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Sabbath Aspire 105 R7000 Titanium Bike w/ Carbon Fork - £1210 delivered @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Sabbath Aspire 105 R7000 Titanium Bike w/ Carbon Fork - £1210 delivered @ Spa Cycles£1,190£1,79934% off £20
A cracking deal to get titanium with a modern 105 groupset at an affordable* price. This comes in £20 cheaper than the previous deal I posted, which is now OOS in most sizes. Bike… Read more

Titanium's reputation for extremely long life frames was built up with straight gauge tubes but in more recent times milled tubes and other techniques have enabled lighter titanium frames but the lifespan has been reduced so to be honest I'd want straight gauge tubes, titanium frames can be horrifically expensive to repair to the point you may as well just replace. Titanium is a thing of beauty and its relatively easy to always make titanium look brand new, it feels nice to the touch too. I don't have one myself but they definitely have a high drool rating.


Seems like a cracking price. Huge convert to titanium for comfort and 105 is spot on. Wish I could justify it. I think if you are a reviewer comparing lots of bikes then sure you will notice nuanced stuff like ride stiffness, bit like wine tasting. For majority of riders I be looking at comfort and think this will feel like a really competent bike and ti will make it feel a bit special.£

Secondhand market is crazy at the moment, Covid tax has made sure of that. I'm after a cheap Ali bike for my turbo but anything reasonable (and not stolen) is £400-£500. I currently have a Spesh Allez on my turbo, picked it up for £115 a few years ago, same thing at the moment is £300+ on fleabay. Not really comparing apple with apples, you are talking about an old, turbo bike (mine is hanging), probably 9/10 speed cassette with a new 11 speed Ti. Your previous owner might have looked after their bike on the turbo but the flexing on the BB and constant shower of sweat ruins bikes and dissolves bars. My front mech is pretty much seized and I regularly strip mine – that's what 4-5 hard sessions a week does for you. Glad you got a good deal but they seem thin on the ground at the moment. Not a time to be buying bikes that's for sure!


Lovely bike. You won't find that second hand.


The picture is a stock image of the original specification from Sabbath in ~2014 - Spa Cycles will build up to the spec on their website

Sabbath Silk Road 105 R7000 Titanium Frame/Carbon Fork £1,230 delivered @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Sabbath Silk Road 105 R7000 Titanium Frame/Carbon Fork £1,230 delivered @ Spa Cycles£1,230£2,20044% off
EDIT - Now only available in size 50cm - A similar deal is available at £20 less here in all sizes: Sabbath Aspire 105 R7000 @ £1210 I saw the Merlin 105 Carbon bike had got som… Read more

No it's not, a Hardtail has front suspension.


Ti is definitely a good choice for longer days in the saddle - fortunately for you the EU has a strong history of making excellent Ti frames! eBay is awash with great deals on Ti, if you're happy to take the risks associated with 2nd hand bikes... I picked up a Van Tuyl carbon-titanium hardtail frame for £220 made by the guy who now builds under Wittson - all in great condition and now built up into a sub-£1000 gravel tourer/light trail bike.


Definitly not CX but you are not far off with gravel. Long rides interests me - Titanium works well for that I believe. However, in this post-brexsh1t world, I may have to at brands from the continent now (Van Nicholas etc).


According to their site its a grade 9 3al 2.5 they use, which is pretty much the norm for lower price point Ti bikes - its the same as Van Nicolas or Enigmas lower end frames, I know Enigma use the higher end grade 5 for their top end frames but they start at about 3.5k so its not a fair comparison. As for build quality Sabbath do lifetime original owner warranty according to reviews, don't know about this one but expect its the same. Suspect its cheap because its a 2013 vintage frame design with limited tyre clearance, Spa have an oddball frame varient with discs listed as a 'one off limited edition' which may suggest Sabbath are experimenting with a replacement


The elephant in the room . What kind of quality is the Ti frameset for this bike when it can be sold for only £650?

Sabbath Silk Road 105 R7000 £1230 delivered @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 8th Oct 2020Posted 8th Oct 2020
Sabbath Silk Road 105 R7000 £1230 delivered @ Spa Cycles£1,210£2,20045% off £20
I saw the Planet X titanium bike had got some heat and thought this might interest those who want titanium at a lower price point - A similar option is available here with a Sora … Read more

Anybody know weight of the bike ?


I think I just found my new bike!


On Shimano RS100 rims and a double butted titanium frame, I doubt there's going to be a weight limit any lower than 110kg if that even - should be fine for you!


Would there be a weight limit do you think? I'm about 95kg, looking to get down to circa 87 (6ft 3)


That's a cracking all rounder. Heat!

Sabbath Aspire Sora Titanium Sportive Bike £1090 @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 8th Oct 2020Posted 8th Oct 2020
Sabbath Aspire Sora Titanium Sportive Bike £1090 @ Spa Cycles£1,090£1,79939% off £20
I saw the Planet X deal got some heat here and thought this might interest those who want the titanium ride quality without the price tag. The same store offers a 105 groupset on … Read more

Agree it is definitely worth the extra £120 for 105. 11 speed vs 9, trickle down stuff from current Dura ace in terms of crankset and mechs, fair bit lighter. This is a great frame, but over a grand for a Sora equipped bike is just wrong.


