u vote hot if u think its expensive? Brain dead people.... nowonder germany walk all over us :/

Solway plastic recycled chicken hen house, £225 delivered @ Solway Recycling
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Solway plastic recycled chicken hen house, £225 delivered @ Solway Recycling£225
The Eco Hen Loft is a variation on the poplular Solway Mini Hen Coop. The Eco Hen Loft is made from 100% recycled plastic so will not rot and will prevent the build up of red mites… Read more

I don't think you can help yourself can you.When your in a hole stop digging yourself deeper in it.


So did I say this is the 3rd coop I have purchased? If I post this deal again in another few months and mention that I have purchased one of these coops a few years ago that does not mean I have purchased another one, I am referring to the one I have purchased and the one I have added a photo of In the post.


No not every time. just three times out of the five times you posted it according to your own words.


Just because I have listed it a few times does not mean I purchased one every time.


According to yourself you bought quite a few over a period of time.

Solway Eco recycled plastic hen coop £225 delivered @ solway recycling
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Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
Solway Eco recycled plastic hen coop £225 delivered @ solway recycling
The Eco Hen Loft is a variation on the poplular Solway Mini Hen Coop. The Eco Hen Loft is made from 100% recycled plastic so will not rot and will prevent the build up of red mites… Read more

Put solar panels on it for eco friendly lighting inside. When the sun is down then use battery hens to provide the power...


Heat added coz you wish you could keep chickens.... this site.... for fs another "deal" in the way of actually finding a deal :/


I love the plastic ones, easier to clean and to treat for red mite. I have an Eglu one which has a cavity for insulation but much more expensive. my hens are not in their fourth year and no longer lay every day but they are lovely pets and you are never alone in the garden as they love to come over and "help". Also plastic coops above ground make it easier to deal with the other visitors you get if you dont tidy food up well - Rats!


Why are recycled things so expensive, kind of defeats the object imho


£225 for recycled plastic?

Eco chicken coop for 4 chickens, £199.99 delivered @ solway recycling
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Posted 18th Dec 2017Posted 18th Dec 2017
Eco chicken coop for 4 chickens, £199.99 delivered @ solway recycling£199.99
Great price for a plastic hen house. Purchased one last week and it arrived within 3 working days. Great customer service as they ring you about your order and to confirm delivery … Read more

I kept 3 hens on the allotment, then I moved allotment and kept them in the back garden for about 3 months. I and the kids loved keeping them but they are poop machines. Whilst I enjoyed keeping them on the plot if keeping them at home give some thought to where you will allow them to roam, my run was too big to put in the back garden so they were free to roam anywhere...big mistake! Can't beat getting up and collecting your 'farm fresh' eggs every morning, I'd like to get some more for the new plot, sadly of the three I had at home, one died (and was almost pecked apart by the others!) and an urban fox got the other two. Apart from the amount of poop they produce, they are great fun!


Hi, your morning visit is to open the coop door and put there food and water out, they want out as soon as it starts to get light. Takes 2 minutes then you can get back to bed if need be, this time of year you are letting them out just before 8am and locking them in there coop around 4.30pm, but in the height of the summer it can be as early as 6am and locking them away after 10.30pm. The more free range they have the less maintanence they require as they will forage most of there diet from bugs, worms and vegatation around the garden or large run. They will also make there own dust bath under a tree for a ample and will groom themselves which again is quite entertaining to watch. As for the coop maintanence it is quite minimal, here is what I do, to start with I got some pond liner ( cheap enough of ebay ) and cut it the the foot print of the coop and nest boxes and placed them inside the coop, this is to make it easier to clean the coop later on., then on top of that I put in about 2 inches of straw on the floor of the coop and abut 3 - 4 inches in the nest boxes to protect the eggs as when they lay they sort of pop out and if they hit the floor they will break. Assuming you go for the solway coop then it is just a case of every other day remove the lid from the coop and nest boxes, put a nappy sack over your hand and do what is called poo picking, the poo will clump to the straw so you just pick the poo/ straw clumps out and bin them, then replace some of the straw that you picked out with the poo so there is still roughly 2 inches, you are looking at about a hand full if straw will need replacing, also top up the nest boxes with straw if need be. Once every few weks do a full coop clean out, remove all old straw and bin or compost, remove the pond liner and hose down, once dry replace pond liner and put in fresh straw. Do your poo picking and full clean out in the afternoon if possible so you are not disturbing there egg laying. I probably make it sound like a lot of work but it is not, just 5 mins every other day to poo pick and 20 mins once every few weeks for there full clean out. Another plus of this plastic coop is that if need be once every 6 months or yearly you can give it a jet wash to bring it back up like new. As for wood shavings or bark there not needed, assuming you are o ly getting around 3 - 6 chickens you do not need to rake the lawn as there poops will be spread out. If you think you will want closer 6 hens then go for the maxi coop, as this is the one I have and is easily roomy enough for 6 rhode hens as it will allow for 3 birds per perch and it comes as standard with 2 nest boxes. You want 1 nest box the every 3 birds. I know £240 with vat for a coop sounds expensive but it will last forever and a day and will have resale value, the wooden flat packed coops are made out of softwood and last 3 years tops if your lucky and are a pain to clean out. I would not recommend the coops with runs, they look bigger online than they actually are in person once erected, just look at some of the measurement's, you get very little for your money, the birds will be unhappy, maintainece will be more as they are pooping in a small run area and will need cleaning daily. They will have less room to forage for there own food and will boredom feed on there own feed pellets, pellets are cheap but why not let the find 50% of there own diet, it is what they love to do. There easy to get them where you want, I have a large run but also of a day when I am about I let them free range in the garden, if I suddenly need to go out and want them back in there run, I just throw some scraps or porridge oats in the run, they run straight in for it. They are food motivated. Just another point on your hens, go for ones that are less likely to go broody such as Rhodes island reds, black rocks, Warren or bluebells. Hens that go broody can be a pain, they want to sit on the eggs and are not happy when you try to take what they now see as there eggs. Hope this helps, anything else you would like to know or if I have not explained anything properly then please just ask.


