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Specialized Roubaix Comp 2020 £1999. Carbon and full Ultegra £1999 @ Specialized Concept Store
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
Specialized Roubaix Comp 2020 £1999. Carbon and full Ultegra £1999 @ Specialized Concept Store£1,999
First deal in years but this is an absolute bargain, albeit a bit niche. Sizes available 44 and 49 And yes you can buy a second hand car for this sort of money (cheeky) FRAME… Read more

Did anyone get one?



There is a comparison here between a very low end Muddyfox road bike and a fairly high up Boardman bike which would be equivalent perhaps a big brand bike in the £4k bracket, I would say a good £500 bike would be far closer to the Boardman than the Muddyfox. Also dare I say it's more about the engine than the bike, you don't buy a Ferrari and put a 20cc petrol mower in it. Also bear in mind a high end bike may need more maintenance and regular checks, the tolerances are tighter because of the thinner gears in the cassette, carbon fibre is like fibre glass just many times stronger. It is not robust and can be destroyed easily in a road accident. High end parts may be made of lighter materials like aluminium instead of steel cogs which wear more rapidly and when you have to replace them they will be much more expensive. There is the safety aspect too as higher end bikes are optimised for performances not safety. Many for example would use a basic stronger bike for their commuting bike and use a high end bike for their weekend rides or sunday rides. If you are looking for the sweet spot between performance and value I would probably say Claris, something like the sub 10kg Giant Contend with Claris which drops below £500 but others often say Shimano 105 present the best value point, it really depends on your perspective and how powerful a cyclist you are and your weight maybe. I've seen comparisons where for many gravel bikes were better than road bikes, they could ride anywhere with them to make their commuting route more flexible and they had better grip in worse weather, more comfort and could ride pot-hole strewn roads faster so the end result was a faster bike based on where they were cycling. As you can see from the video below the differences in speed aren't amazing, I can't remember the speed difference might have been something like 6% but I reckon with the Giant Contend it would be less than 2% but I'm guessing. Remember that 6% is from a very low end road bike to bike that has mid high to high specification. That is the extreme range.


My cousin did the Paris Roubiax :)


Thanks ordered two

specialized bikes sale on bikes and accessories plus free delivery (over £20)
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Posted 24th Oct 2016Posted 24th Oct 2016
specialized bikes sale on bikes and accessories plus free delivery (over £20)
Specialized concept have a sale on bikes and accessories so fill yer boots with free delivery as well (over £20)!! A deal not for everyone but those looking for a quality bike and … Read more

As above it's nothing 'special'. The clothing/footwear prices have been similar or lower elsewhere for a while


Yes, it looks like an normalized bike sale.


I just half a dozen price comparisons, and so far I can find everything cheaper elsewhere...shame..


Thanks. Heat added.

Specialized Allez 2016 E5 Road Bike in Monster Green with Claris and Carbon Forks (£300 on the cycle to work scheme) or £450 instore @ SCS
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Posted 5th Sep 2016Posted 5th Sep 2016
Specialized Allez 2016 E5 Road Bike in Monster Green with Claris and Carbon Forks (£300 on the cycle to work scheme) or £450 instore @ SCS£300
This is my first road bike, i am a complete novice so fogive me if i miss any important info. I picked the bike up from the Specialized concept store in Chester. Its been reduced… Read more
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title has been changed - yay :)


This post should be deleted, using the bike to work price is a nonsense


No you are wrong - full claris does not have tektro brakes, sunrace casette or kmc chain. Further claris is entry, sora next, tiagra, 105,ultegra, dura ace (this is your ferrari) in order. In your budget you could have got tiagra that is not to say claris is going to break just you could have done better with a smoother gear changes, lighter and better scope on upgrading individual components. If you searched 100s then you did poor as evans emailed me over a month ago saying 25% off all spesh 2016 models which was then matched by tredz and beaten by hargroves - all as they cleared way for 2017 models (standard this time of year as season ends and each manufacturer makes ready) - didn't post as none I thought great (in fact the trend as other companies clear out is the middle sized bikes go first and final push with greatest savings will then occur on the small and large bikes) Further your budget was 450 albeit after tax benefits you are making a saving of cash in your pocket. You make this clear in both your title and above you don't understand this. I find your title misleading as on face value without reading your details it infers the offer in bold is 300 unless in store 450, I am not the only one above to state and others on face value may be giving you postive without reading your detail - perhaps that is your aim! To try one last time that would be me quoting a price minus the a gift card from my aunt and a £20 credit my credit company have given me ad an offer to use them - out of my pocket doesn't Match the store price and when others point this out my response is it is simple you need nicer aunts. Of course this is ridiculous but change the analogy of aunt and credit card to a hire purchase agreement on offer to you via your company to get pre tax does that not register? I did not state all retailers but used "these" which in that context was wiggle and decathlon that both take the scheme for free you are on . Merlin directly charge 35 but pr7 is cheaper than what you paid even with that charge with the sora groupset.


Your wrong, The bike comes with Carbon Forks and full claris! (They even say carbon forks on them!) the brakes seem to do a good job of stopping as well! I also havent found 1 negative review about components failing but fortunatley they are covered by a warranty if they do. Your also wrong about the cycle2work scheem, not all retailers accept it, and most that do charge an additional 10 or 20% for using the voucher. Specialized didnt charge any additional fee My budget was £300 for which i do not expect to be riding a Ferrari. I know i could spend more and have a better bike but i had a strict budget as this is my first road bike to give it a go. I litterally searched hundreds of shops and companys and nothing came close to this deal. I am very happy with my purchase, and i felt it was the best option for the price, which is why i shared the deal.


As you insist on keeping the misleading title that infers online is 300 rather than true 450 that this item has been in lots of places for a while (449 in hargroves) as the 2017 models come. I will take the time to state why, imo, this at best a middling a deal. The strong postive is its frame (spesh are considered one of the leading brands especially with aluminium as can be seen in the off road competition models they do), the negatives are the components including the woeful brakes - at this price your deal has alot tied in the brand alternatives include merlin pr7, tribal 520 (540 in last sale was also good) or what I would go for would be wiggle own brand verenti technique tiagra also on sale. The latter comes with complete latest tiagra 4700 groupset (two groupsets above the incomplete claris the spesh comes with). If/when you want to move upgrade from the clunky 8 speed groupset on the spesh you will find you will need to change alot more components rather than incrementally by having the significantly better baseline of the 10 speed tiagra - all these companies are part of cycle scheme so same discount schemes available.

Ladies Specialized Vita Comp 2013 bike last few was £800 now £500 @ specializedconceptstore
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Posted 17th Apr 2014Posted 17th Apr 2014
Ladies Specialized Vita Comp 2013 bike last few was £800 now £500 @ specializedconceptstore£500
After doing my research, the Vita Comp came out as a brilliant bike and the Specialized Concept stores have a few of last years stock with a 40% saving! Only an offer for us talle… Read more

Sorry I've only just seen this. Yes the bike is really nice. My old bike is a mountain bike and I can't believe the difference in this one. I can get up hills lol! Seriously though, it is so smooth that I want to just keep on peddling :) I don't know about delivery, I went into my local Specialized store and they ordered it in for me. Took around three days to be ready, however it was easter time and they were busy.


I hope you're enjoying your bike :) Do you know if they deliver? I've sent them a question via their website and hope they do!