Sora though. Just not worth it at this price. I really rate Tiagra 4700, but if I were buying, I'd want 105 as a minimum.. Spend the extra on the Silk Road 105, it's s no brainer.


If anyone hasn't heard of Spa Cycles, they are VERY highly rated for their frame, wheel and bike building.


Nah, Shimano 105 would be standard at this price for caliper aluminium bikes, or prolly tiagra for disc brakes.


Have some heat! That's a sweet ride! I want a new roadbike someday and the 105 Ti would be sweet!

Maxxis High Roller 2 Folding Tyre Exo Protection 26x2.4" £28.99, 27.5x2.4" £
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Posted 2nd Aug 2017Posted 2nd Aug 2017
Maxxis High Roller 2 Folding Tyre Exo Protection 26x2.4" £28.99, 27.5x2.4" ££26.99
Good MTB tyre for a very good price. Cheapest I can find by some margin. A few other options available at low prices, including the 'sticky' 26x2.5" Maxx Grip compound High Roller … Read more
Schwalbe Marathon 700 x 28c bicycle tyres @ £10.99 + delivery
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Posted 12th Aug 2015Posted 12th Aug 2015
Schwalbe Marathon 700 x 28c bicycle tyres @ £10.99 + delivery£10.99
Schwalbe Marathon The latest version of the classic all purpose high quality touring tyre has been updated with a new tread pattern, Kevlarguard and Allround tread compound. Weig… Read more
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What was the Argos offer?


Spa Cycles have been around forever


They also do Schwalbe Marathon Plus "London" tyres for £15. Looks quite a good deal especially now the Argos offer seems to have expired.


The website doesn't load for me :(

Studded Winter Road and Mountain Bike Tyres £30 @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 6th Nov 2012Posted 6th Nov 2012
Studded Winter Road and Mountain Bike Tyres £30 @ Spa Cycles£30
A specialised deal but a real bargain non the less. Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded Road and Mountain Bike sized tyres, both in stock and at summer prices from a very reputable sh… Read more

You can save a tenner by getting them from Germany. eg Action Sports @ 27.9 euros each + 5.99 euros delivery = GBP 49.50 ish edit: I've had these in 700c for a few years. They are as good as the OP says - once you get used to the noise they make on tarmac. Difficult not to feel smug riding up an icy hill past stuck traffic;) The only problem is that they aren't so useful in frozen ice ruts or deep snow (obviously). Not a problem if you stick to main and well used roads though.

SCHWALBE Blizzard Sport Tyres 700 x 23, as little as £7.50 delivered @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 18th Sep 2012Posted 18th Sep 2012
SCHWALBE Blizzard Sport Tyres 700 x 23, as little as £7.50 delivered @ Spa Cycles£7.50
Usually around £9.99 or more elsewhere. A decent, well reviewed tyre for training that offers reasonable puncture resistance. Postage is £4, but they have extra discounts for mul… Read more
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme, Rigid Tyre (700x35) - £20.00 + £3.00 p&p @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 26th Feb 2012Posted 26th Feb 2012
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme, Rigid Tyre (700x35) - £20.00 + £3.00 p&p @ Spa Cycles£23
A touring tyre (folding) that can do everything. With HD Speed Guard and Roadstar triple compound, it offers the same outstanding qualities in puncture protection and grip in the w… Read more

The folding version in different sizes is £28.00

SCHWALBE Blizzard Sport Tyres - £6.50 + £3.00 p&p @ Spa Cycles
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Posted 9th Dec 2010Posted 9th Dec 2010
SCHWALBE Blizzard Sport Tyres - £6.50 + £3.00 p&p @ Spa Cycles£6.50
These are great tyres with kevlar puncture belt, and they last ages. Usually over £30 a pair but they are on clearance here for £6.50. Cheapest i can find them otherwise is on sal… Read more
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Mine was a 1200, the forerunner to the 1.2. If you want a very decent 3 season tyre, then I used to run these and they are a huge bargain at the moment - not quite as good as the GP4000s but 2/3 of the price and a very capable tyre. ( )


Cheers mate, love my Trek 1.2. Its my baby. Absolute beauty. Guess winter riding ain't the way forward then, -5 today and more snow forecasted for this week oO


I agree with your excellent comment, but I don't actually whizz around, especially on corners (my 52 year legs don't allow this) so I have decided to buy two of these tyres. I have had no punctures with my current Vittoria tyres, but as they are over a year old, they will eventually need replaced. These tyres will be OK. Thanks to the original poster too Happy cycling !


Good choice of bike. Im a big Trek fan myself. FWIW I've seen many an experienced Sunday cycle group tumble like a house of cards becuase they hit black ice. IMO road cycling in winter is really not worth the risk of injury (that will likely put you out for weeks whilst you recover, never mind the damage to your pride and joy). But mountain biking in the snow is fab and totally recommended!


I've had GP4000s on my bike all summer and into the winter. Not a single puncture so far and I've done a fair few miles - they do feel grippy too but I wont go out on a roadie in these dodgy conditions. These look cheap but as someone pointed out to me, the tyre is the only thing that touches the road on a road bike and from a safety perspective, I wont skimp any more.