Thnaks for your help. Those breed of hens sound ideal.Having had a look around some of the intro to keeping hens pages it seems I need to be prepared for a morning visit to check on them, give them water and food. Similar thing in the evening including locking them up in the coop. Once a week clearing out the coop and raking the lawn plus putting new shavings in. Is this an approximate assessment about the time commitment for keeping hens? Im just wondering if I’m better getting one of these coops that have a ready made run attached, which is much more contained. Are the hens easy to usher into places?


Hi, the brick wall side will be fine, I have this bird netting on the top of my run Not very strong but I hope it puts foxes off thinking they could just hop in over the top, to me it is better than nothing as putting chicken wire on top is not practical. I live rural so have to think about predators more, although not had any problems to date. When you first get the chickens you will have to show them where they sleep by catching them and putting them in the coop before it gets dark, by the third night they will have the idea and put themselves to bed before sun down, they don't like to be out after dark. Rhode island reds are a great bird and very hardy, laying well over 250 eggs per year, another good egg layer and full of character are the bluebells. Best place to get your hens are poultry auctions, there normally auctioned at point of lay around 6 months old in batches of 3, I paid £18 for my 3 Rhode island reds and £39 for the 3 bluebells but I had to have them as they were just what I was looking for. I would have more chickens but I already get to many eggs at 6 a day, mine just don't stop paying even in deep winter. I will add some pics for my chickens when I get chance. Another reason why you want a plastic coop is red mite, there are a tiny mite that can live in cracks in wooden coops and come out to feed on the birds of a night, it is spread by wild birds, but it is highly unlikely you will get them with a plastic coop and if you do they are easy to get rid off with desi dust or just give the coop a jet wash, not so easy with wooden coop as there is to many cracks for them to hide in. They go mad for scraps, mine get any left over food such as chips, pizza crusts, any left over Sunday roast and they love things like cooked pasta and porridge oats. Feed them your scraps and they will be your best friend.


Thanks. Will it be ok to have one side without chicken wire as this will be a solid brick wall. But there would be no roof? Does this matter? Or should there be a roof/chicken wire over the top as well? At the open end I was just going to put chicken wire and perhaps a gate of sorts for me to be able to get in and clear up. This coop looks great. Just need to convince the wife. We have a 2 year old daughter and I think this would be a great little pet/hobby. Gonna look into the different breeds now so we can choose the more children’s friendly hens.

Solway recycled plastic chicken coops from £190 delivered @ solway recycling
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Posted 17th Jan 2017Posted 17th Jan 2017
Solway recycled plastic chicken coops from £190 delivered @ solway recycling£190
Purchased mine on Friday and it arrived today so well within 3 working days. Contact Solway Recycling You can contact Solway Recycling Ltd using the contact form below; alternati… Read more

Clean what? poop gets nicely dried out by the ash I use, any other bits of poop in boxes (use ash there too) you dry brush off? Plastic coup you could jet wash without risk of leaving it wet, but why are you clearing your box that analy it's a chicken coup, they walk in there own ****, scratch soil and eat bugs and worms. As long as your chucks clean themselves it's all good. Chickens are clever and resilient, people complain chickens die all the time for no reason. Just isn't the case.


Give the chap a break, have you seen the pictures of his setup - he's just a very keen enthusiast. :) 2 weeks till the Chinese year of the Rooster so very topical


are you affiliated with this company? you posted the exact same deal 5 months ago for the same price so clearly not a deal.


​Hell of a lot easier to wash a plastic coop though. We kept ours in a wooden shed but next time would go for something plastic.


Also includes free rat infestation

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Posted 31st Jul 2016Posted 31st Jul 2016
Great price for a plastic hen house. Purchased one last week and it arrived within 3 working days. Great customer service as they ring you about your order and to confirm delivery … Read more

you may have found a good deal in your opinion but its not really a deal is it. its just the normal price they sell for


[quote=POWYSWALES]This is my chickens enjoying free ranging. They thank me every day with fresh eggs. The best part about free ranging is they find a lot of there own feed so cost less to feed. There poop also fertilisers the grass. I think every home should have a couple of chickens. Love the pic's..especially the one with the two chairs so that you can sit and watch ones land. Beautifully rural and countrified luv it. So close to the road too .. so cool.


Grass that long needs fertilizing??


# You don't eat many eggs! We go through 6 a day (a least).


Haha wish I could blame it on spell check.